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Atanas Shishkov: Ibanez RG570BK - African Heritage

Atanas Shishkov - "African Heritage"
Gear : Ibanez RG570BK - guitar Fractal Axe-Fx Vovox cables D`Addario strings Bone pick

Ignazio Di Salvo: noodling with GNG seven strings - while picasa give me grief

noodling with the GNG seven strings

Aleks Sever: Showtime - slinky, sassy, funky, class - Aleks ripping it up live

Aleks Sever back with a live performance - super slinky playing

Aleks Sever - Showtime (Live)

Aleks Sever - Nightclub Art (Music Video)

Aleks Sever - Danger Girl (Live)

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Aleks Sever: gets ten of the best from Shreddelicious

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Aleks Sever: Danger Girl

Geddy Lee: Talks "Clockwork Angels Tour" DVD with spoke to Geddy Lee from Rush about the band's new live album and concert film, "Clockwork Angels Tour," as well as his involvement with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Rush's induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and what he really thought about Pavement name-dropping him in their song "Stereo."

Geddy Lee Talks New Album & Concert Film, "Clockwork Angels Tour,"

Richie Kotzen: WDHA's Box of Rock talks to Richie about Winery Dogs

WDHA's Terrie Carr catches up with the amazing Richie Kotzen about his solo career,the success of The Winery Dogs and future of the band.

WDHA's Box of Rock with Richie Kotzen

Tony MacAlpine, Vitalij Kuprij,Mark Boals: Ring OF Fire - Battle of Leningrad new release details

Frontiers Records has announced the return of the neoclassic power metal supergroup Ring Of Fire and January 28, 2014 in North America. "Battle Of Leningrad" will be the band's fourth studio album, coming after a nine-year hiatus.

Ring of Fire "Battle of Leningrad"

Release dates:
Europe: January 24th 2014
North America: January 28th 2014

Tracklisting: Mother Russia; They're Calling Your Name; Empire; Land Of Frozen Tears; Firewind; Where Angels Play; Battle Of Leningrad; No Way Out; Our World; Rain.

Ring Of Fire's story begins in the year 2000. Having completed a successful mini-tour with Yngwie Malmsteen in late 1999 on the heels of the 'Alchemy' album, vocalist Mark Boals set about creating his second solo album, a collection of songs very neo-classical in their nature. When deciding on a line-up for the album, Tony MacAlpine came highly recommended and Tony in turn recommended Virgil Donati (Planet X) on drums. The impressive line-up was rounded out by classically-trained Artension keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, with Boals and MacAlpine splitting bass duties.

Combining melodic metal songs with fantasy-based lyrics, topped off with virtuoso performances from the line-up, the resulting RING OF FIRE albums proved to be exactly what many neoclassical-metal fans had waited for, creating a solid fan base for the band all over the world.

"Battle of Leningrad" is the band's fourth studio album, coming after a 9 years hiatus -- a period which has seen the band members getting involved in other projects, most notably with singer Mark Boals becoming singer for Royal Hunt and Kuprij and MacAlpine touring with Trans Siberian Orchestra and Steve Vai respectively.

Ring of Fire reconvened with Boals, MacAlpine and Kurprij during 2012, when they agreed to work on their unfinished business and develop a new album from the true story of the siege of Leningrad during the WWII.

Mark Boals explains: "It is a true story of the strength and resilience of the Russian people throughout history and particularly in this instance of 900 days of being surrounded on all sides with no food and no hope of rescue, under siege of the Nazi army. The magnificent city of Leningrad with millions of people trapped, found a way to withstand the daily attacks of rockets and bombs, the lack of food, water, and fuel for heat. Although more than 1 million starved to death, most survived, and the Nazis were never able to overtake the city completely. They were finally forced to retreat by the Russian army. Not widely known by most, this was an amazing story and one of World War II's finest examples of heroism in the worst circumstances imaginable".

Musically the album is all the fans have been waiting for. True "Neoclassic" Power Metal with technical and exciting musical passages which promise to reignite the RING OF FIRE flame among the fans!


Mark Boals -- vocals
Tony MacAlpine -- guitars
Vitalij Kuprij -- keyboards
Timo Tolkki -- bass
Jami Huovinen- drums
Ring of Fire - Battle of Leningrad Samples (Official / New Album 2014)

Reb Beach: Winger Japan 25th anniversary reunion shows announced - new album too!

"Winger will ROCK Japan with a performance of the first album from beginning to end plus all the hits from our other records. We can't wait to see all our Japanese friends again." - Kip Winger ... new album on the way.

Japan 25th anniversary reunion shows:

11 - Club Citta - Kawasaki, Japan (with FIREHOUSE, Y&T)
12 - Club Citta - Kawasaki, Japan (with Firehouse, Y&T)
13 - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan (with Y&T)

Adrian Galysh: Tone Poet release details and track samples

Melodic instrumental rock guitarist Adrian Galysh will release Tone Poet, on December 3rd, 2013. The album includes 12 tracks featuring vocal rock songs, instrumentals with world music influences, and sweeping orchestral works. While epic in scope, the album is tied together by Galysh's tasteful guitar work and compositional style which is complemented by vocalist Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt, Uli Jon Roth), bassist Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, RIng of Fire), and grooves by world-class drummer, Todd Sucherman (STYX).

Described as "a virtuoso of modern electric and acoustic guitar techniques" by 20th Century Guitar magazine, Galysh has a successful trajectory spanning three previous solo albums and numerous collaborations and performances with industry giants like Uli Jon Roth, Dweezil Zappa, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robben Ford, Mike Keneally, George Lynch, Warren DeMartini, and many more.

Galysh confesses, "Tone Poet is my most mature album. I've written a very melodic, musical, collection of tunes, that includes my progressive hard rock influences, classical, and world-music influences. Mark Boals' powerful voice and Todd Sucherman's tasteful drum playing are right in sync with where I am at, musically."

Tone Poet album artwork was illustrated and designed by Kristina Maloney.

Tone Poet track-listing:
1. Resurrectis (2:28)
2. Brick By Brick (5:42)
3. When You Fall (5:17)
4. Flying (5:17)
5. Movie in My Mind (4:25)
6. Luminae (3:42)
7. La Dolce Vita (4:47)
8. Tone Poet (3:44)
9. Epoch (3:05)
10. Echoes of El Greco (3:53)
11. Ur of the Chaldees (6:12)
12. Spring (The Return) (5:22)

Adrian Galysh: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, and Programming
Charlie Waymire: Drums on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5
Philip Bynoe: Bass on tracks 4, 5, 8
Todd Sucherman: Drums on tracks 7, 8, 10, 11, 12

Guitars, bass, and keyboards were recorded at Adrian's home studio. Charlie Waymire's drums were recorded by Lizzy Ostro at Ultimate Rhythm Studios in Panorama City, CA; Todd Sucherman's drums were recorded by J.R. Taylor and Todd Sucherman at the Bee Hive in Austin, TX.

Tone Poet was mixed by Jessie Billson, except tracks 1, 6, and 9 mixed by Adrian Galysh. Mastered by Vinnie Simonette at Little Simy, Alexandria, VA.

For more information, visit

Adrian Galysh "Tone Poet" Album Preview

Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt: Primal Fear: Delivering The Black new album details

Primal Fear: Delivering The Black will be released on January 24th in Europe and January 28th in North America via Frontiers Records. It will be available in regular CD edition, deluxe edition with two bonus tracks and – in cooperation with Soulfood Music - vinyl edition and DVD and limited edition (666 copies only!) of a super-de-luxe version including a metallic eagle.

Delivering The Black tracklisting:

'King For A Day'
'Rebel Faction'
'When Death Comes Knocking'
'Alive & On Fire'
'Delivering The Black'
'Road To Asylum'
'One Night In December'
'Never Pray For Justice'
'Born With A Broken Heart'
'Innocent Man' *
Man Without Shadow' *
'When Death Comes Knocking' (single edit) *

* Only available on Deluxe edition

DVD (Only available with Deluxe edition): 'When Death Comes Knocking' (video), 'King For A Day' (video), Making Of The Album (video). Primal Fear are:

Ralf Scheepers – vocals
Alex Beyrodt – guitars
Magnus Karlsson – guitar, keyboards
Randy Black – drums
Mat Sinner – bass and vocals

Primal Fear - When Death Comes Knocking Sample (Official song sample / New album 2014)

Danny Gill: Marshall JVM410HJS in review

"It's the punchiest, most exciting amp I've ever played through." Quite an introduction to our signature JVM410HJS, from legendary guitarist Joe Satriani. Watch Danny Gill put this amp through its paces. Discover more about the JVM410HJS: MODEL TYPE: HEAD TECHNOLOGY: ALL VALVE WATTAGE: 100W CHANNELS/MODES PER CHANNEL: 4/3 PRE-AMP VALVES: ECC83 x 4 POWER AMP VALVES: ECC83 x 1, EL34 x 4 PROGRAMMABLE MID-SHIFT: OD1 & OD2 SWITCHABLE NOISE GATES: 4 (ONE PER CHANNEL) CONTROLS: SWITCHABLE MASTER VOLUMES x 2, MASTER PRESENCE & RESONANCE, MIDI SWITCHABLE & EMULATED LINE OUT, FX LOOPS x 2 (SERIES/PARALLEL), FOOTCONTROLLER SIZE: 22KG/750 x 310 x 215

Joe Bonamassa: Tour De Force - So It's Like That - Shepherds Bush Empire

Joe Bonamassa - Tour De Force - So It's Like That - Shepherds Bush Empire
Joe Bonamassa - So It's Like That is taken from Joe Bonamassa's newest release, Tour de Force - Live In London - Shepherds Bush Empire. On October 28, 2013, Joe Bonamassa will release Tour De Force -- Live In London, an unprecedented live concert event unfolding over four DVD/ Blurays recorded earlier this year at some of the most famous and iconic London venues: Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo, Shepherd's Bush Empire, and The Borderline. Formats: DVD/BLU-RAY/AMP BOX SET The Amp Box Set Includes: - All 4 concerts in DVD or Blu-ray format - Collectible, hard cover photo book including 48 pages of stunning photography highlighting the March 2012 London tour. Photos by Christie Goodwin. - The collectible "Miniature" Vintage Marshall Amp is A One of a Kind Box Design. The entire outside surface is covered with a leatherette to feel and look like a real amp. The "speaker cabinet" is real screen-printed cloth to give the feel of Speaker Mesh.

Dean Murphy: talks about criticism and creativity and the impact on the self.

Dean Murphy - Criticism & creativity
just felt like maybe someone out there could benefit from hear this, just my opinion on things i hope someone gets something out of it

Wagner Silva: Teaser Backing Tracks in various styles

Teaser Backing Tracks - Wagner Silva
Hey guys speaks guitarrĂ­stica and improvisers usually am pitching jamtracks copyright (playbacks to study improvisation). For more information about prices, shipping options and payment via e-mail:
Backing Tracks are in high quality mp3, created and written by me, and is accompanied by chords sheet in PDF.

Os packs:
Greg Howe Style (6 BTs)
Tribal Tech Style (4 BTs)
Prog-Rock (8 BTs)
Hard-Rock (4 BTs)
Fusion (6 BTs)
Modern Jazz (6 BTs)
Country (1 BT)

Dannyjoe Carter,Stuart Bull: That Guitar Show lost footage!

This was the footage that was supposed to air with the Guitar Show episode 1 but Dannyjoe Carter was having technical difficulties.
This was to be shown as an example of how Dannyjoe Carter pick with VERY little movement using only my thumb and index finger.

Webcam setup and test run - pretty low quality though, still need a new camera!

Series 1 - episode 1 of "That Guitar Show featuring the David Letterman of Guitar, Chris Bush and super picker Dannyjoe Carter

That Guitar Show Episode 1

Pierre Danel : The fufux666 Jam sessions - awesome fusion playing - wild stuff indeed!

Pierre Danel Mashup #2
Another brand new Mashup by Pierre Danel

Pierre Danel Mashup #2

Some earlier sessions

Pierre Danel Jams

Pierre Danel - Guthrie Govan late jam

Dallton Santos: Rock guitar solo demonstration by master video maker

Greg Koch: Wildwood guitars Interview Joe Carducci of Gretsch Guitars

What better way to learn about the glory of Gretsch Guitars than to pick the brain of one of their head haunchos! Gretsch's own Joe Carducci was kind enough to join Greg Koch and Wildwood Guitars in the Wildwood Studios to discuss Gretsch, music, guitars, and everything in between! In this video Joe gives us a one-of-a-kind history lesson! Site: Greg Koch: Facebook:

Joe Carducci of Gretsch Guitars Interview Pt. 1 of 3

Joe Carducci of Gretsch Guitars Interview Pt. 2 of 3

Joe Carducci of Gretsch Guitars Interview Pt. 3 of 3

Dean Murphy: Improvised solo demoing Dimarzio Pro Track/Chapman ML1

Dean Murphy - Improvised solo demoing Dimarzio Pro Track/Chapman ML1
here is a little vid i did of this awesome pickup. i got this guitar a few weeks back and completely adore it but im not a single coil fan. so i did some research with dimarzio and found the pro track was supposed to be similar to a PAF sound which i love and it infact came out great. i love the way this pickup sounds especially in this beast, hope you enjoyed, more to come trust me. you can get this backing track at

Jan Laurenz: I dedicate this improvisation to all the Philippines typhoon victims

I dedicate this improvisation to all the Philippines typhoon victims
by Jan Laurenz

No words...

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines on Friday (8 November), causing catastrophic damage. It is the strongest storm ever to make landfall, hitting an area where thousands of people are already homeless after an earthquake in mid-October.

The 300-mile wide typhoon – locally known as Yolanda – has left a trail of destruction with thousands feared dead. The full extent of the damage will become clearer in the next few days as rescue teams reach the more remote areas.

Philippine Red Cross volunteers have been on the ground since before the storm hit, helping with evacuation plans and warning communities. Now, they are getting aid to the people who are most in need and preparing to help thousands more.

 The British Red Cross is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 14 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis.

Eric Calderone: Benny Hill Meets Metal

Hey guys, So I've been seeing this one for the longest. And since I did somewhat of a "dark" video previously, I figured this would be appropriate. P.S. I'm a huge Benny Hill fan, simple yet sophisticated comedy, what a gee. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for all the messages, comments, subs, suggestions, donations, fan art, and support. You guys have always and will always ROCK my casbah! Best to ya E Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Itunes: CDbaby: MP3 and Tab Books:

Stel Andre,Dhalif Ali: Melodic Sessions 4

Stel Andre & Dhalif Ali - Melodic Sessions 4
This is our 4th installation to our Melodic Sessions series!!!! Hope you guys enjoy this! Please Subscribe to Stel Andre at Dhalif Ali at

Joop Wolters: Highland Wedding Loop of Joop to tribute to Steve Morse

tribute to one of my bigtime heroes..Steve Morse.. cheers, joop

John 5: Guitar player's Michael Molenda talks to the Hardest Working Demon in Show Biz

John 5: The Hardest Working Demon in Show Biz

“This was my first official full-length film score. I accepted the gig because I did a couple of scenes on Johnny Depp’s From Hell film, and I thought, ‘Okay, I think I can handle this.’ And then, when I started getting all the cues I had to write music for, it was like, ‘Whoa.’ It was like doing six instrumental records! It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Sometimes, there’s no time signature, no key signature—just a cluster of noises—and other times, there are huge orchestras and things like that. It was definitely a big, big challenge.

- See more

Tom Quayle: Jam with Steely Dan - Lick Library Lesson series

Jam with Steely Dan

Includes guitar lessons and guitar jam tracks, guitar lessons by Tom Quayle

This excellent DVD will show you how to nail seven great songs by this influential jazz/rock band! Learn each song and play along with guitar jam tracks;

Reelin’ In The Years
Kid Charlemagne
Black Friday
My Old School
Do It Again

Tom Quayle is a well respected guitarist and teacher whose influences include Greg Howe, Wayne Krantz, Tim Miller and Brett Garsed. He is a regular contributor to iGuitar digital magazine, view issues at

His blistering technique has been applauded by guitar legends such as Brett Garsed, and John Petrucci.

Lorenzo Venza,John Macaluso: TBP All Stars - Is For You live - Jailbreak - 2013

TBP (All Stars) plays Is For You live @Jailbreak 04-06-2013

Music written by Mario Contarino (alias TBP)
Lorenzo Venza: Lead guitar
Sebastiano Esposito: Rhythm guitar
Marco Pistone: Bass
John Macaluso: Drums
Gian Marco La Serra: Keyboard

Official Page:

TBP (All Stars) - Is For You live @Jailbreak 04-06-2013 (HQ)

Dan Attar: Altitudes - tribute to Jason Becker

Dan Attar: My cover of This Amazing Piece Of Music by Jason Becker
Audio/Video Recording & Editing - by Tzvi Popovich

Hope You'll Like It
Don't Forget to Like And Subscribe to my Channel & Facebook Page

Jason Becker - Altitudes Cover by Dan Attar

Jason Hook,Zoltan Bathory: Five Finger Death Punch at Rockstar Mayhem Festival 06-29-13 Jack Lue Series

Five Finger Death Punch at Rockstar Mayhem Festival 06-29-13 Jack Lue Series

Five Finger Death Punch (also initialized as FFDP or 5FDP) is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2005, the group's name is derived from classic martial arts cinema. The band originally consisted of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Caleb Andrew Bingham, bassist Matt Snell, and drummer Jeremy Spencer.[2] Bingham was replaced by guitarist Darrell Roberts in 2006, who was then replaced by Jason Hook in 2009. Bassist Matt Snell departed from the band in 2010 and was replaced by Chris Kael in 2011.

Their debut album The Way of the Fist was released in 2007. Following its release, the band began achieving success rapidly. The 2009 follow-up album War Is the Answer further increased their popularity, leading to both of the albums being certified gold by the RIAA, selling over 500,000 copies each in the United States. The band's third album, entitled American Capitalist was released on October 11, 2011 and achieved Gold status within the year. The band has played international music festivals including Mayhem Festival in 2008, 2010 and 2013, and Download Festival in 2009, 2010 and 2013.

Five Finger Death Punch are the recipients of the Radio Contraband Rock Radio Awards for "Indie Artist of the Year" in both 2011, 2012 and 2013. They were also honored with the Radio ContrabandRock Radio Award for Album (American Capitalist) and Song of the Year ("Coming Down") in 2012.

Main web site:

Current members
Ivan Moody – lead vocals (2005–present)
Zoltan Bathory – rhythm guitar (2005–present)
Jeremy Spencer – drums (2005–present)
Jason Hook – lead guitar, backing vocals (2009–present)
Chris Kael – bass guitar, backing vocals (2011–present)

Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Full Series