David Maxim Micic,Dusan Vanja: Destiny Potato: Destiny Potato 'LUN' just add butter!

Destiny Potato - LUN
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Destiny Potato:
Aleksandra Djelmash (vocals/piano)
David Maxim Micic (guitars/keyboards)
Milan Jejina Yeqy (drums)
Dusan Vanja (guitar)

Thanks to everyone supporting the band:
FANS, friends, EMG pickups, Fractal Audio, Positive Grid, Wood Guerrilla, Mapex Drums etc.


David Maxim Micic,Dusan Vanja: Destiny Potato LUN

1. The Build Up 02:11
2. Indifferent 03:40
3. Take a Picture 04:21
4. Machine 02:15
5. Love Song 04:57
6. Lunatic 04:05
7. Walls of Thoughts 04:12
8. Blue Sun 04:15
9.U.Y.M. 04:27
10. Lost Dream 05:27
11. House of Lies 03:59
12. Addict 07:38

Jakub ┼╗ytecki
Haven't started listening to it yet but I already know it's gonna be mind fucking blowing! David did it again, this guy is a genius composing machine haha! Also, Aleksandra's gorgeous voice makes it shine even more!

Destiny Potato - 'LUN' | FULL ALBUM 2014