Cherry Blossom: Sakura gets her own Fender Ohka Model

Cherry Blossom Sakura
@ SakuraYJM
Ouka is (Sakura). It is a 11-year-old 5th grade. I have received flight training airplane in the United States from the age of seven. (HR & HM) love the guitar! I love astronomy and physics engineering! I want to study in absolute MIT! The challenge to many things!

kita Karuizawa-japan -
At last! "Ohka Model" completed! !

Fender Japan from (Kanda Shokai like), cherry model of custom-made, was completed at last. In order to achieve weight reduction, the material body, adopted a new material Ayusu, was put a Flame Maple top material, see-through white burst, it is cherry custom model! Blog "2013.08.20 Post time" Fender Japan of (Kanda Shokai like), it is introduced.

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For Ouka debut album release, I started pre production in July

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