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Vladimir Pocorschi: Tasty Improvisation #8

Short improv over a 'MELODIC FREEWAY SERIES 1' backing track from

Feel free to check out this links :) : &

Vladimir Pocorschi - Improvisation #8

Arsafes,David Maxim Micic, Jakub Żytecki,Sam Bell: Ratocracy - super djental metal

Arsafes,David Maxim Micic, Jakub Żytecki,Sam Bell: Ratocracy
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! Please welcome - Arsafes "RATOCRACY"!
Again, a big thanks to all the guests - Aleksandra Radosavljevic, David Maxim Micic, Jakub Żytecki, Chela Rhea Harper, Sam Bell, Jay Haze Dee,Vladimir Lalic and Anna Hel! You guys are the best

1. Behold The Hydrogen Dominator 02:16
2. E.T.F.M. 03:13
3. Against The Legions 04:02
4. Piranha Pool (As Borders Collide)05:05
5. 20 Days 05:34
6. American War Machine 06:33
7. Dog Eat God 04:54
8. Faith 06:11
9. I Am the People, the Mob 01:35
10. Species Selector 02:41
11. Divine 14:05

Fred Brum: digital edition of Transcendence, in 320K format available!

Fred Brum
In case you guys missed it yesterday, my second album Transcendence is out already, and you can get it in both digital and physical versions on my website!

This is the digital edition of Transcendence, in 320K format. Upon completion of the order process, an email with the link is sent to the PayPal address used to buy the album, so careful with spam folders and the like!

1. Serenity(Prologue) 
2. Stranded 
3. Katana 
4. Wanderer (feat. Per Nilsson) 
5. Transcendence 
6. Machina 
7. Frozen Soul (feat. Francesco Filigoi) 
8. Ryujin 
9. Roland's Last Stand 
10. Eclipse 
11. Through The Mists (Epilogue)

Drums on Transcendence, Machina and Eclipse by Kevin Talley 
Drums on Stranded by Rich Psonak 
Guest lead on Wanderer by Per Nilsson 
Guest lead on Frozen Soul by Francesco Filigoi

All instruments and programming by Fred Brum except where noted.

Ethan Brosh: Space Invaders Live

Ethan Brosh performing "Space Invaders" live @ The Hard Rock Boston on 5/31/14

Ethan Brosh - Space Invaders Live

Rodrigo J Gozalbez: Yamaha Pacifica 521 w/ Seymour Duncan Distortion Maythem

Testing a Yamaha Pacifica 521 with Seymour Duncan Distortion Maythem Set! HOT PICKUPS! into Line 6 POD HD 300 preamp!

Sub my channel!

My instrumental project:


Regards from Santa Fe, Argentina!

Testing a Yamaha Pacifica 521 w/ Seymour Duncan Distortion Maythem Set - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Playing a Yamaha Pacifica 521 - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Drewsif Stalin: Pro Tone Deadhorse Demo

Drewsif Stalin - Pro Tone Deadhorse Demo
Drewsif Stalin
This is a demo of the ProTone Deadhorse Overdrive Pedal!
Check them out here!

I used a Legator Ninja 300 Pro 8 with stock pickups.
Check them out here:

Using the ever amazing Jimmy Clip to squander any extra string ringing.
Check them out here:

I unfortunately do not know the string gauges as they are the set that were sent with the guitar, I haven't restrung it yet! Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II for tone, completely un-EQ'd save for a hi-pass at 100hz. Toontrack EzDrummer 2 for drums. Filmed on a Canon T3i. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Colour Graded in Adobe After Effects.

Tomo Fujita: Just Funky Solo, Guitar fest in Osaka, Japan 2014

Guitar fest in Osaka, Japan. W/ Yoshio Yamada on bass, Tetsuya Hoshiyama on drums. Playing my song Just Funky. Enjoy this volume swell solo!

1992 Fender SRV Strat
Grinning Dog Funkmaster pickups
Two-Rock Tomo Fujita Signature amp
D'Addario strings EXL110
Pickboy Picks Vintage Classic 1mm

ギタートルネード2014、Just Funky Solo! - Tomo Fujita

Richie Kotzen: European Tour 2014 September 2014

Richie Kotzen European Tour 2014
September 2014
5 - Sala Penelope - Madrid, Spain
6 - Razzmatazz 2 - Barcelona, Spain
10 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland 
11 - Spirit of 66 - Verviers, Belgium
12 - Den Atelier - Luxemburg City, Luxemburg
13 - Forum - Vaureal, France
15 - Grand Sud - Lille, France
16 - O2 Islington Academy - London, UK
18 - Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Holland
19 - Groene Engel - Oss, Holland
20 - Live Proberaum - Zulpich, Germany
21 - Blues Garage - Isernagen, Germany
23 - Nova Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Republic
24 - Reigen Live - Wien, Austria
25 - A38 - Budapest, Hungary
26 - Bluesiana - Velden, Austria
27 - Legend Club - Milan, Italy

Bireli Lagrene: Movements - no wonder this has 100,000+ views

Recorded July 19, 2012 under the International Guitar Festival of Patrimonio, Corsica. "Movements" extracted from the eponymous album Bireli Lagrene output at Universal Music in September 2012.

Bireli Lagrene - Movements

Ivan Geronazzo,Alberto Milani,Laura Bisceglia: Here Comes The Flood - perfect Sunday Afternoon music

Ivan Geronazzo (acoustic guitar), Alberto Milani (electric guitar), Giovanni Boscariol (keyboards), Laura Bisceglia (cello), Simone Morettin (drums).


Chris Buck, Byron Fry,Jay Setar: CBJ great fusion on the Carvin stage in Santa Ana 2014

Looks like this exciting trio are set to record some material for an album. Good thing too, great rock fusion band... enjoy!

First public performance by the band (CBJ) or Tribus. Composing six songs over eight rehearsals and showcasing at the Carvin stage in Santa Ana on the 17th of April 2014. Byron Fry guitar, Chris Buck Bass, Jay Setar drums. This is "Give Me More Rope" composed by Chris Buck and arranged by Chris, Byron and Jay.

"Give Me More Rope" Carvin event excerpt 1: Buck, Fry and Setar

Miguel Marquez: D'Addario's new series of guitar strings.

Miguel Marquez: Just jamming out to a simple chord progression (two chords) and by doing so, testing the sound capabilities and general feel of D'Addario's new series of guitar strings.

Testing the new D'Addario NYXL

Jeff Beck: Brush With The Blues, Utrecht 2014

Vincent Lyons
Exhilarating, mesmerizing guitar work, when Jeff Beck stepped into a 'Brush with the Blues', when he and his band played the Ronda hall, at the Tivoli Vredenburg venue, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.

Jeff Beck -- guitar
Rhonda Smith -- bass,
Jonathan Joseph -- drums
Nicholas Meier -- Guitar.


Dallton Santos: Ibanez RG Prestige 3550 on Rock Fusion

Ibanez RG Prestige 3550 on Rock Fusion
Dallton Santos - Rock fusion style guitar solo played with Ibanez RG Prestige 3550 by Dallton Santos.



David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - The Division 20th Anniversary Box Set Trailer

Pink Floyd - The Division 20th Anniversary Box Set Trailer
Pink Floyd
Watch the trailer for The Division Bell 20th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set. Order here.

On June 30th the 20th Anniversary Edition of 'The Division Bell' will be released.


The 20th anniversary box set features six discs, collectors' prints, a Blu-ray disc and for the first time a 5.1 version of The Division Bell, mixed and mastered by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins. The Blu-ray disc also features a new video for Marooned directed by Aubrey Powell at Hipgnosis. A double vinyl edition will also be available.

For more info go to

Download the 2011 remaster from iTunes today here:

The Division Bell 20th Anniversary Deluxe Box
The Division Bell is the fourteenth and final studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. The UK number one album was the second produced without the band's original bassist Roger Waters.

Released in 1994, this year we celebrate the 20th birthday of this seminal record with a deluxe anniversary edition boxset containing remastered vinyl which houses the full length edits of all album tracks for the first time, CD album, Bluray featuring a brand new music video, beautiful art prints and much more.

Pre-order this item. Release date: 30 June 2014


Samuli Federley: Heavy Country - Gurus Naked amp demo

Samuli Federley - Heavy Country (Gurus Naked amp demo)
Samuli Federley
I made this demo video for Gurus Amps. This is the Naked model and rocks hard. Please check out also and www.samulifederley.c­om

Joe Bonamassa: When The Fire Hits The Sea - live from Beacon Theatre

Joe Bonamassa - When The Fire Hits The Sea - live from Beacon Theatre
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Joe Bonamassa performs "When The Fire Hits The Sea" live at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's "Live from New York Beacon Theatre" DVD.

Aleks Sever: talks about her first album Danger Girl

Guitarist Aleks Sever talks about the making of her CD "Danger Girl", including photos, studio footage and songclips

Aleks Sever - Promo Video (Danger Girl)

Sam Bell: moves home and delivers New Flat Jam

Playthrough of a bit of a new tune at my new place!

New Flat Jam! - Sam Bell Guitar

The Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre
66 & 76-81 North Road
East Sussex
Thursday June 5th
7:30 PM
To book your place, email

Jude Gold: Embryonic Journey, Stockholm, Sweden

Jude Gold — "Embryonic Journey," by Jefferson Airplane/Jorma Kaukonen, performed in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2013.

Jude Gold — Embryonic Journey, Stockholm, Sweden

Simone Dow: Prog Report - Voyager talks about the band's new album "V"

Simone Dow from Voyager talks about the band's new album "V", what it's like being a Prog metal band in Australia and the struggles of the music business. The new album is out on June 3rd in the US and is available on their website.

For more reviews and interviews go to or

Matěj Morávek: Live Trio - Vincent! We happy? 2014

Matěj Morávek Trio - Vincent! We happy? (2014)
Matěj Morávek
Matěj Morávek - guitar
Petr Ptáček - drums
Endy Moon - bass

Video by: Endy Moon

Jon Mendle: Fantaisie Hongroise by JK Mertz on 11-string Archguitar

Jon Mendle plays Fantaisie Hongroise (Hungarian Fantasy) by JK Mertz
Jon Mendle plays Johann Kaspar Mertz's piece Fantaisie Hongroise (Hungarian Fantasy) on 11-string Archguitar. All of the low bass notes are taken from Mertz's original publication for 10 string guitar, I have not added anything that wasn't indicated in the original score. I hope you enjoy this crazy piece on my weird guitar! Major thanks to Garry Eister for recording me, and to his nephew Matt for assisting us. Recorded at Garry's house in Southern California late at night...good times! Note the difference in hair length since my last upload!

Paul Wardingham: 20 Metal Licks

Paul Wardingham: 20 Metal Licks

Paul Wardingham: 20 Metal Licks

Paul Wardingham's '20 Metal Licks' package is the ultimate product for learning bite-sized metal licks that you cannot class yourself as a metal guitarist without knowing!

Paul has put together 20 brand new and increasingly difficult metal licks that are designed to really raise your metal game. Each lick comes in full speed audio and video, plus a slower speed so you can analyse every little detail....and there is A LOT to analyse! There are three sections of the backing track that Paul has created the licks over, and each section has increasingly difficult licks to master. Work your way up from Lick 1 to the finale Monster Lick ...good luck with that one!!!

Also included is the backing track at 2 different BPM's, giving you the backdrop to work on each lick at your own pace, as well as creating your own licks. An extended jam track version of the track is included at 2 BPM's too, for you to jam over till your fingers bleed! As ever, accurate JTC TAB/Notation is included for each lick, plus Paul has written really comprehensive notes for each lick too.

Throughout each lick you will learn an abundence of ideas and techniques, including: double stops, tapping, sweeping, arpeggios and string skipping as well as using some interesting scales, such as the Kokin Joshi and Naka Zora Japanese Pentatonics and the Indian pentatonic....and that is just scratching the surface!

So, if you are serious about guitar then this is the perfect challenge. Watch the promo video below to get a little taster of what to expect!

20 original licks
20 live videos (fast/slow)
Backing and jam tracks
TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
Bonus technique/theory notes

Ron Thal: Charity Spicy Food Challenge

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal faces off with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino executives and Las Vegas personalities during Bumblefoot’s Spicy Food Challenge inside Pink Taco on Thursday, May 29

Contestants will test their spice tolerance alongside Bumblefoot, and the participant that lasts the longest will be declared winner. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and AEG Live Las Vegas will provide the champion with a $1,000 donation to the charity of his or her choice and a gift bag. Potential benefiting charities include Amazing Gracie, Keep Memory Alive, Las Vegas Valley Human Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Wounded Warrior Project, The Shade Tree, among others.

Mattias IA Eklundh: 8 String Caparison Guitar

Mattias IA Eklundh's 8 String Caparison Guitar

Mattias IA Eklundh's 8 String Caparison Guitar

David Garcia: Guitar Legends Tribute

Guitar Legends Tribute Tour
Booking / +34 687281762

Songs /Timeline:

Manhattan - Eric Johnson, 0:16
Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani, 0:39
Liberty - Steve Vai, 1:00
Europa - Carlos Santana, 1:23
Summer Song - Joe Satriani, 1:48
The Loner - Gary Moore, 2:13
Love Thing, Joe Satriani, 2:33
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson, 3:01
Always with Me, Always with You - Joe Satriani, 3:30

Kemper amp
Charvel Fusion
G&L USA s500
David Garcia - Electric Guitar

Guitar Legends Tribute - David Garcia

Scott Kinsey,John McLaughlin,Matthew Garrison: Human Element available on bandcamp

Human Element
Human Element by Scott Kinsey, Matthew Garrison, Arto Tunçboyaciyan, Gary Novak

Four Formidable Fusioneers Join Forces in All-Star Outing. Scott Kinsey, Matthew Garrison, Arto Tunçboyaciyan and Gary Novak

In the tradition of Weather Report and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate, two powerhouse pan-global bands that have greatly influenced generations of musicians around the world, Human Element is staking out a new corner of the musical map on its self-titled debut. Comprised of keyboardist Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech), electric bassist Matthew Garrison (Zawinul Syndicate, John McLaughlin’s Heart of Things, Herbie Hancock), percussionist-vocalist Arto Tunçboyaciyan (Al Di Meola’s World Sinfonia, Joe Zawinul, Marc Johnson’s Right Brain Patrol) and drummer Gary Novak (Chick Corea’s Elektric Band), Human Element incorporates elements of fusion, funk and Armenian folk tunes into a potent 21st century brew that defies easy categorization.

Recorded at Gary Novak’s Kronos Studio in Burbank and mixed and mastered by Kinsey in his home studio, Human Element travels from intense offerings like the 5/8 title track and “Bottom of the Mirror” to the Gnawan music influenced groover “Essouaria” and funky jams like “Crazy Girl” and “Shake It.” Tunçboyaciyan’s “Hi Lao” (featuring a cameo by guitar hero John McLaughlin) injects a Middle Eastern flavor into the proceedings while Garrison’s two tracks, “Izzy” and Cut,” showcase his remarkable facility on the bass. For a change of pace from the whirlwind intensity, Tunçboyaciyan offers transcendent vocals on the beautiful ballad “See With Your Ear” and the zen-like calm of “Onno,” a touching ode to his late brother. Arto’s son Seto also contributes some thoughtful spoken word passages on the solemn lament “Think About It,” which tackles the grim topic of the Armenian genocide.

Rather than being a one-off studio project with an endless cast of characters, Human Element is the sound of a band in the process of establishing its identity.

“We decided that it should definitely be a band and that a record should be just the four of us,” says Kinsey. “There’s something special about that. We all loved Weather Report and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and we wanted that real band approach. So the four of us camped out for a couple of days and recorded all the basic tracks for this record. Everybody contributed tunes and we all had some input on how the songs were going to end up sounding. It was never really one guy’s vision, even if it was his tune we were recording. That’s why I really think in the end it does sound like a band record.”

And while the Zawinul influence may be apparent at times, the four kindred spirits boldly stride into distinctly new territory on Human Element. “Language-wise, we all got so much from Joe,” says Kinsey, “and yet we wanted it to be different and about us. And as we got into it, I think it started to really take on an identity of its own. It spans a big area of music and yet it still sounds like one thing.” Adds Garrison, “As far as Joe’s influence on this band, that’s undeniable. He left such a large footprint that it’s pretty hard to escape his essence. And I personally consider Kinsey just about the only musician to really take on Joe’s mantle and bring that sound and vision into the future while still keeping that essence.”

While Kinsey and Garrison – former schoolmates at the Berklee College of Music and frequent collaborators over the years – provide a strong vision for this Human Element project, the secret weapon of the band may well be Tunçboyaciyan, whose stirring vocals and churning percussion inform each track.

“Arto is one of those rare artists that has an ability to foresee the outcome of a piece of music in its totality from one listen,” says Garrison. “It’s a pretty amazing experience to watch him listen to a new piece and then methodically build scenarios, structures, stories and end up with a creation beyond anything you could have expected. His input so invaluable it’s almost hard to put into words.” Adds Kinsey, “He’s just a wellspring. The guy can just open his mouth and sing something and it’s a tune. Or he can play rhythm and it’s something great. It just pours out of him.”

Novak, a longstanding member of Kinsey’s band, fuels this session with uncanny precision and authority. “I played with Gary before on a few tours with Kinsey’s band,” says Garrison, “and the hook up was immediate. What I really dig about Gary is his passion and intensity when he finds his zone during a performance. He’s an absolute beast of a musician and I’m so proud to say we have a band together.” Adds Kinsey, “Novak sounds particularly incredible on this record. He was really able to do his thing and it all came out really clear. He didn’t have to hold back or change the way he plays for any reason, he could just be himself. And you can hear him really go nuts on several tracks here.”

Kinsey and company hope to establish Human Element as a major force on the international festival scene, bringing their unique and powerful message to fusion and world music fans everywhere. “The plan is to really go for it with this band,” says Kinsey. “We all believe in it because there’s really nothing else like this band out there. Since Joe passed, there’s just no one making music that’s really on that type of wavelength. So there must be a lot of people out there who would like to find music that speaks to them the way that Joe’s music did.”

Human Element definitely fills that void. With the release of their self-titled debut on Abstract Logix, this powerful quartet takes its first step in its musical mission.

1. Introduction 00:24
2. Izzy 06:53
3. The Human Element 04:50
4. Speak With Your Eye 05:45
5. Onno 04:06
6. Hi Lao 03:38
7. Cut 06:00
8. Listen With Your Mouth 01:03
9. Essaouira 07:15
10. Crazy Girl 08:46
11. See With Your Ear 05:50
12. Shake It! 06:46
13. Bottom Of The Mirror 05:35
14. Think About It 06:11

David Binney,Wayne Krantz: Anacapa new album

David Binney,Wayne Krantz: Anacapa new album

David Binney, Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers, John Escreet, Matt Brewer, Obed Calvaire, Dan Weiss, Louis Cole

David Binney's seventh recording Anacapa for Criss Cross is his fourth for the label that comprises entirely wholly original music, and the first on which he frames his distinctive alto and tenor saxophone concept with electric instruments and a global array of beats. Propelling the flow of the 8 groove-oriented compositions is an ace rhythm section of John Escreet on piano and Fender Rhodes, Matt Brewer on electric bass and either Obed Calvaire or Dan Weiss on drums; all but one of the tracks feature the two-guitar tandem of Wayne Krantz and Adam Rogers.

SKU SKU26006
Track 1 She Loves, Introduction (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 The Golden Zone (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Massive Humanity (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Distant City (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Anacapa (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Waiting For The Blast (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Imagination Sets Us Free (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Heart Shaped Mind (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Santo Spirito
Track 10 She Hates, Outro