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Fabrizio Leo: Molinelli Loud Guitars - Linea M - Bicio Signature

-Molinelli Loud Guitars-
Model: Linea M - Bicio Signature
Top: Flame maple
Body wood: Basswood
Neck wood: Flame maple, Rosewood
Pickups: AirNorton S (NECK) Virtual Vintage (MIDDLE) ToneZone (BRIDGE) DiMarzio
Gears: Gotoh
Bridge: Floyd Rose PRO
Fabrizio BICIO Leo - Molinelli Loud Guitars

Justin Derrico: returns to the JTC with another jam track series,

The Stateside Sessions

Justin Derrico returns to the JTC hot seat with another superb 5 track series, 'The Stateside Sessions'. We asked backing track guru James Graydon to write some Amercian sounding tracks that pull together a rocky, funky and soulful vibe and then Justin came to the JTC studios to do what he does best......create some awesome solos!

In true form, Justin brought his trusty 'A Game' with him and once again jammed out some excellent solos for us all to dissect, learn, steal and gain inspiration from. The tracks are a great blend for jamming. From the balladesque 'Emily' and 'Faded Photos' to the funky 'Space Junk' there is something for everyone in this series. With the added TAB and notation, plus videos to have all the tools required to learn, master and JAM!

5 solo tracks
5 solo backings
5 extended jam tracks
5 live video performances
TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)

Nili Brosh,Irene Ketikidi, Samantha Fish, Joanne Shaw Taylor: and more featured in special all girl article for January issue Young Guitar 2014

Irene Ketikidi
YOUNG Guitar January 2014 issue! Proud

Congratulations to Irene Ketikidi, Samantha Fish, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Commander-In-Chief, Gretchen Menn, Jess Lewis, Hayley McLean, Juliana Vieira, Laura Wilde for making it to the hallowed pages of Japan's number one guitar magazine! 

Nili Brosh
Thanks Young Guitar Magazine!

Monte Pittman: Pam from Loud Guitars catches Monte at Seymour Duncan NAMM 2014

Pam from catches Monte for some insights into his fundraiser

Our interview with Monte Pittman Seymour Duncan Artist, Guitarist of Prong, Madonna and a few Solo albums to his credit. Super cool dude, great player !!!

Monte Pittman Seymour Duncan NAMM 2014

Charly Sahona,Franck Hermanny: BTB7 and Iron Label 8 string - killer licks

BTB7 and Iron Label 8 string, played by Franck Hermanny (Adagio) and Charly Sahona
BTB7 and Iron Label 8 string, played by Franck Hermanny (Adagio) and Charly Sahona

Daisuke Kunita:live at Silver Elephant -classy JFusion

Proto Cosmos

Daisuke kunita trio live@Silver Elephant

Website :
Facebook :

Daisuke Kunita(Guitar) Ryosuke Nikamoto(Bass) Satoshi Bandoh(Dr)

Daisuke Kunita trio Elegant People

Daisuke Kunita Trio "On Again Off Again"

PJ d'Atri: Practicing "Jason & the Argonauts" - more amazing playing

PJ d'Atri - Practicing "Jason & the Argonauts"
by PJ d'Atri

I first met PJ d'Atri in San Francisco, whilst we were watching Greg Howe rehearse for the Jason Becker Not Dead Yet show. He had built his own guitar... it's clear from these latest set of videos that he's certainly reached a higher level of playing technique.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Recital for guitar - PJ d'Atri

Fabrizio Leo: VIOLA by MovGuitar - one of my all time favourite Italian players!

Fabrizio Leo: VIOLA by MovGuitar - one of my all time favourite Italian players!

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - VIOLA by MovGuitar (Video 5)

Misha Mansoor,Daniele Gottardo,Franck Hermanny,Andy James,Marco Sfogli: DV Mark booth NAMM

Clips from NAMM 2014 appearance of Misha Monsour, Daniele Gottardo, Franck Hermanny, Andy James and Marco Sfogli. Special thanks to @DVmarkaudio.

Dan Smith: Beyond The Lick - Kurt Rosenwinkel Lick + 2

A Kurt Rosenwinkel lick from the well known standard Summertime on the album Intuit plus 2 other licks using the same concept.
The lick occurs around 1.07 on the recording.
Tabs can be found here:
If the link does not work message me and i will email you the tab.

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Beyond The Lick With Dan Smith - Kurt Rosenwinkel Lick + 2