Andy DeLuca: Rehearsing AIR By Jason Becker - insane bass version, the best cover yet?

Chris Ptacek via Jason Becker

When we were kids, I used the term "impossible" to mean "this would be CRAZY HARD TO DO." Unbeknownst to me, Andy applied the term only very literally. We used to drive around listening to what I would call "impossible" guitar music... particularly stuff that was very important to me, or particularly aesthetically gorgeous. I didn't mean that "no one could ever do this thing" but that it was outwardly profound.


I know I used that term to describe the idea of playing this tune on bass at one point. You know what... if given the time to consider it, I might have thought it WAS literally impossible on bass. Shows how much I know.

I would be honored to think that my immature comment played a .000001% role in Andy proving me totally wrong but I know the real reason Andy did this is the undeniable beauty in Jason Becker's music. There have been so many "great guitarists" that fall under the banner of "shred guitar." There have been stunningly few who have made so much honest art while also pursuing this sort of neo-romanticism.

This is a profound amount of work, and I am quite certain Andy DeLuca is the ONLY BASSIST on the marble who has ever completed it. Cheers to Andy, and thanks to Jason--one of the most important musicians in my world.

Jason Becker Man, thank you, Chris!

Andy DeLuca - Rehearsing AIR By Jason Becker - With Backing Tracks