Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rowan J Parker: Virtuoso Chops - Alternate Picking and Picking Synchronization

Rowan J Parker

Well, there was a good reaction to the Blues video yesterday so I'll probably do some more but for now it's back to SHRED!
More great guitar at

Develop and maintain deadly accurate alternate picking!

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Virtuoso Chops! - Episode 1 - Working On Alternate Picking

Virtuoso Chops! - Episode 2 - Picking Synchronization

Andy James: Sweep Picking Practice Routines DVD

Beginner Sweep Picking Performance | Andy James Sweep Picking Practice Routines DVD
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons Beginner Sweep Picking Performance with Andy James - sweep picking guitar lessons available on Essential Practice Routines Sweep Picking taught by Andy James.

This DVD is available online today
Andy James takes you through the sweep technique then teaches you a beginner, intermediate and advanced solo piece to practice sweep picking.

Also available in the Essential Guitar Practice Routines is

Tapping Techniques DVD:­D
Alternate Picking DVD:
String Skipping DVD:

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: Schecter Guitars UK Guitar Clinics

Schecter Guitars UK Guitar Clinics with Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow -

Schecter Guitars have teamed up with two superior masters of shred for their latest round of UK Guitar clinics: Long time Schecter endorser and 7 string master Jeff Loomis, and new endorser Keith Merrow.

These two amazing guitarists will be hitting UK shores in March to display their mastery of technical heavy metal, andtheir 7 String Schecter signature models. Jeff Loomis needs no introduction, having gained international recognition as guitarist and main songwriter inthe band Nevermore, and more recently for his solo work and monthly column in Guitar World magazine. Keith Merrow is a prolific metal composer and Loomis’ co-collaborator in their new instrumental Metal project Conquering Dystopia.

Fans should expect tracks from the upcoming Conquering Dystopia debut album played with virtuoso heavy riffing and superfast melodic shredding, as well as hints & tips and playing myths deconstructed... Fans of technical metal guitar will love this clinic and are sure to pick up plenty of ways to develop their own playing style.

Looms and Merrow will be appearing live at the following venues in March:

March 19th 7pm Guitar Guitar, Birmingham 0121 456 1904 -

March 20th 7pm Richtone Music, Sheffield 0114 362 7777 -

March21st 7pm Nevada Music, Portsmouth 02392 205100 -

March 22nd 1pm Westside MI, London (meet & greet only) 0207 836 8374 -

Kosta Vreto: Rebirth - Wardrum - solo playthrough - amazing classical finger style

A guitar solo playthrough, of Wardrum's song Rebirth !

Artist: Wardrum
Song: Rebirth
Album: Messenger (2013 - Steel Gallery Records)

Official Wardrum Website:
Official Wardrum Facebook Page: /

Kosta Vreto - Rebirth (solo playthrough)

Sam Bell: demos an Ibanez RG8 at Headstock Expo 2014

Today, we headed over to the Headstock Distribution Expo 2014 to meet up with the guys from Laney & Ibanez UK. Whilst there, I shot plenty of footage for Paul's Channel, including some real impressive eight string shredding! Here's a little sample...

Sam Bell demos an Ibanez RG8 at Headstock Expo 2014

George Marios: Little Girl Experiences Rainfall for the first time-Music

Little Girl Experiences Rainfall for the first time-Music by George Marios
George Marios
Hey everyone,

A couple of hours ago , i saw this video.

Little Kayden experiences rainfall for the first time....

It really moved me, as it reminded me of what its like to enjoy things that we take as given, such as the beauty of an afternoon rain ( I live in the uk , trust me we get plenty and most of us usually complain).

So i put this little tune together to go with the video.

I sure hope you like it,

Feel free to stay tuned at­uk for music and plenty of guitar oriented material.

Thank you,

George Marios

P.S This video is NOT used for commercial purposes

Pete Pachio: Twisted Walls Of Terror Guitar Wizards

Pete Pachio
Please check out my new track and Share !! Thx :Pete Pachio Twisted Walls Of Terror Guitar Wizards

Pete Pachio Twisted Walls Of Terror Guitar Wizards

Derryl Gabel: How to Memorize the Notes on the Fretboard

How to Memorize the Notes on the Fretboard
Derryl Gabel Here's a methodical approach for memorizing the notes on the fretboard. This is covered in more detail on my FIT DVD which can be found at my website on the Shop page

Javier Viñas: Bad Timing - classy original from stylish Argentinian

Played or recorded with: Hector Pomo Lorenzo, Eric Martin(Mr Big), Zakiya Hooker, David Lebon, L.A. Spinetta, Hardway, Edu y Charlie Giardina, Guillermo De Medio, Emiliano Gimenez, Hugo Mendez, Alambre Gonzalez, Michael Thompson, CJ Vanston, Jeff Babko, Ty Tabor, etc
Currently finishing 1st solo disc. featuring Doug Rappoport & Joel Hoekstra as guests on gtr.
Endorsed by Maza FX pedals, DS Pickups, Apick & Tijuana straps.

Javi Viñas: Gtrs
Cristian Tisselli: Bass
Edu Giardina: Drums
Guillermo De Medio: Keys

Hari Setyo Budi: Hari - Life Circle - original performance play through.

My new Video on February 2014 is Called Life Circle.... available on my CD "Just Not Dilemma"... hope you enjoy...

Hari - Life Circle

Adrian Vandenberg: Moonkings release their debut album on February 24.

Adrian Vandenberg’s band Moonkings release their debut album on February 24. The album is released via Mascot Records and features David Coverdale on an acoustic cover of the Whitesnake track Sailing Ships. Vandenberg’s Moonkings play

  • Bilston Robin 2 on April 23
  • London Islington O2 Academy

Vandenberg's MoonKings - Lust & Lies on MUZU.TV.

Jay Parmar: Here is Lyck 7 for ya!

Jay Parmar:
Hey Lynch Lyck fans! Here is Lyck 7 for ya - a variation on last weeks lick taking it to another level! Enjoy and any Qs or comments let me know :) Enjoy and happy shredding!!!

Daniele Gottardo: ready now for shipment of the new album

I'm happy to inform you that everything is ready now for shipment of my new album!

DOWNLOADS:  you will each get soon an email from  It will contain a link to download my new album.

PERKS: I have already started to ship out. All packages will be shipped to you within the week.

Talk you soon,

Daniele Gottardo

Leonardo Guzman: Now! 2014 Trailer HD

If you wanna support me and show some love, you can buy my EP with 5 original Tunes, Mixed and Mastered by the great Alex Argento. Thanks a lot! Much love from Colombia!
Leonardo Guzman - "NOW!"

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Leonardo Guzman Now! 2014 Trailer HD

Leonardo Guzman: Now!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Support Blacksad Creator And Former Disney Animator, Juanjo Guarnido's Spectacular And Ambitious New Animation Project!

JUANJO GUARNIDO IN THE FREAK KITCHEN - Support Blacksad Creator And Former Disney Animator, Juanjo Guarnido's Spectacular And Ambitious New Animation Project!

Combining the incredible talents of Eisner-award winning artist JUANJO GUARNIDO and the face-meltingly awesome sounds of FREAK KITCHEN, we’re creating a new animated music video set to premiere at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. And we need your help.
Tell me more about the video! The video is a passion project, designed and spearheaded by Juanjo Guarnido, whose long-time love of Freak Kitchen made a collaboration inevitable. We've assembled an amazing team, including animators whose credentials range from Dreamworks to Disney and a brilliant 3-D studio, Fortiche Prod, and we're working hard on storyboarding and character design. Once we have the funds to go full steam ahead, we'll be able to create something truly special.
Who is Juanjo Guarnido? Juanjo Guarnido is the celebrated artist behind the noir comic book series, BLACKSAD, for which he has won three Eisners, three Harvey Awards, three Angoulême Awards, and many other prizes from the most important European comic Conventions. A former Disney animator (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Atlantis), he brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion to this project. Though it goes without saying, he's also FreaK Kitchen's number one fan.
What about Freak Kitchen? Freak Kitchen are a Swedish metal band whose politically-charged, often satirical rock anthems have seen them achieve international success. Formed in 1992 and now composed of founding member Mattias "IA" Eklundh on voice and guitar, Christer Orteförs on bass and Björn Fryklund on drums, their sound is as unique as their aesthetic, creating the perfect canvas for Guarnido's art.
What is Fortiche Prod?  Fortiche Prod is a Paris-based studio specializing in animation and visual effects. While very attached to traditional animation, the company is constantly seeking new looks and to explore new ways to produce quality images. Fortiche Prod has already collaborated with other renowned directors such as Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda) and Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz), among others.
Where does my money go? The money will be used to pay talented and experienced artists, assistants and our production team for the next 4-5 months, buy enough coffee to sustain us all, rent or purchase the hardware and software for the project and, finally, support the promotion of the movie outside of the web (Comic-con, Film Festivals and other conventions). We realize that animation projects like this generally cost up to twice as much as we're asking but we've got an enthusiastic and dedicated team and a great roster of industrial partners and friends who are helping us keep costs down without compromising on style.

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