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Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams - instrumental debut album available from bandcamp

Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams

35 y.o. Roman Shestakov is a russian guitar virtuoso and guitar instructor with huge musical background and experience in progressive rock, fusion and jazz-rock playing.

In 2004 Roman graduated from Perm musical college and was mentioned by Anatoliy Kroll (russian maestro of jazz) as 'an outstanding alumnus' and then visited German jazz festival as member of 'RED MIDDLE'.

In 2008 his debut instrumental album "Symmetrical Dreams" was released. 8 brilliant skilfully done compositions are definitely deserve wide recognition among progressive/fusion lovers.

Nowadays, he's working on his second album to release.




YouTube channel


Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams

1.Demonessa 09:40
2.Frozen In Times 07:13
3.Golden Eye 08:18
4.Vortex 09:19
5.Argentum Song 05:49
6.Uncontrolled Chaos 08:12
7.Night Of A Great High Tide 07:24
8.Symmetrical Dreams 09:26

Roman Shestakov - Fusion-Shred Improvisation

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Inevitable Disconnect (Official Video)

Directed by Peter Doucette Band: Where to purchase/stream:

Cognitive Dissonance Play-thru - Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield: Myriadby The Fine Constant 

1.Introduction 01:05
2.Transcending Perception 03:38
3.M74 02:57
4.Nexus 04:10
5.Inevitable Disconnect 02:06
6.Ire 02:22
7.Paradoxos 02:57
8.Pari Passu 03:24
9.Gratitude 03:16
10.Ceaseless Compulsion 02:28

Matt Moliti: Theory Lesson: Fretboard Visualization

Theory Lesson: Fretboard Visualization
Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy my first theory based video on fretboard visualization. This was done without a script so my apologizes for that! Let me know what you think in the comments :-)

Joe Holmes: Farmikos - announce debut EP release

Joe Holmes' FARMIKOS announce debut EP release; in-studio video teasers posted
December 20, 2013 - FARMIKOS, the new L.A. band featuring former OZZY OSBOURNE and DAVID LEE ROTH guitarist Joe Holmes and vocalist Robbie Locke (ex-LAIDLAW), have announced a tentative February 2014 release for their eponymous digital debut EP.  New in-studio video teasers for the songs "Scapegoat" and  "Spoon and Sun" have been posted on the band's YouTube channel at 

Recorded at the Mouse House in Pasadena, CA with engineer/mixer Rich Mouser (SPOCK'S BEARD, TRANSATLANTIC, VAST), the EP also features guest contributions from Holmes' former Ozzy Osbourne bandmate, bassist Robert Trujillo, and drummer Brooks Wackerman. States Holmes: "We've got these 5 songs to kick things off and will be finishing another five when Robbie comes back to L.A. in January to lay down vocals for another EP we're planning for summer 2014."

Farmikos - Exit Stencils (teaser)

The EP's track listing reads as follows:

1. Scapegoat
2. Kings of Dust
3. Sound of My Gun
4. Exit Stencils
5. Spoon and Sun

Farmikos - Spoon and Sun (teaser)

Farmikos - Scapegoat (teaser)

Billy Sheehan: on the cover of Bass Player - Holiday 2013

Bass Player - Holiday 2013 - Billy Sheehan

From Talas to David Lee Roth, Mr. Big to Niacin, Billy Sheehan has always pushed the boundaries of rock bass. With Winery Dogs, Sheehan's latest project with guitarist Richie Kotzen and drummer Mike Portnoy, Billy has back-burnered the flash and flair of his past in favor of guts and groove. Billy's groove has always been strong, but one thing's for sure: it's now deeper than ever. In our in-depth interview and lesson with Billy, we tap into the well of Sheehan's creativity.

We also catch up with upright upstart Charnett Moffett, whose work on acoustic, electric, and piccolo bass has contributed mightily to jazz bass discourse.

Byron Fry: Explosive the new album available globally on physical and download - Highly recommended

Byron Fry: Explosive

Byron Fry
At long last my next album, "EXPLOSIVE", is RELEASED and is available to ALL COUNTRIES as both Download on Premier Records and high-quality, pressed Physical CD on CD Baby!

THIS IS THE LAUNCH, PEOPLE---let's get this thing OUT THERE!

The album is 14 songs and is my best work to date. I used equal parts Whirling Dervish, Fire-Breathing Horned Demon, Sensual Serpent Dancer and 1967 Shelby Cobra GT500, striving to be honest and to keep the monkeys at bay during the process.
Aiding and abetting me in this dubious enterprise are people who I can say, in all humility, are some of the finest musicians anywhere on the planet and I'm honored to have their madness on the album.
Link for downloads:
Link for High-quality, pressed CD:


Main Web Site:

Tom Quayle: Jam With Tom Quayle | New DVD from Licklibrary

Jam With Tom Quayle | New DVD from Licklibrary Jam With Tom Quayle is a new guitar lesson DVD from Licklibrary.
Jam along with Tom Quayle as he gives you lessons on beginner intermiediate and advanced jams. All jam tracks and Tablature are supplied with this DVD. Order your copy online:

This superb DVD is a new and unique way to have fun, study and jam all at the same time.
The DVD contains three top quality backing tracks, and can be approached in two ways, first you can "JAM" with the tracks flying solo, experimenting with different ideas, licks and solos. Alternatively you can trade solos with Tom, drawing inspiration from the ideas and techniques used in his solos.
Each track has three performances from Tom working across three levels of difficulty. Although the solos are improvised he has taken care to go for a basic intermediate and advanced level for each track. All the solos are transcribed and are available in pdf form along with the lessons.

Dallton Santos: Abduction #11 and Blues Rock - Instrumental music

Abduction #11 - More experimental guitar stuff Experimental harmony ideia followed by a melodic guitar theme. Cool effect, I like this, bringing new sounds to my ears, different feelings, these kind of things. join follow at:


Blues Rock - Instrumental music - Guitar solo - This is a song in a hard rock guitar style over the blues progression structure. join follow at:

Jack Gardiner: Never Too Much Live Arrangement - The Robert Mather Band

Just a quick video of us playing our arrangement of Never Too Much live last night!

You may notice it's the same solo arrangement from a video I posted the other week! I hope you guys enjoy what we've done with this tune!
Robert Mather - Vox
Jack Gardiner - Guitar
Ollie Graham - Drums
James Ritchie - Keys
Marc Rockwood - Sax
Elijah Jean-Jacques

George Marios: Last video for 2013-Zivory Demo

Last video for 2013-Zivory Demo
Hey guys,
I spent a fun day at the box recording studios for my very last session of 2013.
I got a chance to shoot a couple of track for this fantastic axe.
Specs:Black Limba body&neck, Macassar Ebony fingerboard, 6100Ss frets Bulldog Custom pickups, Gotoh510 tremolo bridge, Sperzel tuners
Stay tuned at and for news on lessons , shows and more
Enjoy the holiday season

Panos Arvanitis: Ibanez Paul Stanley Signature 1980 MIJ.

Ibanez Paul Stanley Signature 1980 MIJ.This guitar is for sale .It's an Original Made in Japan Paul Stanley Signature Ibanez .The year is 1980 ,with hard case ..Condition Mint ,price 1800 € .For more info send me a private message .Thank you ppl for your support

Zakk Wylde: Find And Feel

Zakk Wylde: Find And Feel 

We have teamed up with our friends over at EMG pickups, to bring you the jam track package of Zakk Wyldes recent EMGTV session. Zakk went over to film at the EMGTV studio in California where he hand-picked and jammed over one of Andy James' backing tracks (taken from his Modern Metal Series).

This track is the legend doing what he does in true Zakk Wylde style....insane shredding! Infact, 16 pages of TAB/Notation shredding!

This package comes with the full length solo track, jam tracks, video performance and TAB/Notation.

 Solo track
 Jam Track
 Video Performance

Steve Wilson,Guthrie Govan: top the Burning Shed's Top 30 Best Sellers, 2013:

Thanks to all of you who have bought from us. With new albums and reissues from the likes of Steven Wilson, King Crimson, XTC and others, 2014 is already looking like it'll be another wonderful year for releases.

We'll be closed from the afternoon of 20th December to the morning of 6th January. You can still place orders during this time and they will be shipped on our return. Please note that we will only be checking emails occasionally during this holiday so it might take longer than usual to answer any questions.

Burning Shed's Top 30 Best Sellers, 2013:

1) Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing
2) Anathema - Universal
3) Steven Wilson - Drive Home
4) Blackfield - IV
5) Yes - Close To The Edge
6) XTC - Nonsuch
7) Nosound - Afterthoughts
8) Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted
9) Family - Once Upon A Time
10) Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse - Wisdom Of Crowds
11) Katatonia - Dethroned And Uncrowned
12) Daniel Cavanagh and Joseph Geraci - The Passage - Deluxe Edition
13) Amplifier - Echo Street - Deluxe Edition
14) Anathema - Untouchable
15) My Dying Bride - The Manuscript
16) Henry Fool - Men Singing
17) The Pineapple Thief - Build A World
18) Steve Jansen - Slope - Deluxe Edition
19) Katatonia - Last Fair Day Gone Night
20) Tim Bowness / Peter Chilvers - California Norfolk - Deluxe Edition
21) Kscope Sampler 2013 - Kscope Volume Four
22) Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited - Live At Hammersmith
23) Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves
24) Jethro Tull - Benefit - A Collector's Edition
25) King Crimson - USA - 40th Anniversary Edition
26) Blackfield - Blackfield II
27) Leafblade - The Kiss Of Spirit And Flesh
28) Big Big Train - English Electric - Full Power
29) Ulver - Messe I.X-VI.X
30) Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time

Shane Gibson: New Perk Alert for Stork Album

NEW PERK ALERT! Shane will sign his ukelele, which you can see him playing in this update video, and send it off to you!

Eric “Guitar” Davis: shot and killed on his way home from a club - RIP

Chicago Blues community has received shocking and tragic news today. Energetic young blues man Eric “Guitar” Davis was shot and killed early this morning. He was headed home after hanging out late at the Kingston Mines blues club on Halsted Ave in Chicago. Davis was a fiery performer with a bright future who will be sorely missed. He was just signed to Delmark Records — an indication of his rapidly rising star.

Eric "guitar" Davis "Trouble making man"

Steven Wilson,Guthrie Govan: The Raven That Refused to Sing - the chart listings

Steven Wilson - Official page
The Raven That Refused to Sing has started showing up in many end of year lists as one of the best albums of the year. For those that are interested in these things (and if you aren't, or see these things as pointless narcissism, turn back now!) here are some of the placings that have appeared so far:

TOTAL MUSIC (UK) - top 5 albums of the year
ROLLING STONE (USA) - top 20 metal albums of the year
LUST FOR LIFE (THE NETHERLANDS) - selected by 2 writers as #1 album of 2013
ALL ABOUT JAZZ (USA) - best progressive / fusion releases of 2013
NEW JERSEY NEWS (USA) - selected as one of the 2 best rock albums of 2013
SOMETHING ELSE (USA) - selected by writer Nick DeRiso as #1 album of 2013

If you come across any other placings for the album please let us know.

Steven Wilson - Drive Home

Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (Live)

Steven Wilson's 'Drive Home' set is now available on Burning Shed and it will be released in two different editions, DVD+CD and Blu-ray+CD. It features unreleased tracks, videos, live recordings, high-definition audio and a documentary. More information can be found here -

Order your Blu-ray + CD copy of Drive Home from the Kscope store:
Order your DVD + CD copy of Drive Home from the Kscope store:
For more info on Steven Wilson's albums on Kscope:
For Steven Wilson videos:

Mistheria,Alberto Rigoni: Vivaldi Metal Project - Antonio Vivaldi arranged in a Metal

Keyboardist Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, Mark Boals, John West, etc.) and bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, TwinSpirits,) are proud to announce that a new project is coming to light: VIVALDI METAL PROJECT. An ALL-METAL-STARS amazing project which will blow you away!

The Classic legendary masterpiece by Antonio Vivaldi will be rearranged in a Metal version and will be performed by top class musicians from all the world.

Concept, arrangements, production by Mistheria ( Co-produced by Alberto Rigoni (

More info, updates and guests-list on

Vivaldi Metal Project by Mistheria & A. Rigoni

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The iron Maidens holiday bash!!


Clear 20°C / 5°C
Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The iron Maidens holiday bash!!

It is that time of year!!!!

special guests
just like priest

Zeke Clark: Edward Van Halen's longtime renowned guitar tech played through a Wampler pinnacle

Zeke Clark, Edward Van Halen's longtime renowned guitar tech played through a pinnacle and this is what he had to say:

"I've played tons of pedals that promised that "Brown Sound"... this pedal NAILS it better than anything I've ever heard or played." - Zeke Clark, former tech for Eddie Van Halen

Sometimes you need extreme gain, sometimes you need mild overdrive...this pedal does that with an awesome "Brown Sound"! It has an extremely tweakable EQ - from scooped mids to tons of warm mids, all with the turn of 2 knobs.

This pedal has 4 knobs -- two separate tone controls that act as a sort of parametric EQ, gain and volume. It also has a 'bright' switch that adds a ton of variety and is very handy when playing a dark sounding amp, as well as another toggle switch that will give you high gain "Brown Sound" tones.

Pinnacle v. Pinnacle "deluxe"
The Pinnacle and Pinnacle Deluxe share the same great tone. The difference comes in the form of a couple special features found on the Deluxe version that make it more involved for us to make, but which add some extra versatility for you. While the standard Pinnacle has a toggle switch to control its Gain Boost, the Pinnacle Deluxe has that same functionality on a foot switch, so you can kick it in without having to bend down in the middle of a song. The only other difference is that the Pinnacle Deluxe has an additional, internal volume adjustment (just in case you need to go to "11" on the output volume). Because of the added switch, the Pinnacle Deluxe is a little bit larger than the standard Pinnacle, something to keep in mind if you're running a packed pedal board.

Which Pinnacle is right for you isn't a question of tone, because they both nail that coveted "Brown Sound"..! It just comes down to whether you need the special features found on the Pinnacle Deluxe, or prefer the smaller footprint of the standard Pinnacle.

Amp Used: Port City Pearl

Wampler Pedals - Pinnacle Distortion, Eddie V.H. example tones...

News: Bohemian Guitars creators of one-of-a-kind electric guitars are set for NAMM

 Founded in 2012 through a successful Kickstarter campaign (raised $54,000 - $20,000 over their original goal), Bohemian Guitars puts a creative spin on a timeless and classic instrument, the guitar, by creating one-of-a-kind electric guitars, basses, mandolins and ukuleles, using unconventional materials such as vintage oil cans and lunch boxes. At NAMM, we will be showcasing these “industry first” guitars, inspired by the streets of South Africa, along with announcing two new products to our line – a case and an amp.

Exhibiting at booth #1153, Meet the founders Adam and Shaun Lee, where they will be showcasing their new products, and demoing the guitars which have a harmonically rich tone resulting from the metal body and magnet in the pickup.

Bohemian Guitars

Alberto Rigoni: Jingle Bells (human drum Enrico Buttol and bass)

Alberto Rigoni (bass) and Enrico Buttol (human drum) wish you a Merry Christmas with their remake of Jingle Bells. Enjoy!
Video by Riccardo Ali (

Jingle Bells (human drum and bass)