Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams - instrumental debut album available from bandcamp

Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams

35 y.o. Roman Shestakov is a russian guitar virtuoso and guitar instructor with huge musical background and experience in progressive rock, fusion and jazz-rock playing.

In 2004 Roman graduated from Perm musical college and was mentioned by Anatoliy Kroll (russian maestro of jazz) as 'an outstanding alumnus' and then visited German jazz festival as member of 'RED MIDDLE'.

In 2008 his debut instrumental album "Symmetrical Dreams" was released. 8 brilliant skilfully done compositions are definitely deserve wide recognition among progressive/fusion lovers.

Nowadays, he's working on his second album to release.




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Roman Shestakov: Symmetrical Dreams

1.Demonessa 09:40
2.Frozen In Times 07:13
3.Golden Eye 08:18
4.Vortex 09:19
5.Argentum Song 05:49
6.Uncontrolled Chaos 08:12
7.Night Of A Great High Tide 07:24
8.Symmetrical Dreams 09:26

Roman Shestakov - Fusion-Shred Improvisation