Allen Van Wert: Guitarbots - Robot Shredding

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Get to my section on guitarbots by going to song challenges on the bottom right and then into either search and type robot or just scroll through and check it all out.

GuitarBots turns guitar practice into online gaming - played with a real guitar!

"ROBOT SHREDDING" song package is the newest song pack in Guitarbots that contains 17 intense exercise songs. And one Shred Etude song to combine your new skills to play melodic shred music that will amaze people.

There's currently over 300 song levels to play, both for beginners and more advanced.

Invite your friends to join and play up to one hour each day free at : .

Hope you like it!

- The Ovelin Team

Big News! Play against me on your own guitar in an awesome video game

GuitarBots Robot Shredding Intervals