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Global guitar hero, big solos, incredible jam tracks....that pretty much sums up Kiko Loureiro's debut jam track package, The Supersonic Sessions.

Mixing up a rock, metal and ballad track (written specifically for Kiko by Martin Miller), Kiko throws a tonne of licks at you to dissect and learn using our ever present accurate TAB and notation.....all 19 pages of it! Kiko demonstrates just how diverse his incredible playing is with the beautifully constructed ballad solo sandwiched in-between the full speed Rock and Metal solos. Expect lots of techniques and tricks to test your playing too. Hybrid picking, outside notes, fast finger-picking, arpeggios and tapping are to name just a few!

Included in the package is the same solo backing that Kiko was sent so that you can learn his solo note for note, or create your own over the extended jam track using Kiko as your inspiration. We have added some bonus track notes to help you here too.

This incredible package is a heavyweight player showing just what you can achieve when creating solos over these jam tracks. You are guaranteed to raise your playing game, whether you learn a couple of licks or each full length solo.
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