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Ron Ybanez, Oneil Carantes: Progressive Fusion from the Philippines

A Progressive Fusion Band from the Philippines
Oneil Carantes - 226 LBS
Ron Ybanez - 220 LBS
the change in frequency of a wave (or other periodic event) for an observer moving relative to its source. It is commonly heard when a vehicle sounding a siren or horn approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer. The received frequency is higher (compared to the emitted frequency) during the approach, it is identical at the instant of passing by, and it is lower during the recession.

The relative changes in frequency can be explained as follows. When the source of the waves is moving toward the observer, each successive wave crest is emitted from a position closer to the observer than the previous wave. Therefore each wave takes slightly less time to reach the observer than the previous wave. Therefore the time between the arrival of successive wave crests at the observer is reduced, causing an increase in the frequency. While they are travelling, the distance between successive wave fronts is reduced; so the waves "bunch together". Conversely, if the source of waves is moving away from the observer, each wave is emitted from a position farther from the observer than the previous wave, so the arrival time between successive waves is increased, reducing the frequency. The distance between successive wave fronts is increased, so the waves "spread out".

For waves that propagate in a medium, such as sound waves, the velocity of the observer and of the source are relative to the medium in which the waves are transmitted. The total Doppler effect may therefore result from motion of the source, motion of the observer, or motion of the medium. Each of these effects is analyzed separately. For waves which do not require a medium, such as light or gravity in general relativity, only the relative difference in velocity between the observer and the source needs to be considered.

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The New Album Details
Doppler Engine
1. Engine No. 2 00:46
2. Artifacts 04:18
3. 2 Minute Maid 03:47
4. Attentions 02:31
5. Clusters of Blue 04:03
6. Cup Cake 04:56
7. Schizo 01:35
8. Electric Fun 03:35
9. Pulse 04:45

Doppler Engine - FULL SET

Giacomo Castellano,Gianni Rojatti: Gia Gia (Lick It)

"James" and "John" play a piece composed specially in view of their meeting for the recordings of Lick It. We interviewed both of Agreement: http://chitarra.accordo.James and John play a piece composed specially in view of their meeting for the recordings of Lick It. We interviewed both of Agreement: ...

Giacomo Castellano and Gianni Rojatti - Gia Gia (Lick It)

Tosin Abasi: Tapping Arpeggio - Guitar Lesson

Complete Lesson & tabs here:

Tosin Abasi: "Tapping Arpeggio" - Guitar Lesson

Dario Lorina: debut solo to be released through Shrapnel Records

Dario Lorina
It's with much excitement and anticipation for me to announce that back in April I signed with Shrapnel Records, pioneers of heavy metal guitar players, and on Tuesday (September 10th, 2013) my debut solo record will be released.

This has been something I've worked diligently towards and I'd like to thank you all sincerely and wholeheartedly for your continued support!

Dario Lorina Debut Album set to Release on Shrapnel Records on September 10th

Touring for over a span of seven years since age sixteen, first with late Warrant singer Jani Lane and in more recent years with Lizzy Borden, metal guitar virtuoso Dario Lorina delivers his first solo recording. Growing up listening to guitarists such as Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and Van Halen, Dario’s music harkens back to the glory days of high caliber shred guitar, the genre of which Shrapnel Records was a founding force.

Dario Lorina’s debut solo CD reveals a guitarist brimming with extreme musical ability. This guitarist brings more diverse influences into play than the average neo-classical riff monger. While technically proficient like all of the label’s guitar instrumentalists, Dario’s CD isn’t just about shredding. It’s an American guitar instrumental album having more in common with riffs reminiscent of Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and Van Halen than the European influence of guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen.

Dario’s debut CD is a powerful all-instrumental CD drenched in attitude-filled guitar work, backed by a thundering hard rock rhythm section.

Points of Interest

• Phil Campbell from Motorhead had this to say, “I think Dario Lorina is one Amazing guitar player! Having known him for many years, he never ceases to amaze me every time we hang out and jam! He blew me away when he played with us in Vegas. A true talent and an amazingly nice guy”.
• Boasting thirteen phenomenal new instrumental tracks, Dario proves why he is considered by many of his peers to be a true guitarist’s guitarist.
• Dario Lorina has remained in the public eye through heavy touring, first with Jani Lane and later with Lizzy Borden with whom he continues to perform.
• Dario has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and Europe’s Guitare Xtreme Magazine.
• Dario was featured in the Music Star Productions All Star DVD (2008) with George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Jennifer Batten as “Next Generation of Rock Guitar”.
• Dario has his own signature guitar model with LAG Guitars, founded in 1980 and headquartered in Bédarieux, France.

1. Demon Rum
2. Pipe Dreams
3. My Heroine
4. Villains
5. Silhouettes
6. Feels Good
7. House of The Rising Sun
8. Alive
9. Ambrosia
10. Words Unspoken
11. Sacksong
12. Revolutions
13. Amor Odium
Pre-order online at Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy
Best Buy:

Dario Lorina s debut solo CD reveals a guitarist brimming with extreme musical ability. This guitarist brings more diverse influences into play than the average riff monger. While technically proficient like all of the label's guitar instrumentalists, Dario's CD isn't just about shredding. It's an American guitar instrumental album having more in common with riffs reminiscent of Paul Gilbert George Lynch and Van Halen than the European influence of guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen.
Dario Lorina: Dario Lorina
'Demon Rum'
'Pipe Dreams'
'My Heroine'
'Feels Good'
'House Of The Rising Sun'
'Words Unspoken'
'Amor Odium'

Rowan J Parker: Judge Shred Returns - Minor 7th Mayhem and 3000 subscribers!

Rowan J Parker  Boom! 3000 subscribers! Thank you everybody for your support! Cheers Rowan J Parker
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From the wilderness Judge Shred returns! I am the law! Bringing you a series of lessons focusing on sweep picking! Do not be afraid... be very afraid! Prepare to be Judged...

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Judge Shred Returns - Episode 1 - Minor 7th Mayhem!

News: Seymour Duncan Custom For Strat SSL-6 Pickup

Custom For Strat SSL-6 Pickup
Beefed up true single-coil for warm instruments. Perfect for Texas blues rock, classic rock and heavy rock. More info here:

Also features tones with the SSL-2 Vintage:

Demo by: John Patelis

Special thanks to Panos Vassilopoulos Video Production
Stratos Diamantis Audio Production.

Cherry Blossom: Sakura gets her own Fender Ohka Model

Cherry Blossom Sakura
@ SakuraYJM
Ouka is (Sakura). It is a 11-year-old 5th grade. I have received flight training airplane in the United States from the age of seven. (HR & HM) love the guitar! I love astronomy and physics engineering! I want to study in absolute MIT! The challenge to many things!

kita Karuizawa-japan -
At last! "Ohka Model" completed! !

Fender Japan from (Kanda Shokai like), cherry model of custom-made, was completed at last. In order to achieve weight reduction, the material body, adopted a new material Ayusu, was put a Flame Maple top material, see-through white burst, it is cherry custom model! Blog "2013.08.20 Post time" Fender Japan of (Kanda Shokai like), it is introduced.

Fender Japan (Kanda Shokai like) blog page

For Ouka debut album release, I started pre production in July

Yngwie Malmsteen ALLEGRO 桜花 10 Years old ギター少女

Dallton Santos: Gloom - Hard Rock Guitar

Heavy/Rock Guitar - Gloom (Dallton Santos)

Allen Van Wert: Guitarbots - Robot Shredding

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Big News! Play against me on your own guitar in an awesome video game

GuitarBots Robot Shredding Intervals

Billy Sheehan: The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts Radio Show Series

To listen to the show with Billy Sheehan from The Winery Dogs and Mr. Big, click the following link:

Check out our new site: to learn more about The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts Radio Show! -We Talk Guitars, Tone and Gear-

Billy Sheehan was our guest for The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts Radio Show on August 26th, 2013. He talks about how the songs for The Winery Dogs debut CD were written and specifically talks about how the song "You Saved Me" came together.

Billy also demonstrates the lick on the bass and its origins from his early days in Talas.

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Video by: Scott Sill

Equipment Used: Yamaha Attitude LTD II Bass, Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Sennheiser Wireless, Zoom H4n, Canon Mark II 5d, Audio-Technica AT-2035

5 videos 25 minutes

Jon Neto,Everton Rosa: Guitar and Bass Funk Fusion

Jon e Everton

I found this video with a friend, was part of my old YT channel which was deleted. I decided to post. Great Everton! Longing to make a sound with you man!

Yuri Isobe: On Your Mark - Orange Field live

Yuri Isobe - On Your Mark - Orange Field live

The 3rd @ Kyoto Gion Silver Wings 8, 2013
(buriki),, Chan has (Bad Zero Justice), Gen-chan (AVALAVAX), Chan slowly: On Your Mark ~ Oranges by Isobe band Yurizo Dozo for two consecutive songs.

Yuri Isobe - Re: First Of All 

Dean Murphy: Wolverine vs Spiderman - open string shredding

Dean Murphy - Weekly Riffin #6
decided to do this one real quick it was a long and crumby day so i just threw together some cool riffs utilizing open string stuff from my Wolverine vs Spiderman song

Tom Quayle: fluid fusion on a Vigier Fretless guitar

Fretless Guitar Jam - Performance With Tom Quayle - Licklibrary Tom Quayle Jams on a Vigier Fretless guitar in the Licklibrary studio.
One of the Licklibrary Team brought in a Vigier Fretless guitar & passed it to Tom to road test- we hit record on the cameras and here is what happened.

Check out all Tom Quayle guitar lessons online:

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Greg Koch: Fender Custom Shop Custom Artist Series David Gilmour Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop Custom Artist Series David Gilmour Stratocaster Relic • SN: R43682
The David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster from the Fender Custom Shop is a one of a kind instrument. With a crisp, clear, and springy tone, and the ability to combine both the neck and bridge pickups, this Strat is unlike any on the market! Check it out!

Greg Koch:

Serial Number: R43682
Brand: Fender Custom Shop
Model: Custom Artist Series David Gilmour Stratocaster Relic
Type: Stratocaster
Signature: David Gilmour
Finish Color: Black over 3-Color Sunburst
Aging: Relic
Finish Type: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight: 7.48 lbs.
Body Wood: Select Alder
Neck Wood: 1-Piece Maple
Neck Shape: 1983 Thin-Shouldered "C" Shape (Duplicated from David's 1983 U.S. Vintage '57 Strat Neck)
Fingerboard: Maple
Scale Length: 25.5"
Width at Nut: 1.675"
Frets: 21 Vintage Style
Pickups: 1 Custom Hand-Wound Fat '50s Single-Coil Strat Pickup (Neck), 1 Custom-Wound Single-Coil Strat Pickup (Middle), 1 Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Single-Coil Strat Pickup (Bridge)
Controls: 1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-Way Switch, 1 Mini-Toggle (Adds Neck Pickup in Positions 1, 2 and 3)
Hardware : Nickel/Chrome
Bridge: American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo with Custom Beveled Tremolo Block and Shortened Tremolo Arm
Tuners: Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style Tuning Machines
Knobs: Aged White Plastic Parts
Unique Features: The First 500 Sold in Either Finish Option will Include a Limited Edition, Signed Copy of "The Black Strat" Book, Autographed by the Author, David's Long-Standing Guitar Tech, Phil Taylor
Case: Deluxe Black Hardshell Case with Green Crushed Velvet Lining and with "David Gilmour" and Custom Shop Logo Embroidered on the Lid Interior
Case Candy: Evidence Audio High-End Guitar Cable, Custom Leather Strap, GHS DG Boomers Strings, DG Pick, David Gilmour's Three Disc "Live In Gdansk" CD and DVD Package, Polishing Cloth
COA: Yes

J S Begley: 60 second solo contest

Special thanks to Youtube,David Wallimann,Palmer Germany effects pedals & the selected judging panel
Truly a pleasure playing along to this inspiring track
To hear more of my work click on the link below

60 second solo contest J.s.Begley

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio clinic date announced

Fabrizio Leo: Clinic date announced for Italian guitar players.

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - VIOLA by Mov guitars Part.2 - Model SP Bolt On

Rick Graham: The Killer Shred Technique

19) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Killer Shred Technique One
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News: The Dean Graphyte Series

The DEAN Graphyte Series offers three unique Dean body styles, each with a striking tattoo-inspired custom graphic finish.

Featured on the following models:
Dean Thoroughbred — a bold new breed of single cut guitars.
Dean Custom 450 Floyd — a doublecut with vast tonal array.
Dean ML Modifier — an exciting update to Dean’s most iconic body shape, delivering crushing chunk for the metal minded guitarist.

All Graphyte guitars come with high quality electronics,
mahogany top and body, Grover tuners, pearl block inlays and a limited lifetime warranty.

The NEW Graphyte Series from Dean Guitars: Choose your weapon and wage war in your quest to build an audio empire!

Dave Martone,Glen Drover: Live At Metalworks - Trailer

Dave Martone / Glen Drover - "Live At Metalworks" - Trailer

"Live At Metalworks" captures audio/video performances by Dave Martone and Glen Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.

Dave Martone (a true modern guitar hero) performs with his band on such guitar virtuouso tracks as "The Goodie Squiggee Song" and "Dinky Pinky" from Martone's Magna Carta debut, "Clean" (MA-90972). Other highlights of Martone's set include a cover of Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Another special moment occurs when Martone brings Glen Drover on stage for an encore version of Joe Satriani's "Crush Of Love".

Glen Drover (best known for his work in Megadeth) performs with his band (which includes Saga keyboardist, Jim Gilmour) on a version of Frank Zappa's "Filthy Habits" as well as "Colors Of Infinity" and "Ascension" from Glen's Magna Carta debut, "Metalusion" (MA-91082). Drover brings Dave Martone back on stage for an encore version of Megadeth's "Symphony Of Destruction" with Glen on vocals.

Audio CD with bonus DVD (Region Free NTSC DVD). The DVD includes both complete sets, as well as bonus video which was never broadcast before.

Sound Samples and Order:

Jim Matheos,Frank Aresti: Fates Warning Album details and tour dates

FATES WARNING are soon to unleash their new studio album entitled "Darkness In A Different Light" on September 30th, 2013 in Europe and October 1st, 2013 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

The tracklisting for "Darkness In A Different Light" reads as follows:

FATES WARNING - "Darkness In A Different Light":
1. One Thousand Fires
2. Firefly
3. Desire
4. Falling
5. I Am
6. Lighthouse
7. Into The Black
8. Kneel And Obey
9. O Chloroform
10. And Yet It Moves

Next to the standard CD jewel case and the Digital Download format, "Darkness In A Different Light" will also be available in Europe as 2CD Mediabook edition and as Gatefold 2LP version (180gr. vinyl in black, red or white vinyl) with the following four bonus tracks:

1. Firefly (Extended)
2. Falling Further
3. One (Live)
4. Life In Still Water (Live)

All different formats of the album can now be pre-ordered in Europe from the InsideOutMusic online shop here:

"Darkness In A Different Light" was produced by Matheos and mixed by long time FATES WARNING engineer Phil Magnotti, while mastering was handled by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California.
The artwork for the album was designed by Conte di San Pietro.

The new song's first single, "Firefly", can be checked out here:

FATES WARNING have headlining touring runs confirmed for October in Europe and November/December in North America, with further live activity to follow in 2014. The upcoming European tour has now confirmed to feature support coming from Norway's Divided Multitude (October 6th - 17th) as well as American group The Omega Experiment for select shows. Here are all the dates announced so far:

FATES WARNING European Tour 2013:
SA 05.10.2013 Baarlo (The Netherlands) - Progpower Festival
SU 06.10.2013 Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) - Boerderij *
MO 07.10.2013 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colos Saal **
WE 09.10.2013 Essen (Germany) - Turock *
TH 10.10.2013 Roeselare (Belgium) - Verlichte Geest **
FR 11.10.2013 Augsburg (Germany) - Musikkantine **
SA 12.10.2013 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7 **
SU 13.10.2013 Brescia (Italy) - Colony *
TU 15.10.2013 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Orto Bar *
WE 16.10.2013 Budapest (Hungary) - A38 *
TH 17.10.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Randal *
SA 19.10.2013 Thessaloniki Greece) - Eightball Club
SU 20.10.2013 Athens (Greece) - Fuzz Club ***
TU 22.10.2013 Moscow (Russia) - KZ Moskva

* + Divided Multitude
** + Divided Multitude & The Omega Experiment
*** Venue changed!

FATES WARNING North American Tour 2013:
FR 15.11.2013 Joliet, IL - Mojoe's
SA 16.11.2013 Detroit, MI - Harpos
SU 17.11.2013 Louisville, KY - Diamond Pub & Billiards
MO 18.11.2013 Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
WE 20.11.2013 Toronto, ONT - Mod Club
TH 21.11.2013 Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
FR 22.11.2013 Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
SA 23.11.2013 New York, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall
SU 24.11.2013 Clifton, NJ - Dingbatz
TU 26.11.2013 Amityville, NY - Revolution
WE 27.11.2013 Reading, PA - Reverb
FR 29.11.2013 Springfield, VA - Empire
SA 30.11.2013 Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
SU 01.12.2013 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
TU 03.12.2013 Houston, TX - Scout Bar
WE 04.12.2013 San Antonio, TX - Backstage Live
TH 05.12.2013 Dallas, TX - Trees
SA 07.12.2013 Tempe, AZ - Club Red ***
SU 08.12.2013 San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
TU 10.12.2013 Los Angeles, CA - The Whisky
WE 11.12.2013 San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
FR 13.12.2013 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
SA 14.12.2013 Seattle, WA - Studio Seven

*** Venue changed!

More details about "Darkness In A Different Light" will follow in the coming weeks...

Ray Alder - Vocals
Jim Matheos - Guitars
Joey Vera - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
Frank Aresti - Guitars


- See more at:

Milan Polak: Making of my new album

Milan Polak: hope you had a great summer. I have been working on 12 brand new songs for my upcoming CD. Music is all finished, currently I am tracking vocals.
Dennis Leeflang (Lita Ford, Bumblefoot of G n'R) is playing drums, guest appearances include Neil Taylor (Tears For Fears, Robbie Williams) and Kip Winger (Alice Cooper, Winger).
If you like to check it out, I documented the "making of" here:

Official website:

News: Broadband providers are being asked to create a database of customers illegally downloading music

Broadband providers are being asked to create a database of customers illegally downloading music, films and books, which could be used to disconnect or prosecute persistent offenders.

Measures to combat digital piracy will be among the topics discussed at a Downing Street breakfast on 12 September, when record-label bosses and their trade association, the BPI, have been invited to meet David Cameron.

BT, Virgin Media, BSkyB and TalkTalk are being asked by music and film companies to sign up to a voluntary code for policing illegal downloading. Negotiations have been under way for months with the BPI and the British Video Association, whose members include the BBC and Hollywood studios.

Full article: 

Marc Guillermont,Olivier Contat, Frans Vollink: This music is my cup of tea - teaser from upcoming album

This music is my cup of tea

Teaser from new album by Olivier Contat, featuring Marc Guillermont and Frans Vollink

Jess Woess: my beginners guide to throwing shapes

You've got the chops, you've got the licks. Those eight string wide interval arpeggios, those inside and outside picking drills... the bedroom is complete... but you're still not ready

First you'll need one of these
The guitar pose full length mirror
So now you just need to get the live poses down...  and to do that you'll need a big full length mirror... Once you have that... just follow my beginners guide to throwing shapes. Remember to do a warm up before attempting any of these poses... don't expect to be perfect the first time, it takes years of dedication to get these just right.

Jason Becker: the classic dripping guitar hand pose
Wilko Johnson: The shoot the audience pose
Angus Young: Goldfish pose

Joe Satriani:Goldfish with guitar rampant pose
Eddie Van Halen: the one knee proposal with guitar rampant pose
Yngwie Malmsteen: the one knee proposal with guitar en repose

Alex Hutchings: the under the chin super fusion pose

Michael Angelo Batio: The bet you can't play this pose

Jimmy Page: The 12 and 6 with guitar rampant pose

Bill Baily: Option Anxiety pose

Paul Gilbert: The just like that pose
Guthrie Govan: Scary Stretch pose

Allan Holdsworth: The call that a stretch, this is a stretch pose

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee: The two can play at that game pose
Courtney Cox: wow pose!

*This article is dedicated to Jess Woess.

Alessandro Benvenuti: Total Shred Guitar Hybrid Summer Shred

Total Shred Guitar present guitar courses for all the people around the world. We offer live lessons by skype we have instructors specialized in all genres of music as jazz, rock, blues, fusion, metal, shred.

- Guitar course: Total Shred
- Guitar course: Technique and style of music

You can book a guitar course, based by 4 lessons of 1 hour, or a single lesson to test us.

For more details:

Total Shred Guitar // Summer Shred: Hybrid Picking con Alessandro Benvenuti

Total Shred Guitar: docente Alessandro Benvenuti

Fabio Cerrone: lesson

Total Shred Guitar present guitar courses for all the people around the world. We offer live lessons by skype we have instructors specialized in all genres of music as jazz, rock, blues, fusion, metal, shred.

- Guitar course: Total Shred
- Guitar course: Technique and style of music

You can book a guitar course, based by 4 lessons of 1 hour, or a single lesson to test us.

For more details:

Nicolas Waldo: Dean Guitars - shredding Antares IX Guitar Solo 2013
Guitar solo composed and interpreted by Nicolas Waldo.

NICOLAS WALDO - Dean Guitars Artist // Antares IX Guitar Solo 2013

Filipe Paiva: demos AT10p Ibanez, Laney Ironheart 120

Filipe Paiva playing Euphoria Workshop held at the Lodge Spaço Musical August 31 2013. Setup: AT10p Ibanez, Laney Ironheart 120. Endorsements: Ibanez Guitars, Laney Amplification, Dean Markley Strings.

Workshop Loja Spaço Musical - Euphoria - Filipe Paiva

Stéphan Forté: available for Skype lessons

Stéphan Forté shared a Page: Stéphan Forté Guitar Lessons.

Hey guys, Skype lessons has started again on monday, and honestly, so far, I am amazed by your intense work during the summer break, nice improvements !!!! See you next week !! Stéphan