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Sam Coulson: Blues Turnaround Lesson

A look into some classic blues turnarounds.

This lesson is aimed at the intermediate player.

If you could take a minute to give the video a rating I would really appreciate it!

If I get some good response I may do some more lessons :-)


Blues Turnaround Lesson with Sam Coulson

Plini,Sithu Aye,David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: Aye, Aye... oops no I've done that joke... so straight on to the new album is available!

 Plini,Sithu Aye,David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: I
1. Plini - Orm 04:21
2. Plini - Rupture 04:13
3. Sithu Aye - Solstice 05:17
4. Sithu Aye - Moonrise 05:57

released 28 November 2013
Plini - everything on Orm & Rupture; guitar solo on Solstice
Sithu Aye - everything on Solstice & Moonrise; guitar solo on Orm
David Maxim Micic - guitar solo on Rupture
Jakub Żytecki - guitar solo on Moonrise

Orm & Rupture mastered by Luke Martin at Versed Audio, UK
Artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design

'I' (Plini/Sithu Aye Split EP) Preview

Hey guys, bit of a retrospective but I felt like doing it so here's a playthrough of Double Helix off of Cassini. In case you're wondering why I'm using the 8 string in this video, it's because I'm doubling it up as a standard tuned 7 string as my actual 7 string is tuned to drop Ab. Anyway, this is the first playthough I've done with an actual camera and not a shitty webcam so hopefully it looks okay!

Download the tab here:

Here are some assorted links:

Sithu Aye - Double Helix Playthrough

Fred Brum: Aristides 070 - Katana - testing composite material on this prototype

Fred Brum - Aristides 070 - Katana
My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :) Official Website - Facebook - someone asked me on my Ask.Fm whether I had heard of the Aristides 070 I was ecstatic - I knew of the brand and a couple mates of mine had great experiences with them, but alas - they only had 6-string guitars that I knew of. Long story short, as I had been dying to try out their approach to composite material and they were finalising the 070 prototypes, #2 was sent to me for testing, of which she's undergone quite a good deal of and passed with distinction. This demo was recorded using the guitar straight into my Kemper with profiles of my own Ironheart 60, Budda Superdrive 18W and Silverblade Hellhound straight into my Presonus Firestudio, and no post EQ was applied to prevent artifacts and allow the guitar's interaction with the rigs to shine thro

Irene Ketikidi: Martial Arts & Magic Tricks - live jam!

Shot by Donna Czerwinski
At the theatre early having fun with my new sexy Tele! This is my album title track, enjoy, share and buy if you like :)

Martial Arts & Magic Tricks - live jam!

Available from

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G - signs to Century Media to release a NEW solo album

Guitar virtuoso Gus G., well known in the Metal and Rock universe for his outstanding work as member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band and as leader of his own group Firewind, has announced the signing of a new solo-artist contract with longtime international partners Century Media Records in order to co-operate on his debut[?] solo-release entitled “I Am The Fire” for the Spring of 2014.

Gus G. comments on the newly signed deal as follows: “Loyalty is a very important thing in the music business and for me it just felt natural to trust my first solo effort to the hands of the record company that has been loyal, supportive and has helped build my career for more than 11 years now - a label that I truly feel as a family. Thank you Robert Kampf, Leif Jensen, Antje Lange, Don Robertson, Steve Joh, Jens Prueter, Nasrin Vahdani, Paul Gargano and rest of Century Family! I truly feel blessed to be a part of the CM history and looking forward to exploring new territories with this new album!”

Century Media’s founder and owner Robert Kampf checked in as well, adding: “Gus G.'s coming solo record "I Am The Fire" is going to be another display of the amazing talent Gus possesses. We at Century Media are proud to work with a player and songwriter of his class and status as well as the fantastic new album that Gus has crafted. Horns up!”

“I Am The Fire” was mixed by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Stone Sour, Steel Panther, etc.) and was partly recorded in Los Angeles and partly in Gus’ home country of Greece during the past months. Some song titles included on the release are "Eyes Wide Open", "Redemption", "End Of The Line" and "Blame It On Me".

While you wait, why not grab a copy of Gus G's debut Guitar Master - 2010 Remaster CD from amazon.

Gus G's Guitar Master - 2010 Remaster

News: Grooveyard Black Friday Super Six Pack Sweet Deal

As our way of saying a million Thanks to our good musical brothers and sisters
worldwide, we are offering a special "GROOVEYARD ::BLACK FRIDAY::
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1. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Volume One" (GYR025)
(Mega-Killer 70s Grooveyard heavy guitar tribute disc from Sweden
featuring tons of awesome riffage that will rock your world)

2. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Volume Two" (GYR060)
(Brain-Damaging 2nd Vol. of bad-ass, killer obscure 70's heavy guitar
riffage featuring Special Guest axerippers John Norum, Ty Tabor
plus a million other killer guitarists that will rock your world)

3. TRUTH: "Machine" (GYR039)
(Phenomenal top-shelf bluesy heavy guitar ripper from Sweden
featuring Sven Cirnski on Guitar & David Fremberg on Vocals)
4. THALAMUS: "Beneath A Dying Sun" (GYR047)
(Brain-Damaging killer heavy guitar riff-monster from Sweden.
Highly recommended to fans of Black Sabbath & Soundgraden)

5. BLINDSTONE: "Greetings From The Karma Factory" (GYR091)
(Mega-Awesome 4th studio disc from outstanding blues-based heavy guitar
power trio riff:machine from Denmark. Hightly recommended to fans of HENDRIX,
TROWER & FRANK MARINO. Rock Your Mojo @ the Blindstone Karma Factory)

6. BLINDSTONE: "Rare Tracks" (GYR092)
(An excellent collection of 11 killer unreleased tracks by this awesome,
bad-ass, retro-fied heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Includes way-kool
original tracks & cover songs by Hendrix, Mountain, Sabbath & Soundgarden)

7. BLINDSTONE: "Manifesto" (GYR044)
(Way-Kool debut studio disc by this outstanding bluesy/funky
heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Includes 3 Killer Bonus Tracks.
Highly Recommended to fans of the TOP 3 - HENDRIX / TROWER / MARINO)

8. BLINDSTONE: "Rise Above" (GYR061)
(Outstanding killer 3rd + latest studio disc by this mega-awesome, superb
blues-based, retro-70s heavy guitar power trio riff:machine from Denmark.
Includes Special Guest Axemasters Ty Tabor & Poul Halborg)

9. BLINDSTONE: "Freedom's Calling" (GYR043)
(Awesome 2nd studio disc by this way-kool, brain-damaging, blues-based
heavy guitar power trio from Denmark. Includes special guest axeripper
Lance Lopez. Highly recommended to fans of Hendrix, Trower & Marino)

10. STONE MACHINE: "Self-Titled" (GYR098)
(Awesome debut studio disc by this killer retro-70s Classic Rock
band from West Virgina featuring killer riffage and outstanding
powerful soul-powered vox that land Rock Solid to the core)

11. STONE MACHINE: "American Honey" (GYR099)
(Bad-ass killer 2nd studio disc by this outstanding blues-based,
hard rockin' retro-70s riff:machine w/ awesome vocals that Rock Classic.
Highly recommended to fans of Bad Company, Paul Rodgers, Free, Humble Pie,
Led Zeppelin, Montrose, James Gang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Badlands & Cry Of Love)

12. STRANGER: "Rock Solid" (GYR075)
(Way-kool studio disc by this outstanding, hard-rockin', blues-based,
killer heavy guitar band from Florida. Includes 20 tracks of straight-up, ball-bustin',
whiskey-soaked, old-school, southern-fried, ass-kickin', six-string heavy riffage)

13. JOHNNY HUNKINS: "Talladega Pile Up" (GYR076)
(Mega-awesome, retro-70s, blues-based, heavy guitar riff-rocker
with a hi-energy, amped-up, southern-fried, muscular 6 string vibe)

(Bad-ass, killer retro-70's, blues-based, heavy guitar power trio axe-ripper
that is Highly recommended to fans of HENDRIX & FRANK MARINO)

15. KAMCHATKA: "Self-Titled" (GYR016)
(Awesome debut studio disc by this killer cycodelic retro-70s heavy guitar
power trio from Sweden featuring Thomas "Junior" Anderson on rippin' axe.
Highly recommended to fans of Hendrix, Trower, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush)

16. KAMCHATKA: "Volume II" (GYR033)
(Killer 2nd studio disc by this awesome blues-based retro-sonic six string
trippin' power trio from Sweden. Fans of Hendrix, Trower Marino & Cream
will dive in deep and wave their heavy guitar freak flags high with Kamchatka)

(Awesome second studio disc by this killer heavy guitar power trio riff-machine
from Italy featuring 10 tracks of way-kool, hard-hitting, dynamic, retro-sonic,
riffage that will rock your good cosmic jam:house down to the ground)

18. BILLY WHITE TRIO: "Illusionation" (GYR056)
(Outstanding deep, bluesy, soul-powered dynamic heavy guitar
power trio mojo by this amazing gifted guitarist/vocalist from Texas)

19. LANCE LOPEZ: "Wall Of Soul" (GYR009)
(Killer retro-70's, power trio axeripper from Texas w/ Special Guests
ERIC GALES & DOUG PINNICK (KING'S X). Highly recommended to
fans of HENDRIX, TROWER, MARINO & bad-ass power trio riff mojo)

20. LANCE LOPEZ: "Simplify Your Vision" (GYR019)
(Mega-awesome 3rd studio disc from this bad-ass, killer blues/rock
heavy guitar power trio axeripper who kicks serious six string ass)

21. LANCE LOPEZ: "First Things First" (GYR029)
(Excellent debut studio disc from this bad-ass blues/rock axeripper
from Texas featuring 13 tracks (75 minutes) of classic, retro- 70’s, bluesy,
funky, heavy guitar power trio riffage that will rock your blues away)

22. LANCE LOPEZ: "Live" (GYR028)
(Killer bad-ass LIVE disc from the Dallas blues/rock axeripper
recorded in Holland on his Six String World Domination tour)

23. GUITAR PETE: "Raw Deal" (GYR085)
(Awesome 3rd studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues-based heavy guitar
riffmaster from NYC. Guitar Pete is your Man if you dig awesome powerful
heavy riffage with serious brain-damaging, get-down rippin' six string mojo)

24. GUITAR PETE: "Mean Streets" (GYR046)
(Way-kool hard-hitting blues-based heavy guitar disc by this
bad-ass, killer axerippin' guitar slinger from New York City)

25. GUITAR PETE: "Live At The Blues Warehouse" (GYR057)
(Excellent Live in the studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock
axeslinger from NYC who kicks serious six string ass)

26. DIRTY DAVE OSTI: "Voodoo Guitar" (GYR066)
(Awesome debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues-rock axeslinger
from California who hits the powerful "Voodoo Guitar" six string mojo hard)

27. JAN GERFAST TRIO: "Electric Blues Power" (GYR092)
(Way-kool disc by this awesome, obscure blues/rock axeslinger from Sweden
with a retro-70s heavy guitar power trio vibe. A killer display of get-down
powerful blues-based extended jammin' lead guitar six string mojo)

28. GUGUN POWER TRIO: "Far East Blues Experience" (GYR072)
(Excellent studio disc by this outstanding, dynamic, blues-based, retro-70s
heavy guitar power trio from Indonesia that rock the six string mojo hard)

29. JAY JESSE JOHNSON: "Play That Damn Guitar" (GYR050)
(Mega-awesome brain-damaging retro-70's heavy guitar power trio
axeripper featuring bad-ass, killer, get-down, powerful six string mojo.
If you heavily dig HENDRIX / TROWER / MARINO tune into JJJ @ all costs)

30. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Raised On Rock" (GYR065)
(Outstanding + Essential BBB heavy guitar rocker that kicks serious ass!!!)

31. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Keepers Of The Flame" (GYR041)
(Awesome powerful 6th studio disc from this killer bluesy heavy guitar
riff:machine featuring Mike Onesko & Scotty J. on rippin' guitar.
Includes Special Guest - Davey Pattison on a deep TROWER jam)

32. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Smokehouse Sessions" (Vol. One) (GYR054)
(Way-kool BBB "tribute to the blues" with a serious heavy guitar
groove from Mike Onesko & Co. that will rock your blues away)

33. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Smokehouse Sessions" (Vol. Two) (GYR069)
(2nd killer installment of the BBB paying "tribute to the blues" with their bad-ass
heavy guitar riffage. Includes special guest axeripper Jay Jesse Johnson)

34. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Rare Tracks" (GYR070)
(A Killer collection of rare + unreleased BBB tracks/jams that Rock the Blues)

35. ONESKO BOGERT CEO PROJECT: "Big Electric Cream Jam" (GYR053)
(Awesome "tribute" to CREAM featuring MIKE ONESKO (BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND)
on Guitar & Vocals with Bass Guitar Legend Tim Bogert (CACTUS/BBA) on low-end
bottom kool, and EMERY CEO (BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND) on Drums. Guaranteed to
trip your retro-70s bluesy heavy guitar power trio jam:house down to the ground)

(Awesome studio disc by this outstanding, dynamic, blues-based
soul-powered, retro-70's, heavy guitar axemaster from Iowa.
Featuring Special Guests - Glenn Hughes & Rob Lamothe)

37. CRAIG ERICKSON: "Big Highway" (GYR030)
(Outstanding studio disc by this excellent, blues/rock axeslinger.
Essential top-shelf, blues-based, retro-sonic guitar rock mojo)

38. CRAIG ERICKSON: "New Earth Blues" (GYR063)
(Awesome 9th solo disc by this amazing, gifted blues/rock axemaster
from Iowa. Outstanding, remarkably deep, dynamic, soul-powered, retro-70s,
blues-based heavy guitar grooves that truly deliver on a world-class level)
39. SCARLET RUNNER: "Groove Thang" (GYR031)

(Awesome, way-kool, blues/rock heavy guitar power trio from Iowa
featuring Special Guest Axeripper - Craig Erickson on several killer jams)

40. BRYCE JANEY: "Blues In My Soul" (GYR064)
(Phenomenal new studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock axeslinger
from Iowa who speaks the same six string language as the Guitar Greats.
Essential + Highly Recommended to fans of Robin Trower & Johnny Winter)

41. BRYCE JANEY: "Game Of Life" (GYR082)
(Mega-awesome 8th studio disc by this outstanding blues/rock axeslinger
from Iowa. An incredible display of top-shelf blues-based guitar rock mojo
that is highly recommended to fans of vintage ZZTop, Johnny Winter & Trower)

42. TONY SPINNER: "Down Home Mojo" (GYR080)
(Excellent new studio disc by this killer blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas
with a way-kool retro-70s vibe that will definitely rock your damn blues away)

43. TONY SPINNER: "Rare Tracks" (GYR081)
(An awesome collection of 12 unreleased tracks recorded by this way-kool
blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas. Retro-70s blues-based six string
excellence w/ killer originals + cover tracks by Robin Trower & Tommy Bolin)

44. TONY SPINNER: "Live In Europe" (GYR032)
(Killer LIVE disc from this awesome blues/rock axeslinger from Arkansas
featuring a set of top-shelf, soul-powered, earthy blues/rock guitar magic)

45. CHRIS AARON: "Born With The Blues" (GYR036)
(Rare debut studio disc from this excellent blues/rock axeslinger
with special guest Corey Sterling on vox for the Bonus Track)

46. VINCE ESQUIRE: "First Offense" (GYR089)
(Excellent debut studio disc by this killer blues/rock axeslinger from Hawaii
with a kool Texas-inspried Johnny Winter meets Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe)

47. BUGS HENDERSON: "Still Flyin'" (GYR045)
(Superb 1st studio disc by this legendary Texas blues/rock axeslinger
featuring 14 songs (68 mins.) of top-shelf, premium blend, bluesy 70s
inspired heavy guitar rock that stands tall in a class all its own.
Re-mastered and re-issued for the first time on CD
complete with 3 unreleased Bonus Tracks)

48. SKY HIGH: "Freedom" (GYR007)
(Mega-awesome Hendrix-Inspired heavy guitar power trio from Sweden
featuring Clas Yngstrom delivering serious blues based six string mojo)

49. SKY HIGH: "Self-Titled" (GYR014)
(Excellent debut disc from this awesome Hendrix-inspired blues/rock
power trio from Sweden featuring the legendary Clas Yngstrom on guitar)

50. SKY HIGH: "Still Rockin'" (GYR015)
(Excellent 2nd studio disc from Swedish blues/rock
stratmaster Clas Yngstrom & Co. rockin' the blues)

51. CLAS YNGSTROM: "Tribute To Hendrix" (GYR011)
(Awesome Hendrix Tribute disc by the bad-ass SKY HIGH Axemaster
Recorded Live in Sweden. Tons of killer extended six string Jimi jams)

52. DAVE D'ANGELICO: "The Blues According To Texas Son" (GYR055)
(Excellent Blues Guitar Slinger from Upstate NY who digs deep
on his Telecaster and rocks the blues like a true Axemaster)

53. KING MO: "Live In Holland" (GYR078)
(Excellent Live disc by this great blues/rock band from Holland
featuring axeslinger Sjors Nederlof on guitar and the soul-powered vocal mojo
of Phil Bee. Includes several extended Hendrix jams complete with a superb encore
version of "All Along the Watchtower" w/ Special Guest Guitar Legend Jan Akkerman)

54. PHIL BROWN: "Live In Seattle" (GYR096)
(Mega-awesome disc this outstanding blues-based "old school" heavy guitar cat
captured Live in Seattle. Deep, organic, retro heavy guitar power trio riffage/grooves
that are highly recommended to serious six string freaks & fans of Hendrix & Jeff Beck)

55. PLANKTON: "Self-Titled" (GYR004)
(Phenomenal debut studio disc by this outstanding blues-based retro-70s
instrumental guitar band from Sweden. Awesome deep, dynamic, vintage
dual guitar rock riffage-grooves with a Hendrix, Trower & Tommy Bolin vibe)

56. PLANKTON: "Humble Colossus" (GYR012)
(Outstanding blues-based instrumental dual heavy guitar band
from Sweden featuring deep/dynamic, authentic, retro-70s
vintage stratocasters thru marshalls 6 string rock mojo)

57. PLANKTON: "3" (GYR021)
(Excellent 3rd studio disc by this amazing, authentic, bluesy
retro-70s Swedish Hendrix-inspired dual heavy guitar band)

58. PLANKTON: "Rare Tracks" (GYR022)
(Outstanding 4th disc feat. 11 awesome rare unreleased tracks, jams
& outtakes of "twin guitar bliss" from this amazing Swedish instrumental
bluesy heavy guitar band. Includes special guest axemaster Chris Poland)

59. ANDY JAMES: "In The Wake Of Chaos" (GYR035)
(Killer studio disc from this British axemaster , featuring 11 tracks (62 m.)
of amazingly brilliant, powerful, mind-blowing, world-class instrumental
heavy guitar "shred" madness. An impressive, heavy-duty, guitar monster)

60. AL ESTRADA: "Riffage" (GYR013)
(Mind-blowing killer instrumental heavy guitar shred monster
by this awesome powerful axeripper ala EVH meets Schenker)

61. ROBERT RODRIGO: "Wrath" (GYR093)
(Awesome 2nd studio disc by this phenomenal instrumental guitar
axemaster from Spain. An amazing display of bad-ass heavy riffage
and brain-damaging lead guitar madness from this incredible guitarist)

62. BLUESTONE COMPANY: "Supernatural Delight" (GYR048)
(Awesome blues-based instrumental heavy guitar band from Japan
with a strong Gov't Mule meets Allman Bros. vibe. Phenomenal guitarist)

63. PETER MARTINSSON GROUP: "Guitar State Of Mind" (GYR097)
(Awesome debut studio disc by this outstanding instrumental guitar
axemaster from Sweden featuring deep, dynamic, blues-based heavy
guitar rock mojo that lands high on the six string evolution scale.
Highly recommended to fans of Satriani, Eric Johnson & Plankton)
64. TRISTAN KLEIN: "Universal Mojo" (GYR067)

(Phenomenal debut disc by this brilliant, gifted, blues-based, instrumental
heavy guitar axemaster from France. Features several Special Guitar Guitarists:
Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & KM Kajdan. Essential Universal Six String Mojo)

65. GROOVEYARD RECORDS: "Best Of" (Volume One) (The Sound Of Guitar Rock) (GYR100)
(Check out + join the Grooveyard Records Six String Heavy Guitar Rock Revolution!!!
If you aren't familiar with our bad-ass, killer Guitar Rock discs...this is a good place to start!!!)

For more info + MP3s on the above awesome discs,
tune into our site @

link below or check out the main page on our site to take advantage of this Special Deal.
Feel free to order more than one 6 pack "Sweet Deal" to take advantage
of this AWESOME offer/deal available from the Grooveyard.


Drayen Labie: mini album Kissa i Lé digital download available (and CD pre-order)

Drayen Labie released his 5 track album "Kissa i Lé".

You can now buy the digital download of this album (including MP3 AND WAV files, for a great sound experience).

If you'd rather have the CD digipack in your hands, you can also pre-order it and be sure to receive it before its official release.

Drayen Labie: Kissa i Lé

A Jazz Rock / Fusion sound made of many influences like Shawn Lane, Paco Sery, Janek Gwizdala and traditional Reunion Island rhythms make this album a true reflection of Drayen's own musical style.

Learn more about Drayen Labie at

UD Stomp Holdsworth Chordal Style

Iggy Gwadera,Marco Mendoza: Doogie White WAMI project with Vinny Appice

Doogie White is currently in a studio in Szczecin, Poland recording his parts for the new exciting project WAMI. The project, scheduled for release in early spring,
  • vocals - Doogie White
  • drummer Vinny Appice
  • bass - Marco Mendoza
  • guitar -  Iggy Gwadera (15-year-old Polish guitarist from the band Anti Tank Nun)
Anti Tank Nun (Igor Solo) 28.10.2012 RudeBoy Club Bielsko-Biala

Anti Tank Nun - Under The Big Black Tent (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

Michael Angelo Batio,Dave Reffett: Nuclear Blues - clinic for Dean Guitars 2013

Batio & Reffett Jamming at "The Music Complex" in Smithfield, RI at a clinic for Dean Guitars (11-19-2013).

Michael Angelo Batio & Dave Reffett "Nuclear Blues"

Michael Angelo Batio & Dave Reffett (First ever Guitar Duet of "No Boundaries") NAMM 2013

Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy: The Winery Dogs - the latest tour and bus invaders episode

Each episode of Bus Invaders takes you inside the touring vehicle of one of today's top touring acts. In this episode, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen from the rock-supergroup, The Winery Dogs, show off their bus on their recent U.S. tour.

You can buy our MERCHANDISE at


Information about the video:
Band - The Winery Dogs
Film Date - October 18, 2013
Location - Palatine, IL

Watch more episodes of BUS INVADERS in our playlists:
Episodes 1 - 200 at
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Royalty Free Music by

Latest tour dates
March 2014
25 - B.B. King's - New York, NY
26 - B.B. King's - New York, NY
27 - Arcata Theatre - Chicago, IL
29 - Monsters Of Rock Cruise - Miami, FL

The Winery Dogs - BUS INVADERS Ep. 532

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse - A look behind the scenes on the orchestral recordings for "Symphony Of Sin"

A look behind the scenes on the orchestral recordings for "Symphony Of Sin" orchestral arranger and performer Frank Van Essen for

Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin - Studio Diary - Episode Four

EDEN'S CURSE - Evil & Divine (2013) // official promo // AFM Records

George Lynch: ESP tour of the USA Headquarters in Hollywood, CA

Dangerous Guitar teamed up with guitar icon George Lynch to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the U.S.A. headquarters of ESP Guitars, one of the fastest growing guitar makers in the world. From the C.E.O.'s office to the artist showroom, George takes you on a tour and talks about the guitar company he's been with for nearly three decades.

George Lynch Gives Tour of ESP Guitars USA Headquarters in Hollywood, CA teamed up with guitar legend George Lynch to bring you some awesome guitar instructional videos. In this video, George shows you a "Hendrix-ish" style blues lick you can add to your arsenal of rock or blues guitar licks. If you like our Facebook page,,
you'll get the video with the Tab and transcription to the lesson.

George Lynch Shows You a Hendrix-Style Lick

Chuck Garric: ESP guitar and Alice Cooper band member gets In the Vault with Shanda Golden

Check out my latest interview with musician Chuck Garric. You can check Chuck out on tour with Alice Cooper and pick up Chucks latest CD with his band BEASTO BLANCO.

In the Vault with Shanda Golden- CHUCK GARRIC

Brian Autumn: JS Bach, Invention 4 - super two handed tapping on 8 string guitar

Brian Autumn: JS Bach, Invention 4 - super two handed tapping on 8 string guitar

JS Bach, Invention 4, By Brian Autumn

Felix Martin: will open for Steve Vai in Venezuela .

Felix Martin will open for Steve Vai in Venezuela .

Upcoming dates:

1 – Caracas, Venezuela – Amphitheatre Sambil with Steve Vai
17 – Valencia, Venezuela – Oh Que Bueno
19 – Acarigua, Venezuela – Teatro Cines Acarigua
20 – Barquisimeto, Venezuela – Biotel Suites

Martin will also appear at the annual NAMM Convention

22-25 – Anaheim, CA – NAMM

1 – Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar

2-5 – Baja California, Mexico – Baja Prog Fest 2014

Ethan Brosh: Lucas H Gordon - Interview with Ethan Brosh - talk about new albums

Ethan Brosh: Lucas H Gordon - Interview with Ethan Brosh

Interview with Ethan Brosh

plus in case you missed it

On the 24th episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop (6-14-13), Oscar meets Shred Master General Ethan Brosh. They discuss going on touring with Yngwie, recording with George Lynch and Greg Howe, and their mutual admiration for the Fender HM Strat.

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Got to: and click "Donate To The Show.

Oscar's Guitar Shop Ethan Brosh Interview

Tony MacAlpine: Shred Guitar lesson "Sweep & Tapping"

All too short

Complete Lesson & Tabs here:

Tony MacAlpine - Shred Guitar lesson "Sweep & Tapping"