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Tom Cykman: The Self - Electric guitar and Orchestra - Guitar Idol 4 Entry


This is my first music piece involving electric guitar and orchestral instruments.
All instruments were composed by me.

Special thanks to Marcos Roberto dos Santos for playing amazingly the double bass and the great job with mixing and mastering the song.

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Guitar Idol 4 Entry - The Self - Electric guitar and Orchestra - HD

Guitar Idol 4

Pritesh Walia: Outside Blues in D

Talented guitarist and native of New Delhi, India, Pritesh Walia has been named as winner of the fall 2012 Steve Vai Guitar Scholarship at Musicians Institute.
Pritesh decided to attend MI’s Guitar Program because “MI provides the best opportunities for emerging artists to learn, grow and show their creativity and talent.”
Special thanks to Grammy® award-winning innovative guitar legend Steve Vai and his Make a Noise Foundation for generously sponsoring this scholarship  more 
Hey guys this is just an improv over a I-IV-V funk blues in D .....i am using quite a few interesting scales sometimes not necessarily outside ....i would love to do an instructional video on it if anyone is interested...if you like my video please subscribe :)

Outside Blues in D

Pablo Romeu: To be so dry - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Vote for me in the Guitar Idol 4:

This music is called "To be so dry". This name makes no sense but it has some crazy explanation.
I've made this video especially for the Guitar Idol 4.
I hope you like!

Guitars - Pablo Romeu
Drums - Jean Pierre
Bass - Cinho Souza
Percussion - Zé Paulo
Keys - Pablo Romeu
Mix - Marco Melo
Pablo Romeu - To be so dry (Guitar Idol 4)

Guitar Idol 4

Valdir Rocha: Northeastern drudgery - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Official music video instrumental music "Northeastern drudgery" of guitarist baiano Valdir Rocha was recorded in rural various municipalities of the territory of the Basin Jacuípe, hinterland of Bahia. Direção: Jorge Henrique Direção of Photography: Leandro Mendes Produção: Agnaldo Cerqueira Route: Jorge Henry Leandro Mendes and Valdir Rocha MONTAGE: Leandro Mendes Cast: Valseni Silva Santos (SENI) Reinaldo of Zita Valdir Rocha Thank: Valseni silva santos (SENI) Reinaldo of Zita (The cart driver) Agnaldo Cerqueira (wink) Arlindo Rocha (Nadinho) Joilma Kings Kings Ane José dos Santos (Ze ferret), his wife Agenor Oliveira, the irrigators irrigated perimeter (Villa of irrigators) and everybody and the Labutadores Labutadoras that indiretamente DIRECT or collaborated on this PROJECT.

Valdir Rocha - LABUTA NORDESTINA - Official Videoclip "Guitar Idol 4"

Guitar Idol 4

Leandro Martins: Don't Go Away - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Leandro Martins -

"Leandro Martins" playing his song "Don't Go Away" with the new "RELIKIAN Tele".
Thank you very much for watching!!

"Leandro Martins" - "Don't Go Away" "Guitar Idol 4 Entry"

Guitar Idol 4

Seksan Somnuek: Hope - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hello guys this song called "Hope" for Guitar Idol4 entry. vote and like me. Thank you so much.
Hope you enjoy!!

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I recorded for all instrument.

Gear :
Musicman JPXI
Guita Rig 5
on Logic Pro

Thank you :))

HOPE - SEK S. (Original) - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Ake Parethas: Firestorm (Original) - Guitar Idol 4 entry

No guitars rhythm sound in this version. Just drums, bass and guitar solo. Hope you enjoy and Thanks for watching.

Ake Parethas - Firestorm (Original) - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Guitar Idol 4 entry - 'Firestorm' (Original) by Ake Parethas

Guitar Idol 4

Alek Darson: Flight Impressions Official Dual Playthrough

Download Panopticon EP here:

Here's a first Dual Playthrough from Panopticon! It's great how the music turns out different when energies coexist in the moment. I had a major pleasure of doing this video with Hadrien Pierson, the original drummer for this song on the studio recording.
The song came to be from a creative response assignment for a literature class I took at Berklee. Dr Douglas Kohn had us read a great book by Alexie Sherman, called Flight, and create under impressions. My assignment was the song you're listening now.
Enjoy this alternate take of "Flight Impressions"
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Video Production: Stretch Media Solutions
Camera Operator and DP - Ivana Dedic
Editing and Post - Alek Darson

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Hadrien Pierson:

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Recorded and Produced in Recording Studio STRETCH by Alek Darson
Stretch FB:

Alek Darson exclusively plays Wood Guerilla and Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.

Flight Impressions [Alek Darson] - Official Dual Playthrough

Alek Darson: Panopticon
Download Panopticon EP here:

  1. 1.
    a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed.

1. Sprockets 05:35
2. Flight Impressions 04:38
3. Waltz of Titans 05:06
4. Spiral of Sanity 07:31
5. The Rind 05:56
6. 00:04

During my last 10 years of professional music experience I went through many emotional states. Being in numerous different projects and acts gave me insight into a large scope of personal mindsets, ranging from experiencing the lowest of disapproval and despise, to the highest bliss of love and acceptance. This EP’s musical realm depicts all those emotions about the world and what they came down to. I look at it as a Panopticon, a perfect all seeing prison, where a single guard is the omni-observant. The big question stands: are we the guard, or the prisoner? I hope this music gets you a bit closer to my innermost world.
released 18 November 2013
All compositions by Alek Darson. All tracks arranged (except 6) and performed by Alek Darson.

The Rind lyrics by Vladimir Lalić

Recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and produced by Alek Darson at Stretch Recording Studios

Featuring Guests:

Milan Jejina Yeqy (drums - 1, 5, 6)
Hadrien Pierson (drums - 2)
Mića Kovačević (drums - 3)
Milena Jančurić (flute - 3)
Vladimir Lalić (vocals - 5)
Eren Başbuğ (string arrangement & keyboards - 6)
String Section: Steve Chieh-Wei Chiu, Dominika Hwang, Alison Dooley, Sadie Currey, Tamer Tarhan, Eden Rayz

Enjoy the first official playthrough video from Panopticon! I'm featuring Fractal Audio's Axe Fx II as the main tone processor I use. Check the synth patch in the middle interlude section. Share your thoughts!

Much more on

Video Production: Stretch Media Solutions
Editing and Color Correction - Alek Darson
Camera Operator and Photography - Ivana Dedic

Flute improvisation in the interlude at the beginning - Milena Jancuric.

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Flute improvisation in the beginning interlude: Milena Jancuric

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Recorded and Produced in Recording Studio STRETCH by Alek Darson
Stretch FB:

Alek Darson exclusively plays Wood Guerilla and Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.

Spiral Of Sanity [Alek Darson] - OFFICIAL Playthrough

Marc Pattison: joins Circle II Circle line up

Zak Stevens - Lead Vocals
Mitch Stewart - Bass/Keyboards, Vocals
Christian Wentz- Guitars, Vocals
Marc Pattison - Guitars, Vocals
Henning Wanner - Keyboards, Vocals
Adam Sagan - Drums, Vocals

Circle II Circle is excited to announce the addition of guitarist/songwriter Marc Pattison to our lineup. Marc brings a wealth of musicianship, songwriting, and production skills to the band. His resume includes the band Futures End, where he previously worked with CIIC guitarist Christian Wentz, sharing the lead guitar role and songwriting duties. He has also had several of his works published in the TV and film industry in the past few years. Marc currently endorses ESP Guitars, DiMarzio Pickups, and Steinberg/Yamaha Inc., just to name a few. The timing of Marc joining us couldn't have been better as he has been a very active contributor with guitar work, songwriting, as well as production and engineering on our upcoming studio album. The thing that's really awesome about Marc coming on board with us is that he's super creative in the writing process and this is bringing a lot of new inspiration in all areas. He has basically created an entirely new role within the band that we've never had and that's exactly what we need right now going into our seventh studio album. Marc's inaugural tour will be our upcoming European tour in October when we will support our current release 'Seasons Will Fall' and a number of classic Circle II Circle songs.

Marc Pattison Two Handed Tapping Shredder

Sam Bell, Reece Fullwood: Mask Of Judas - Live at Rox Festival 2014 Main Stage

Mask of Judas played the multi genre music festival ROX in Bognor Regis, here is the live show with direct feeds.
MASK OF JUDAS Live at Rox Festival 2014 Main Stage

Mask of Judas Interview :: Bloodstock 2014

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks

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GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks

Niels Vejlyt,Franck Hermanny,John West: Sage's Recital - You Hold the Key - Debut album

Sage's Recital Debut album featuring
Niels Vejlyt guitars and orchestrations
John West vocals
Jakob Vand drums
Franck Hermanny bass
Anne Karine Pripp female vocals
Henrik Brockmann choir"

Niels Vejlyt,Franck Hermanny,John West: Sage's Recital

Sage's Recital "You Hold the Key" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Hugh Myrone: Heating Up - performance play through


Doing a live play-through of「HEATING UP」in my studio.

Music and footage from new game DRIFT STAGE.

Check out for more info

Free DL of song at:


Tommy Bolin: Zephy - The 1969 Debut Album is Reissued On Both CD & Vinyl

Tommy Bolin: Zephyr
Los Angeles, CA - Tommy Bolin fans, you are in for a treat! The 1969 recorded debut of the guitar great performing with his first major act, Zephyr, the blues and jazz influenced rock and roll steamroller fronted by powerhouse female vocalist, Candy Givens, will be reissued courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records starting August 5. With newly remixed and remastered audio created under the supervision of founding member David Givens, this gem of an album has truly been restored to the band’s original vision. As Givens says, “For the first time you can hear what we heard before everything went wrong. I’m happy with the results!”

Happier still will be Bolin fans everywhere as a treasure trove of unreleased live material and studio improvisations were also uncovered in the process of remixing the album. These include performances of the band at small clubs in their home state of Colorado as well as Reed’s Ranch where the band opened for The Grateful Dead. In addition, the studio rehearsals showcase Bolin’s adventurous playing on two free form jams as he lays down blistering solos and eerie atmospheres courtesy of his Echoplex effect.

A limited edition 2,000 unit pressing of the reissue in a 3CD deluxe box set was released in May and has already been sold out, but a single disc version is set to arrive August 5 and a special 180 gram colored vinyl pressing will follow later this year.

Get a glimpse into the early salad days of this inimitable virtuoso whose rise to fame occurred nearly as fast as his untimely exit. His music lives on!

1. Sail On
2. Sun’s A Risin’
3. Raindrops
4. Boom-Ba-Boom
5. Somebody Listen
6. Cross The River
7. St. James Infirmary
8. Huna Buna
9. Hard Chargin’ Woman

10. Guitar Solo / Cross The River (Reed’s Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO - July 3, 1969)
11. Jam (San Bernardino, CA 1971)
12. Uptown (To Harlem) [Boulder, CO 1971]
13. Sail On (Tulagi’s - Boulder, CO June 19, 1973)

To order the CD on Amazon:

To order the digital version on iTunes:

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025"

News: Hub Guitar - Sixteenth Note Strumming Patterns - new guitar lessons resource

Sixteenth Note Strumming Patterns
These 1,280 patterns represent every possible measure of sixteenth notes having twelve attacks.
There is one rhythm pattern per measure.
The purpose of this exercise is to develop your rhythm and strumming ability. So pick any chord progression from any song. Use any chord progression you like.
Not sure what chords to use? Check out our chord progression dictionary page for a few options

Guitar God: Lesson 3 A Thousand Miles with Julie Lake from Orange is the New Black

actress julie lake from orange is the new black comes over to make a demo song for an audition.

Guitar God Lesson 3 A Thousand Miles with Julie Lake from Orange is the New Black

Mike Tillotson: Catch The Sun - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hey folks! This is my original composition for Guitar Idol 4 called Catch The Sun. A straight up, no holds barred rocker! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did playing!! Dont forget to vote on the Guitar Idol website, instructions are below. Thank you!

How To Vote

Step 1 Register here:

Step 2: Confirm the link in the email they send you and then LOG IN

Step 3 click vote and like underneath my video.

It only takes a couple of minutes and I really appreciate your support, so please do vote!! Thank you :)

For the guitar nerds amongst you the gear used was as follows:

MusicMan Silhouette in to a Cornford Carrera, boosted with an Xotic BB preamp and a Strymon Timeline in the loop. That was mic'd up with an SM57 in to a Saffire LE feeding the Mac Pro running Logic 9.

Guitar Idol 4 'Catch The Sun' By Mike Tillotson

Guitar Idol 4

Kostas Alexakis: Alex K Ignition - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Hope you all like my composition for guitar idol 4 called "IGNITION"
please take the time to vote for me here:

Guitar Idol 4 Entry - Ignition

Guitar Idol 4

Artur Mashurov: Rush Hour - Guitar idol 4 entry

Hey, there! My name is Artur "Nodario" Mashurov. I'm a guitar player from Kazakhstan. I would like to introduce my original composition "Rush Hour". Hope, you enjoy it! I feel happy to see so many great musicians in this contest. So, Good Luck to everyone and me too!

Guitar idol 4 entry - Artur "Nodario" Mashurov -Rush hour (original composition)

Guitar Idol 4

Easel Kandola-McNicholas: Far from custard - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Here is my slightly underwhelming guitar idol entry, enjoy.

Guitar Idol 4 entry - Easel Kandola-McNicholas - Far from custard

Guitar Idol 4

Gavin Iedema: Silent hill - Guitar idol 4 Entry

thanks for support

Guitar Idol 4 2014 Entry - Gavin Iedema
Song tittle : Silent hill

Original Composition by Gavin Iedema

Guitar idol 4 Entry - Gavin Iedema - Silent hill

Guitar Idol 4

Mirko Fadda: "IN - SANE" - Guitar Playthrough

Hi everyone!!!
This is my second playthrough video, more coming soon. I hope you like and share this if you like!!! ENJOY IT!!! Cheers! \m/ ;) \m/



Mirko Fadda - "IN - SANE" - Guitar Playthrough

James Shaffer, Brian Welch: Korn @ Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival - Jack Lue Series

Korn (stylized as KoЯn) is an American nu metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993.[3][4][5] The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis (vocals, bagpipes), James "Munky" Shaffer (guitar), Brian "Head" Welch (guitar, backing vocals), and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (bass), with the addition of Ray Luzier[6] who replaced the band's original drummer, David Silveria. Korn was originally formed by three of the members of the band L.A.P.D.

Korn released their first demo album, Neidermayer's Mind, in 1993.[7] The band later went on to release their self-titled debut album in 1994, followed by Life Is Peachy in 1996. The band experienced mainstream success with Follow the Leader (1998) and Issues (1999), both of which debuted at number one on theBillboard 200.[8] The band's mainstream success continued with Untouchables (2002) and Take a Look in the Mirror (2003).

A compilation album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1, was released in 2004, spanning a decade of singles and concluding the band's recording contract with Immortal Recordsand Epic Records. They signed to Virgin Records, releasing See You on the Other Side in 2005, and an untitled album in 2007.

Korn's other recent albums, Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010) and The Path of Totality (2011), were released via Roadrunner Records, with the latest album The Paradigm Shift (2013) being released via Prospect Park and Caroline Records.

As of 2012, Korn had sold around 35 million copies worldwide.[9] Twelve of the band's official releases have peaked in the top ten of the Billboard 200, eight of which have peaked in the top five.[8] Eight official releases are certified Platinum or Multi-Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and one is certified Gold.[10] Korn has released seven video albums and thirty-nine music videos. The band has released forty-one singles, twenty-eight of which have charted.[11][12][13][14][15] Korn has earned two Grammy Awards out of seven nominations[16][17] and two MTV Video Music Awards out of eleven nominations.[18]

Jonathan Davis
James "Munky" Shaffer
Brian "Head" Welch
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu
Ray Luzier

Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Full Series

Synyster Gates,Zacky Vengeance: Avenged Sevenfold @ Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival - Jack Lue Series

Avenged Sevenfold (sometimes abbreviated as A7X) are an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1999. The band's members are lead vocalist M. Shadows, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Zacky Vengeance, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Synyster Gates, bass guitarist Johnny Christ and drummer Arin Ilejay.

They are known for their diverse rock sound and dramatic imagery in album covers and t-shirts.Avenged Sevenfold emerged with a metalcore sound on their debut Sounding the Seventh Trumpet but their style had evolved by their third album and first major label release, City of Evil, into a hard rock/heavy metal sound. The band continued to explore new sounds with their self-titled release and enjoyed continued mainstream success before their drummer, James "The Rev" Sullivan, died in 2009.

Despite his death, the band continued on with help of now-former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and released and toured in support of their fifth album Nightmare in 2010 which debuted on the top spot of the Billboard 200, their first number one debut.[4] Their latest record Hail to the King released in 2013 marks the album debut of new drummer Arin Ilejay. Hail to the King charted as #1 on the US Billboard 200, the UK albums chart, as well as the Finnish, Brazilian, Canadian, and Irish charts.

Members M. Shadows
Zacky Vengeance
Synyster Gates
Johnny Christ
Arin Ilejay

Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Full Series

Danny Ramirez: Transition - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

I finish this song "Transition" especially to represent my town (Guatemala) in this competition, i composed this song like an experiment between some musical genres you can find in one song (Pop, Rock, Hard Rock and Progressive). I born in Guatemala, i have 30 years old, i started to play guitar when i was 15, now i am a music producer and the lead guitar in several bands and teaching private and online music lessons. Music is my passion and life Style.

"Transition" by Danny Ramirez - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4