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Remy Hansen: Jamming Racer X Songs - until they reform this will have to do!

Jamming Racer X Songs
This is what you get when putting together some RACER X nut-jobs without proper rehearsal .....:-)

Panos Arvanitis: Speed licks-Guitar Building-Neoclassic patterns

Speed licks-Guitar Building-Neoclassic patterns
Here is my licks for speed,strength and accuracy .I d like to thank all my subscibers and friend for their support.Thank you all and god bless you

James Norbert Ivanyi: 'ubuntu' - APHASIA 2013

James Norbert Ivanyi 'ubuntu' (pre-production) 'APHASIA' 2013.
Pre-production song: 'Ubuntu' from the forthcoming solo record 'APHASIA' coming 2013.
All instruments written, arranged and recorded by James Norbert Ivanyi, w/ Beau Golden on piano. I hope you enjoy this song, and please share! May it take you far from here, if but for a moment. Ubuntu - Human kindness, and prosperity for all. Thank you.
- J.N.Ivanyi.

George Marios: Rocking out with Zivory Custom Guitars at Box Studios in London

Rocking out with Zivory Custom Guitars at Box Studios in London
Hey guys,

I had a fun day recording some jams for Zivory Custom Guitars in the fantastic Box studios in London.

This is one of the jams that i did over a rock track.

This particular axe also features some fantastic Joce Dominger pickups (

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Thanks for watching, spread the gospel:-)

George Marios

Joe Stump: Raven Lord - Fighting For Freedom - including lyrics

Heavy Metallers RAVEN LORD officially release their new digital single “FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM” on June 22 via ROCK N GROWL RECORDS. The song was produced by CSABA ZVEKAN, mixed by Swedish producer FREDRIK NORDSTRÖM and mastered in Los Angeles by MAOR APPELBAUM.
RAVEN LORD recently announced the release of their digital single “PERISH” on June 20 via ROCK N GROWL RECORDS.
CSABA ZVEKAN – Lead vocals
JOE STUMP – Lead guitars
GEORGE KARAFOTIS – Rhythm guitars

A new heavy metal behemoth is born! Indispensable for true metal fans, Raven Lord’s music also contains neo-classical influences as well as trace elements of power metal, though ultimately the combined talents of the individual members result in a most uniquely commanding sound. This multinational act aims high, primed to join the ranks of classic hard rocking bands such as Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath in the premier league of heavy metal acts.
Music from the Raven Lord single "Fighting For Freedom"
© 2013 Rock N Growl Records/Corvus Publishing
Catalog-No: RNG-RL-002
SUISA: CsabaZvekan/Corvus Publishing 2012 "Fighting For Freedom" 4700 144 97 / T-912.770.972-2
Management/Label: ROCK N GROWL -

Elmo Karjalainen: playing to Gary Moore style Backing Track

Elmo Karjalainen playing to Gary Moore style Backing Track
Elmo Karjalainen playing to Gary Moore style Backing Track.
For two free tunes, visit
Gary Moore was the reason I really started playing guitar. I remember his live version of "Shapes of Things". It blew me away. After I heard it I wanted to be able to play like that. Sadly Mr. Moore is no longer playing his guitar for us.
Here's my tip of the hat to one of the all time greats, Gary Moore.

For Elmo's official website, visit
For backing tracks visit

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs

Chris Bieniek: Club meet Fusion

Club Meets Fusion: 'Mantis' by Chris Bieniek
A good number of songs played on commercial radio often pay reference to "da club',
"goin down to da club", 'walkin in da club', "shakin or workin it in da club", "rockin at da club" "gettin this at da club" gettin that at da club" as well as other various club activities.

How about Jazz Rock Fusion at 'da club' ? .......... perhaps I'm being a little too optimistic for that kind of 'club'.

This is an original clubesque' tune of mine 'Mantis'

Chris Bieniek: To Speak

Chris Bieniek: EQ

PJ d'Atri: trying to get it right...and failing

"trying to get it right...and failing" - PJ d'Atri - Studio Diary - I
Working on my upcoming Album "Speed Issues"
This is a sneak peak at poor struggling PJ,
working on a special song for a dear friend,
trying to record the outro solo...and failing. :-)
As always: Enjoy! HA!

Claudio Pietronik: Andy James - Vortex Mind

Hello there, this is my cover of Vortex Mind (from Andy James' Psychic Transfusion EP)

Backing track from

i really hope you'll enjoy it!

I'm sorry if it's not a high quality video, i'll do it better in the next! :)


Guthrie Govan: Ner Ner - Guitar Performance Live - Licklibrary Webcast Guthrie Govan performs Ner Ner live during his webcast. Watch the FULL Guthrie Govan Licklibrary webcast online
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Jake Hertzog: Timeline Live At The Bitter End

Jake Hertzog Live At The Bitter End "Timeline"
Jake Hertzog band live at The Bitter End, NYC

July 6th, 2013

Jake Hertzog - Guitar
Harvie S - Bass
Victor Jones - Drums


Some good old fashion jazz shredding;-)

Watch for the new album out November 2013

Rick Graham: 50 Essential Pentatonic Sequences

50 Essential Pentatonic Sequences PART 2 - Rick Graham
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Eric Calderone: William Tell Overture Finale/The Lone Ranger Meets Metal

William Tell Overture Finale/The Lone Ranger Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So I've been wanting to do the finale of William Tell for a while. Then I saw the preview for the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp looked like he belonged in Immortal or Dimmu haha. Basically I finally found an excuse to wear corpse paint. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for all the comments, suggestions, messages, subs, fan art, donations, and support. You ALWAYS rock my casbah!

Best to ya


Scott Mishoe: Back From Hell - more insane soloing

Scott Mishoe

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Tom Quayle,Stuart Bull: Las Vegas - the dagger jam

I've been hanging out with the supremely talented Stuart Bull over the past week shooting a seriously cool fusion tuition DVD. We've been jamming to one of the tracks from that tutorial and here's one of the videos we shot! Great fun!

Andrea Maccianti: "Alien Skull"

Andrea Maccianti "Alien Skull"

Scott Grove: Peavey Power Slide Lap Steel Dobro

Dhalif Ali: DiMarzio Cruiser DP186 - more ballad metal

DiMarzio Cruiser DP186 Test Video
Dimarzio Cruiser DP186 Test Video

Lorenzo Venza: using hybrid to spice up your alternate picking metal solos

Metal up your ass.

Meytal Cohen: Stretch goals for campaign



This album IS HAPPENING, and if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, the KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, EXTENDED, LIMITED-EDITION, SIGNED album, poster, t-shirt, drumsticks, photo-pack, polaroid shot, usb thumb drive, will be available for KICKSTARTER BACKERS ONLY. you can pre order by pledging here -

I never dreamed this would happen but there are 27 days left for my KS campaign and maybe, just maybe we can get some stretch goals fully funded??? oh man. It's kinda hard to breathe... ironically enough. :)

The Goals:


Robyn Zahra Lowzley: Solo Ukulele - Ugly

Solo Ukulele - Ugly
Original Composition by Robyn Zahra Lowzley

Riptide Ukulele

Michael Angelo Batio: that Quad Guitar - motorized and laserfied

Michael Angelo Batio Quad Guitar!

Michael Angelo Batio Quad Guitar!

Niko Tsonev: insane boogie woogie

Just played some freestyle Blues.

"I woke up this morning and broke a string for fun.
While falling down the stairs I landed on the "one"!

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Niko's Boogie Woogie Thing.

Read Niko's insight into changing the way you play.

Niko Tsonev: Pro Series: In Search of the Musical God-Particle

Pro Series: In Search of the Musical God-Particle.  By Niko Tsonev

The sometimes elusive element that I call "Rich Music Content" is a bit like the Higgs Boson or "God's particle" which is supposed to be present in Nature, hardly detectable but indeed a measurable unit.

Chris Timms: Sleepless Emprovisation

I had a sleepless night and decided to improvise with the camera on!

Chris Timms- Emprovisation (An Improvisation in E)

Jimi Hendrix,Merrell Fankhauser: Merrell revisits Jimi Hendrix's Legendary 'Rainbow Bridge'

London, UK - 'Rainbow Bridge' was a peculiar 1972 film featuring Jimi Hendrix (who had died two years before) and a cast of local eccentrics using Hendrix’s music and a whole slew of UFO sightings to explore their spirituality. 41 years later, musician and filmmaker Merrell Fankhauser revisits the film to explore its message more fully. The 'Rainbow Bridge Revisited' documentary was really Maui journalist Steve Omar's idea, and Merrell and Steve produced it together. The two had fun looking up and interviewing the original cast of the 1972 Jimi Hendrix movie 'Rainbow Bridge' that was filmed on Maui. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about hanging out with Hendrix making the movie. The one-hour DVD documentary also features some great surfing and music by Merrell Fankhauser, The Space Patrol and Omar and The Wavespies. The package includes a 12-song soundtrack.

Merrell explains, “As you know I lived on Maui for 14 years and I moved there in ‘73 just a year after the Jimi Hendrix 'Rainbow Bridge' film came out. And when I moved there I met a lot of people that were in the movie, and a lot of them were hippies, surfers and cosmic people that were seeing UFOs, and they said Jimi was really into the whole UFO thing, and that there were even some hovering about when they were shooting over there. So we contacted the ones that we still knew were on Maui and we went over and interviewed them and it was really interesting what some of them had to say about hanging out with Hendrix and everything. Then we went down to Southern California, because some of them lived down there, and we interviewed a few of those, so we’ve got some really interesting interviews with an insight into some of the things that were going on with that movie with Hendrix that didn’t come out. In the original 'Rainbow Bridge', it follows Pat Hartley the actress from the Sunset Strip over to O’ahu and then to Maui where she meets all these characters, and ultimately Jimi. And the message, because of all of her travels and the way it was put together, kind of got lost a little bit in the different scenes and things. I talked to one of the guys from Warner Brothers who was in on the editing and he said that when they brought the film over it was in all of these bags and there was sand in it and they were almost afraid to put it on their machine, and had to clean it all and they kept going through this stuff and it was just a lot of hippies talking about cosmic stuff and getting high on drugs, and everybody kept saying 'Where’s Jimi, where’s Jimi? Where’s the concert' You know they were afraid they weren’t going to have enough to make the movie really good, but finally they got to the 'Concert' footage. So what we did, we kind of condensed these interviews down and we segue into some really great surfing on big waves over there, because a lot of the people that were interviewed were surfers and we have old footage of them surfing, and then we cut to surfing footage from now. I have about ten of my newer instrumental surf songs in there with the surfing, and then it goes to a couple of band performances – there were two Maui bands featured on the soundtrack: Omar and The Wavespies and The Space Patrol – the lead singer, Les Potts, was in the original 'Rainbow Bridge' movie.”

Rainbow Bridge Revisited CD Tracks: 1. All Along The Watchtower, 2. Last Wave at Hanalei, 3. Wild Gyrations, 4. Surfin 101, 5. Waterfall, 6. Hookipa, 7. Mother Sea, 8. The Wind Cried Maui, 9. Monster Swell, 10. Surf Rage, 11. The Wall, 12. Calling From A Star.

Merrell Fankhauser is considered one of the main innovators of surf music and psychedelic folk rock, and is widely known as the leader of the instrumental surf group The Impacts who had the international hit “Wipeout”. His travels from Hollywood to his 15 year jungle experience on the island of Maui have been documented in numerous music books and magazines in the US and Europe. Merrell has gained legendary international status throughout the field of rock music; his credits include over 300 songs published and released. Merrell Fankhauser has presented a number of television programs over the years including 'California Music', 'Route 66 TV Live', and in 2001 he began hosting a music show called 'Tiki Lounge' that airs on the California Central Coast, Southern California, Hawaii and parts of the East Coast.

To purchase Merrell Fankhauser 'Rainbow Bridge Revisited' CD/DVD set:

For more information:

Faraz Anwar: Live at Base Rock Cafe 2013 - series

Faraz Anwar - Autumn Madness
Venue: Base Rock Cafe
Dated: 6th July 2013

Faraz Anwar: Live at Base Rock Cafe 2013

Marcel Coenen: Delusion - tribute to Shawn Lane

Here a song I recorded back in 2003 for Lion Music, for the tribute to Shawn Lane record.

The song is called "Delusion"

Marcel Coenen - Delusion

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Concert at Newby's in Memphis
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Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003)