Tuesday, 13 May 2014

David Maxim Micic,Dusan Vanja: Destiny Potato: Destiny Potato 'LUN' just add butter!

Destiny Potato - LUN
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Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1lgwSMn
Amazon: link coming soon

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Destiny Potato:
Aleksandra Djelmash (vocals/piano)
David Maxim Micic (guitars/keyboards)
Milan Jejina Yeqy (drums)
Dusan Vanja (guitar)

Thanks to everyone supporting the band:
FANS, friends, EMG pickups, Fractal Audio, Positive Grid, Wood Guerrilla, Mapex Drums etc.


David Maxim Micic,Dusan Vanja: Destiny Potato LUN

1. The Build Up 02:11
2. Indifferent 03:40
3. Take a Picture 04:21
4. Machine 02:15
5. Love Song 04:57
6. Lunatic 04:05
7. Walls of Thoughts 04:12
8. Blue Sun 04:15
9.U.Y.M. 04:27
10. Lost Dream 05:27
11. House of Lies 03:59
12. Addict 07:38

Jakub ┼╗ytecki
Haven't started listening to it yet but I already know it's gonna be mind fucking blowing! David did it again, this guy is a genius composing machine haha! Also, Aleksandra's gorgeous voice makes it shine even more!

Destiny Potato - 'LUN' | FULL ALBUM 2014

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob - tour bus comes to a crashing halt - thankfully everyone survived

Yesterday on the I-93 in New Hampshire on the way to Quebec City for their show with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah the members and crew from ADRENALINE MOB suffered a near fatal car crash. The accident destroyed the band's gear and their van. Fortunately, everyone survived and the injuries are temporary.

At this point the band is forced to cancel the tour and return home to recover and rest. Remaining shows were with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah as well as headlining shows up until June 8.

The band band made this statement on their Facebook page:

We are sad to announce that the band has been in a serious accident yesterday traveling to Canada on the current A7X/Hellyeah Tour. The band & crew are pretty beat up but by the grace of God there's no serious injuries & everyone is ok. Unfortunately the trailer flipped & equipment has been destroyed but they are figuring out the next move in hopes to continue on. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts & prayers!!!"


We will keep you posted on any developments and re-scheduling.

Daniel Lopez Velarde: Instrumedley - a portmanteau of instrumental medley

"Instrumedley" (a portmanteau of instrumental medley), sometimes referred to as The Dance of Instrumentals, is an instrumental musical piece performed only during live shows by the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

0:00 "The Dance of Eternity" (Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory)
1:42 "Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper" (Images and Words)
2:09 "Erotomania" (Awake)
3:29 "The Dance of Eternity"
4:20 "Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper"
5:16 "A Change of Seasons IV: The Darkest of Winters" (A Change of Seasons)
5:48 "When the Water Breaks" (Liquid Tension Experiment 2)
5:56 "A Change of Seasons IV: The Darkest of Winters" (A Change of Seasons)
6:03 "Ytse Jam" (When Dream and Day Unite)
7:45 "The Dance of Eternity"
8:30 "Paradigm Shift" (Liquid Tension Experiment)
9:29 "Universal Mind" (Liquid Tension Experiment)
10:18 "The Dance of Eternity"
11:00 "Hell's Kitchen" (Falling into Infinity)

Nikhil Suresh: Scythe Impalement - sounds like: Pantera + Metallica + Megadeth + Arch Enemy

sounds like: Pantera + Metallica + Megadeth + Arch Enemy
1) Hell, Heaven and Beyond
2) Resisting Temptation
3) Moksha
4) Into The Light
5) Enigma

"A Divine Intervention" full album by Scythe Impalement
join us on facebook:www.facebook.com/scytheimpalement



Lewis Cannon: "Sunshine through the rain" title track of album released

Lewis Cannon "Sunshine through the rain" title track of album released

"The title track of my album ""Sumshine through the rain"" is available for download or purchase from iTunes and most online music stores. It is also available from my site www.guitarscotland.com

The album is half rock and half fusion, plenty of melodic guitar lines, shreddy solos and daft riffs! "


Alessandro Benvenuti: rock fusion for total shred guitar

Alessandro Benvenuti delivers rock fusion for total shred guitar

Total Shred Guitar: Corso di Chitarra Rock/Fusion

Chris Turner: Ornamentality three-piece shredding metal band from Boston, Massachusetts

Ornamentality is a three-piece metal band from Boston, Massachusetts, featuring Chris Turner on Guitar and Vocals, Juan Lecha on Drums, and Donovan Scott on Bass and Vocals. The three met while attending the Berklee School of Music and quickly formed the band, writing and recording their album in the year of 2011. Now their debut album has been released and work has begun on a new record...

Adrian Weiss: footage from Adrian's upcoming second solo album

Lots of footage from Adrian's upcoming second solo album
"Easy Game" featuring
Lars Zehner on Drums and
Marcel Willnat on Bass
plus lots of guest musicians!

Expected release of the album is this summer (2014).

Meanwhile also check out the debut at
www.adrianweiss.bandcamp.com !

Adrian Weiss - Studio Report 2014 (Home Video 7)

Adrian Weiss - Demo Sessions for 2nd Album (Summer 2013)

Rabih Saad: E minor Progression played on Carvin spalted maple UltraV

Plz visit :http://www.rabihsaad.net to hear more
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Saad.Rabih
My youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rabihz24
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rabih-saad-3
Twitter :@Rabih_Guitars https://twitter.com/Rabih_Guitars
Backing track provided by Metal guitar stuff :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_62cI_...

Got Metal! E minor Progression played on Carvin spalted maple UltraV guitar.

Sam Bell: Dead Horse Overdrives and Slapping Seven

NEW WEBSITE! www.sambellguitar.com

Head to the new website for HD lesson downloads, news and much more! (more to come soon!)

Here is a 7 string slap idea I have been working on for the Ibanez/Laney Clinics I have coming up. I am using the Ibanez UV70P, Laney Ironheart, Protone pedals 'deadhorse' overdrive and Gruv Gear!

Please share, click like, and share. Also Check out the new website! :)


7 String Slap - New Riff! - Sam Bell Guitar

Pro Tone Pedals 'Dead Horse Overdrive' - Talk Through with Sam Bell Guitar

Jeff Loomis: Sibylline Origin (Album Track)

JEFF LOOMIS - Sibylline Origin (Album Track). Taken from the album, 'Plains Of Oblivion', Century Media Records, 2012.

Get "Plains Of Oblivion" now on iTunes:http://smarturl.it/JeffLoomisPoOiTunes

Get "Plains Of Oblivion" now at CM Distro:http://smarturl.it/JLoomisPoOCMD

JEFF LOOMIS - Sibylline Origin (Album Track)

Shred Sean: Carvin - Show Me What You Got Solo

For this weeks play through I revisited the Blessed classic "Show Me What You Got" solo hope you enjoy!

Show Me What You Got Solo

Shred Sean "Dance Tonight" Solo

Dimitar Nalbantov: New Improvisation on a track from the new album

Improvising on the last track from my new coming album.
Thanks for watching! :)
Best Regards to all my friends and fans!!

Dimi Nalbantov - New Improvisation on a track from the new album

Lyle Watt: New EP Release/Gig!

"Low Winter Sun" EP - 26th May 2014!

EP Launch Gig - 23rd May 2014, Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh - More info: http://www.facebook.com/events/143052...

New EP Release/Gig! - Lyle Watt

Nili Brosh,Jon Reshard: Vigilant - Roma's Tale ( 2-15-2014 )

Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main St. Ramona Ca 92065

Chloe Demetria - Vocals
Jon Reshard - Bass
Nili Brosh - Guitar

Vigilant - Roma's Tale ( 2-15-2014 )

Tom Gabriel Warrior: A tribute to H.R. Giger RIP

H.R. Giger Photo by Katharina Vonow

"I fight the impending lure of belated sleep
For fear of waking up and you are gone"

Triptykon, My Pain, 2010

For the first time in 74 years, last night was a night not illuminated by the indescribable light that was H.R. Giger.

H.R. Giger became our mentor, against all odds, when we, somewhat audaciously, first established contact with him some 30 years ago. At a time when almost everybody ridiculed, ignored, or even obstructed the music the then almost completely unknown Swiss underground band Hellhammer was creating, Giger listened to us, talked to us, and gave us a chance. Not least at a time when he was at one of many peaks of his path.

A little more than a year later, his exceptionally stunning art made what might be one of Celtic Frost's most important albums, To Mega Therion, even more significant. Other links to Giger's universe also manifested themselves, almost as if it was predestined.

Eventually, after many more years, the mentorship became a friendship. It was a friendship and a personal connection I valued infinitely, and it also included his wonderful wife, Carmen, and many other remarkable people that were part of his universe.

When Celtic Frost came to an end so acrimoniously in 2008, H.R. Giger and his wife were among those who witnessed my uncontained despair and stood by me. That Giger subsequently agreed to collaborate with my new group, Triptykon, and thus enabled us to release our first album, Eparistera Daimones, with one of his most dramatic paintings on the cover meant the world to me.

It apparently pleased Giger, too. He told me so on several occasions, and he completely stunned me in October 2011 by proposing that we continue the collaboration between him and Triptykon. I would have never asked for such a thing, because I never would have wanted to appear insatiable. He brushed such reservations aside, and it was his mentorship, friendship, and art that enabled us, once again, to release a second album on which music and cover art formed a seamless symbiosis. Only a few weeks ago, he held the result in his hands and loved it.

Regardless of anything I may write about H.R. Giger, however, none of these words will ever be able to truly, accurately describe him as a person and as a friend. It is utterly inconceivable to imagine a world without his wit, his perception, his genius, his horizon, his determination, his humour, his friendship, and his immeasurable kindness. And yet, we are now left in exactly such a world.

Tom Gabriel Warrior for Triptykon, May 13, 2014


Triptykon/H.R. Giger Photo Credit: H.R. Giger at his house in Zurich, Switzerland, around the time he created Mordor VII, the painting that would one day become the cover of Triptykon's second album,Melana Chasmata. Photographed by Katharina Vonow in autumn of 1976; used with very kind permission by Katharina Vonow and Carmen Giger.