Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nick Johnston: Nick Johnston show & clinic UK - limited tickets and selling fast

Nick Johnston

Extremely excited to head over to the U.K to play my guitar for some really cool people!!

VIP tickets have already sold out - which completely blows my mind!

Nick Johnston is one of the best guitarist in the world and he is kindly coming over from Canada to play just for us!
This is a very, very special, unique and exclusive event with lots of surprises and will also give you a chance to jam with the man himself.
This will be Nick's first ever UK show, in fact, it will be his first ever European show, so be there or miss out!
Tickets are selling VERY fast.

Experience: Nick Johnston show & clinic

Date: 20th September 2014

VIP Ticket: £100 Includes: show/Clinic entry plus 1.5 hour masterclass lesson with Nick Johnston, T-Shirt, Picks, CD, and an opportunity to jam with Nick plus an opportunity to win some serious goodies!

Doors Open: 19:30

Venue: Mount Batten centre

There are only 100 tickets available and atleast 20 have gone already! This will be a very unique and intimate show!


Rick Renstrom: amazing cover of Yngwie's Island In The Sun solo

Rick Renstrom: amazing cover of Yngwie's Island In The Sun solo

Rick Renstrom-Island In The Sun solo cover

Matthew Asato: getting high view counts for his impressive looper solo compositions

Matthew Asato: I'm almost a year living in the U.S., and it is inevitable to make a self-comparison to how I was before I moved down here. I have done this with a certain frequency. Not as a form of imprisonment to that already, but merely as analysis of how intense and rapid have been the changes in my life. Starting with the appearance, to the way of playing and studying guitar. It's funny reading some reviews saying 'like I'm different,' and at the same time very satisfying to see other people send me messages noting developments in "my" music. And that's just the beginning ... Beyond these changes are most noticeable by the fact of being always posting any pictures or video, there are those that just me and my insides are able to know (if it is not appropriate to say). In short, never imagined that out of my comfort zone would bring me so much learning and growing in so many areas and situations. Given all that, I made ​​a short song, more joyful melodies to demonstrate at the mercy of the sound change on me. The key changes are to give justice to the name of the song. And the end is to show that no matter how large are the changes, it is essential to remain the essence (paralleling the education and values ​​I received from my parents, teachers, teachers and friends, with the "initial riff" repeating another time - but with slight modifications ... what a coincidence - showing that this was the part of the song that I chose to give the strongest feature of these 2 minute guitar). I know it can be somewhat confusing and perhaps none of it makes sense not to have lyrics, but that was my self-interpretation. That my changes never stop changing

Change - Matthew Asato

Matthew Asato

When It Rains In California - Mateus Asato

Théo Hoarau: Shock - Bejisa, Shock - Ashes from the Sun two original compositions from this talented youngster


Hey everyone !
Here's my new original tune, called "Bejisa".

I composed / recorded everything, except the bass parts, who were recorded by my friend Teddy Sorres.

Thanks also to my friend Lucas (http://www.flickr.com/photos/reise974 )who came to film me.

I Really hope you'll enjoy it, and if you do, please like/comment and share this video, that would be awesome !
Thanks a lot !

Gear :
1994 Tom Anderson Drop Top
Godin Multiac ACS
Lepou amp simulations, guitar rig for cabinet
Everything recorded on Cubase 5
Shock - Bejisa (Original Composition) - Théo Hoarau

Shock - Ashes from the Sun (Original) - Théo Hoarau

Joe Chawki: more insane licks from green sweetered guitar maven!

Joe Chawki: more insane licks from green sweetered guitar maven!

practicing some sweeping

moar warmups

some more of the usual licks

Not sure how he gets these mind boggling licks out... now wouldn't these be great on a new guitar album... sure they would... so let's help make it!

Joe Chawki's 2014 Album
Joe Chawki is raising funds for recording and equipment to release his upcoming album.

Campaign Summary
I have been playing guitar for 19 years. In my teens I played in some local groups, played festivals and concerts receiving notable recognition. There are several random tracks I have released through the years, but none that have been produced or presented properly...for the most part I have been on my own as an artist-- seriously lacking adequate funding. I have written quite a bit of material which through this project, will finally be professionally recorded, produced and released to the public. Various circumstances have prevented me from putting this music out sooner, however I really feel now is the time in my life to do so. Please help me make this happen!! Many advanced thanks for your support!

What Is Needed
  • My goal is to raise $4500 through this campaign. As everyone knows, creative projects are expensive and most musicians are not exactly wealthy. The funds will be used as follows:
  • Professional equipment for home-studio recording
  • Studio time for production and mastering
  • Studio time for hired musicians (Bassist, Drummer & Keyboardist)
  • Printing, Packaging and Artwork for final release (Digital & CD)
  • 100% of the donated funds will go toward making the absolute best album possible
Please share this campaign, tell your friends, help to grow my fan-base. Donate creative services or equipment. Refer students near and far ( I offer lessons locally as well as online via Skype)
Send positive vibes :) https://www.facebook.com/joe.chawki

Joe Satriani,Sammy Hagar,James Hetfield: 1st annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure Benefit Concert

Joe Satriani

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Joe is joining Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker) and James Hetfield on May 15 for the 1st annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure Benefit Concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Other friends joining them in this star-studded event will be Billie Joe Armstrong, Scott Mathews, Pat Monahan, Nancy Wilson, and more, all performing acoustic sets! Funds raised through ticket sales benefit the Pediatric Cancer Program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. For more info visit: www.acousticforacure.org. Tickets go on sale Friday March 21 at: www.redrocker.com/events/2014-05-15/acoustic-4-cure-benefit-concert-fillmoreShow less

Andy James: ripping it up on the Laney stand Musikmesse 2013

Andy James: ripping it up on the Laney stand Musikmesse 2013



Thomas Blug: jamming hot rock and blues live on the main stage at Musikmesse 2014

Thomas Blug jamming hot rock and blues live on the main stage at Musikmesse 2014

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Thomas Blug 1

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Thomas Blug 2

Michael Angelo Batio: ripping it up at the Dean booth Musikmesse 2014

Michael Angelo Batio ripping it up at the Dean booth Musikmesse 2014

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Michael Angelo Batio 1

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Michael Angelo Batio 2

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Michael Angelo Batio 3

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt: jamming at the DV Mark stand Musikemesse 2014

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt jamming at the DV Mark stand Musikemesse 2014

Frank Gambale 1

Musikmesse 2014 Frank Gambale 2

Musikmesse 2014 Frank Gambale 3

Bakoe Bringas: morning duet - original play through... but before work!

I wish my head was clear enough to be able to do this:

Bakoe Bringas: "playing guitar before going to work."

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/BakoeBringas

Bakoe Bringas - I dont give a

Anthimos Manti: touching heart - guitar from Oblivion - emotion laden and his best yet

guitar PART from the oblivion.......

video editing by panos katseas

OBLIVION ''Anthimos Manti - touching heart''

Mariusz Goli: acoustic street demon playing his heart out in Katowice Stawowa

Video by Jukka Male,
Jeśli chcecie wspomóc mnie w rozwoju: konto paypal: mariusz.goli@gmail.com lu konto: Nr. IBAN: PL73 1140 2004 0000 3502 6541 4181
If you want to support me in the development: paypal: mariusz.goli@gmail.com or my account number:
Nr. IBAN: PL73 1140 2004 0000 3502 6541 4181

Mariusz Goli "Improwizacja" Katowice Stawowa

Mariusz Goli- Wrocław 02.2014

Greg Koch: more amazing playing from Greg at the recent Musikmesse

Greg Koch Yolanda Charles Nicolas Vaccaro

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Greg Koch 4

MUSIKMESSE 2014 Greg Koch 5