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Andy DeLuca: Rehearsing AIR By Jason Becker - insane bass version, the best cover yet?

Chris Ptacek via Jason Becker

When we were kids, I used the term "impossible" to mean "this would be CRAZY HARD TO DO." Unbeknownst to me, Andy applied the term only very literally. We used to drive around listening to what I would call "impossible" guitar music... particularly stuff that was very important to me, or particularly aesthetically gorgeous. I didn't mean that "no one could ever do this thing" but that it was outwardly profound.


I know I used that term to describe the idea of playing this tune on bass at one point. You know what... if given the time to consider it, I might have thought it WAS literally impossible on bass. Shows how much I know.

I would be honored to think that my immature comment played a .000001% role in Andy proving me totally wrong but I know the real reason Andy did this is the undeniable beauty in Jason Becker's music. There have been so many "great guitarists" that fall under the banner of "shred guitar." There have been stunningly few who have made so much honest art while also pursuing this sort of neo-romanticism.

This is a profound amount of work, and I am quite certain Andy DeLuca is the ONLY BASSIST on the marble who has ever completed it. Cheers to Andy, and thanks to Jason--one of the most important musicians in my world.

Jason Becker Man, thank you, Chris!

Andy DeLuca - Rehearsing AIR By Jason Becker - With Backing Tracks

Kenny Wayne Shepherd: While We Cry - The O2,London

...Kenny and band detail on this link:

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - While We Cry @ The O2,London

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - You Done Lost Your Good Thing

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - You Can't Judge a Book By The Cover

Rob Garland: Releases New Instrumental/Vocal EP

U.K. Fusion Guitarist Rob Garland Releases New Instrumental/Vocal E.P.

"Stream or download Rob's 4 new tracks which contain elements of rock, jazz, blues, fusion (etc.) and an excessive amount of guitar playing.

Rob Garland currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches for TrueFire."

Danny Neo: Glasgow's Top Two Handed Guitar Tapping Busker Musician

Danny Neo showing why he's Glasgow's top two handed guitar tapping busker. Live in Buchanan Street Glasgow.
More info...

Danny Neo Glasgow's Top Two Handed Guitar Tapping Busker Musician

Danny Neo Sauws Live And Living Concert Student's Union Paisley

Danny Neo Fantastic Two Handed Busking Guitarist Buchanan Street Glasgow

Chris Kowalczyk: Polish Gutsy Blues!

Here is first video from polish guitarist Chris Kowalczyk. His Youtube channel will be focused on pop content of playing guitar. There will be a lot of tips and lessons about phrasing, creating melodies and arranging guitar in musical pieces. Hope you'll enjoy it. Subscribe if you want more!

Hi, I'm Chris :) I'm pop/reggae guitarist (with some blues/country connotations) and songwriter from Poland. Here is my little guitar demo. Subscribe this channel if you want to hear more my music, guitar lessons and tips. Big up! :)

Recorded with Gibson Les Paul Studio EB 2009 and Logic Pro X. All music is mine.

Between Six Strings - pop guitar improvisation

Jess Lewis: a little Jazz Guitar - is this girl killer or what!?!

Jess Lewis - Jazz Gtr
Ladybird: improv shit..

Jess Lewis: Blues stuff

Jess Lewis: Bass Song No.4

Shane Gibson: stOrk - Chainsaw Serenade - stOrk I ' can't believe it's not butter!

If you buy only one album this year make it stOrk, in honour of Shane Gibson and the amazing members of stOrk.

Get "Paper Angels" from the new stOrk release BROKEN PIECES! ON SALE NOW!

Get "Chainsaw Serenade" from stOrk "Broken Pieces" Credits: Vocals: VK Lynne, Guitars: Shane Gibson, Drums: Thomas Lang, Bass: Kelly LeMieux
Produced by: Faculty of Media
Masks by: Melinda Mauskemo
copyright Muso Entertainment 2014

stOrk "Chainsaw Serenade" (Official)

Dave Fiuczynski: the "Fuze" talks to Guitarkadia

Guitarist Dave "Fuze" Fiuczynski talks to Guitarkadia about composition. He shares tips technique, methods, and other advice. [more info below]

produced by Emon Hassan:
Produced by Emon Hassan

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Microtonal Guitar: Dave Fuze Fiuczynski - Guitarkadia Sessions

On Composing: Dave Fuze Fiuczynski - Guitarkadia Sessions

Influence & Style : Dave Fuze Fiuczynski I Guitarkadia Sessions

Ron Sword: Microtonal Heavy Metal Guitarist interview

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Ron Sword, the Microtonal Heavy Metal Guitarist, visits Stephen James Taylor displaying his innovative guitar designs... like interchangeable fretboards each with a different microtonal fret spacing. Ron demonstrates a 16 tone per octave 9 string guitar and a Bohlen-Pierce 13 tone tapping guitar. It new terrain for the next generation of guitar players. "More is more!"

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Microtonal Heavy Metal Guitarist - Ron Sword Interview

Alex Hutchings: - Boss Tone Central

Creative Tones by Alex Hutchings
The idea of this particular collection is to inspire creativity and inventiveness.The Sounds are quite unique and have many variations. Generally nonconventional but with some more familiar sounds to get you started. Note, Ch.A and CH.B in each patch are vastly different so always check both, and some patches really make use of the Expression pedal. *Music Copyright Alex Hutchings 2014.

[BOSS TONE CENTRAL] GT-001 played by Alex Hutchings

Full details

Microtonal Metal Master: 48 Fret Seven String Guitar - microtonal metal madness!

Ron Sword can suck it, I converted this fucker myself. This music sounds so good, so clean, so well-produced and arranged, and people actually still listen to this shit instead of the dinosaur-metal that he plays in Last Sacrament, and I have yet to see an entire playthrough of one of their songs, or a microtonal guitar demonstration that doesn't sound like shit....I cant wait to get the warlock out of pawn so I can sell that bitch and buy a large firearm

48 Fret Seven String Guitar

Robert Brown: Vigier big sounds Improvisation

Vigier big sounds Improvisation - bags of tone!

Robert Brown Improvisation

Steve Stevens: Interview - His home studio TC Electronics

In this video Steve Stevens talks about how he started to play guitar, his influences and style.

Steve Stevens artist page:

Steve Stevens: Interview - His home studio TC Electronics

Brian Larkin: metalharem review Brian's epic debut solo release

Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into The Void

Brian Larkin performance is superb. He brings a lot of Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal influence, which is natural because Brian was once study under Ron. Ron Thal himself featured in a song Darkest Place. The other guest solo is prog/fusion shredder Chris Brooks. Far Enough Into the Void is a rich prog fusion instrumental album. The distinguished progressive trade mark Brian has, combined with elements of funk-fusion-jazz, made this album easily stand out for its kind. A debut album with maximum pleasures.

Full review:

Marty Friedman, Gus G: tour 2104

Marty Friedman, Gus G: tour 2104 4 videos 29 minutes Thanks to

Marty Friedman, Gus G: tour 2104

Samuli Federley: Manne guitars - improvising

Samuli Federley - improvising w/Manne Taos Gloss Special
Samuli Federley
I'm test driving this cool guitar by Manne. Check out the specs here: Please visit also and www.samulifederley.c­om

Tony MacAlpine,Virgil Donati,Billy Sheehan: Devil's Slingshot LIVE HQ

Devil's Slingshot LIVE.
Don't remember the date or location, but this is pro shot stuff, filmed for a TV show or something which never aired.
Virgil Donati - Drums
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar
Billy Sheehan - Bass

Devil's Slingshot LIVE HQ

Vinnie Moore: Guitarist for UFO Interview

More interviews at:

Heavy metal guitarist and member of British rock group UFO, Vinnie Moore has released 9 solo albums and 3 DVD's to date.

In this interview Vinnie chats about his roots as a musician, making video game soundtracks, his signature "Vin Man" custom guitars by Dean Guitars, upcoming records and tours with UFO and more.

Check out more on Vinnie at:

Vinnie Moore Guitarist for UFO Interview |

Felix Martin: Interview

More interviews at:

Venezuelan guitarist Felix Martin plays jazz metal with an original approach.

An innovator of double neck 14 string guitar, in this interview Felix chats about his roots as a musician, studying at Berklee College of Music, his latest record "The Scenic Album" featuring Marco Minnemann on Drums (Paul Gilbert, The Aristocats), and Nathan Navarro (Bass Guitar), an upcoming concert with guitarist Steve Vai in Caracas, Venezuela and more.

Check out Felix Martin's website here:

Guitarist Felix Martin Interview |

Kiko Loureiro: Supersonic session - jamtrack central

Get the jam track package here:

Global guitar hero, big solos, incredible jam tracks....that pretty much sums up Kiko Loureiro's debut jam track package, The Supersonic Sessions.

Mixing up a rock, metal and ballad track (written specifically for Kiko by Martin Miller), Kiko throws a tonne of licks at you to dissect and learn using our ever present accurate TAB and notation.....all 19 pages of it! Kiko demonstrates just how diverse his incredible playing is with the beautifully constructed ballad solo sandwiched in-between the full speed Rock and Metal solos. Expect lots of techniques and tricks to test your playing too. Hybrid picking, outside notes, fast finger-picking, arpeggios and tapping are to name just a few!

Included in the package is the same solo backing that Kiko was sent so that you can learn his solo note for note, or create your own over the extended jam track using Kiko as your inspiration. We have added some bonus track notes to help you here too.

This incredible package is a heavyweight player showing just what you can achieve when creating solos over these jam tracks. You are guaranteed to raise your playing game, whether you learn a couple of licks or each full length solo.
*NEW* Kiko Loureiro's Supersonic Sessions at jamtrackcentral com