Plini,Sithu Aye,David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: Aye, Aye... oops no I've done that joke... so straight on to the new album is available!

 Plini,Sithu Aye,David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: I
1. Plini - Orm 04:21
2. Plini - Rupture 04:13
3. Sithu Aye - Solstice 05:17
4. Sithu Aye - Moonrise 05:57

released 28 November 2013
Plini - everything on Orm & Rupture; guitar solo on Solstice
Sithu Aye - everything on Solstice & Moonrise; guitar solo on Orm
David Maxim Micic - guitar solo on Rupture
Jakub Żytecki - guitar solo on Moonrise

Orm & Rupture mastered by Luke Martin at Versed Audio, UK
Artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design

'I' (Plini/Sithu Aye Split EP) Preview

Hey guys, bit of a retrospective but I felt like doing it so here's a playthrough of Double Helix off of Cassini. In case you're wondering why I'm using the 8 string in this video, it's because I'm doubling it up as a standard tuned 7 string as my actual 7 string is tuned to drop Ab. Anyway, this is the first playthough I've done with an actual camera and not a shitty webcam so hopefully it looks okay!

Download the tab here:

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Sithu Aye - Double Helix Playthrough