Fred Brum: digital edition of Transcendence, in 320K format available!

Fred Brum
In case you guys missed it yesterday, my second album Transcendence is out already, and you can get it in both digital and physical versions on my website!

This is the digital edition of Transcendence, in 320K format. Upon completion of the order process, an email with the link is sent to the PayPal address used to buy the album, so careful with spam folders and the like!

1. Serenity(Prologue) 
2. Stranded 
3. Katana 
4. Wanderer (feat. Per Nilsson) 
5. Transcendence 
6. Machina 
7. Frozen Soul (feat. Francesco Filigoi) 
8. Ryujin 
9. Roland's Last Stand 
10. Eclipse 
11. Through The Mists (Epilogue)

Drums on Transcendence, Machina and Eclipse by Kevin Talley 
Drums on Stranded by Rich Psonak 
Guest lead on Wanderer by Per Nilsson 
Guest lead on Frozen Soul by Francesco Filigoi

All instruments and programming by Fred Brum except where noted.