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Adrian Weiss: Easy Game - Camel's Dance - and support for Christian Muenzner Band

Adrian Weiss, Christian Muenzner,Thorsten Praest: Easy Game
I just wanted to share with you the first video clip from my new album Easy Game of the song Camel´s Dance. Thanks to SBW Entertainment and SkyMo for the awesome work on filming and editing.
Here it is. Enjoy!

Adrian Weiss - Camel's Dance (Video/ Easy Game [HD])

There will be more videos coming up soon. Yesterday we shot on set at the Villa Media in Wuppertal with my entire band. I´m really excited about how it´s gonna turn out. We chose the song Awkward Silence.

This coming weekend the Adrian Weiss Band will play at the TS Customs Anniversary Party along with 3 other acts.

I am also thrilled to announce that we will play a concert with the Christian Muenzner Band at the Pitcher in Düsseldorf on Friday, December 5th 2014.
This will be the first Christian Muenzner solo concert ever, so make sure you don´t miss it. He has former Necrophagist- and Obscura-Drummer Hannes Grossmann with him as well as current Obscura members Linus Klausnitzer on Bass and Tom Geldschläger on guitar. It´s going to be an instrumental highlight!

In case you haven´t checked out my new album yet, why not have a listen at Bandcamp:


My albums are also available at
iTunes and other outfits.

Timo Somers: Aristides Instruments Debuts Music Video Featuring Delain’s Timo Somers

Aristides Instruments Debuts Music Video Featuring Delain’s Timo Somers

HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS OCTOBER 7, 2014 – Aristides Instruments is premiering a new music video featuring Delain guitarist, Timo Somers. Previously considered one of the best kept secrets in guitar innovation over the past five years, the company has recently been catapulted into the limelight by media and artists. Likewise, Timo’s notability continues to grow as he travels the world performing lead guitar duties in symphony metal’s Delain.

Coinciding with recent launch of the new 060 guitar, Aristides and Timo collaborated on a new music video to demonstrate the versatility of the new model’s design and electronic configuration. Performing his instrumental song, “Anthem”, Timo uses the songs driving rhythms as a canvas to paint a variety of tones that often would take multiple guitars to achieve. Along with demonstrating how well the guitar sounds, Timo also executes a variety of playing techniques to illustrate the innovative design aspects from the company.

Timo adds this: “From my early years on, I had a love for super strats. I played a lot of them before I found out I wasn't really satisfied with their tone and moved on to other kinds of guitars. I started playing Aristides a few years ago and found 'my guitars'. I love my Aristides 070 deeply, I tour the world with it and have recorded a fair amount of albums with it. When I heard Aristides was going to make a 6 string version of that with the vibe of a super strat, I was very excited and decided to give it a chance. I was blown away. This is officially the first super strat that actually out plays any other one when it comes to playability but more importantly sounds so rich, fat and dynamic. The Aristides 060 is the first super strat where you don't have to sacrifice playability for tone. It sounds huge and plays equally well. As any other Aristides guitar: it kicks wood in the nuts.”

The 060 is a one piece constructed, 25.5” scale electric guitar available with passive or active electronics. The passive models come equipped with either Seymour Duncan or Bare Knuckle pickups. A five-way switch combined with a single volume control and single tone provide for a wide variety of pickup configurations. The active models are available with Seymour Duncan Blackouts, EMG81/60 combo and EMG 57/66 combo, a three way toggle super switch, a single volume and a single tone control. All components, for both passive and active models, are MEC Electronics. The C shaped neck is 1.65” wide at the nut and topped off with a compound (12”-16”) radius ebony fretboard fitted with 24 medium jumbo frets. Hardware is available in chrome, black or gold finishes and includes a Hipshot Hardtail with Atristides custom made stainless steel Tone Block or Floyd Rose Original tremolo, Hipshot Griplock tuners and Schaller straplocks. Each guitar is set up with either a Graphtech Black Tusq nut or Floyd Rose locking nut, D’Addario Nickel Wound XL 10-56 strings and outfitted with an anti-theft security microchip. Available in matte black, white high gloss or Deep Sky Blue Matte Metallic finishes the guitar ships with a Gator XL hard case.

The history of Aristides Instruments begins in 1995 when a group of Dutch scientists teamed with the Technical University Delft to develop a material with perfect acoustic properties. By evaluating the woods traditionally used in making musical instruments, analysis led to a technical study of cell structures and differences between them. If they could answer the question “What happens to a sound wave in a material at a cell level?” it would then be possible to design the ideal cell structure. 15 years of research ultimately led to the development of the tone material called Arium.

By 2007, Aristides Instruments started developing guitars with the new material. Focused on achieving incredible playability, innovative design and utilizing the acoustic properties of Arium, they teamed with the world renowned Bouwmeester van Rens design agency. Since their development, the guitars have received international recognition in both the musical and design worlds for their revolutionary achievements.

Aristides Instruments is not the first to build instruments out of materials other than wood. But Aristides Instruments is different. Arium has been specifically developed to not only equal, but also improve the quality and performance of a material used to build a musical instrument. Arium has no fiber structure. This allows it to vibrate three dimensionally, increasing sustain and volume. Arium also does not contain water so it is more stable and requires less maintenance. By creating an exoskeleton design using a semi-monocoque construction, sound waves can resonate throughout the entire instrument without disruption, providing the player and listener with an improved aural experience.

MSRP: $2223 EURO or $2810 USD ex. VAT

To learn more about Aristides Instruments, please visit www.aristidesinstruments.com
To learn more about Timo Somers, please visit www.timosomers.com

Ben Higgins: Another 30 Shredders

New album 'MR. BADASS' Out now !

Ben Higgins - Guitars, bass
Andrew "Spring" De Carolis - Drums


This track is just a bit of fun I cooked up. The aim was to sound like the players in some way by either emulating some of their common phrasing ideas or referencing well known solos of theirs but not to directly cover or copy anything exactly.

Another 30 Shredders

Nick Johnston: Atomic Mind - Full album stream

Atomic Mind | FULL ALBUM STREAM | Nick Johnston

Nick Johnston: Atomic Mind

Atomic Mind 0:00
Ghost Of The Robot Graveyard 4:39
Last Deals Of Dead Men 9:52
Silver Tongued Devil (Feat. Guthrie Govan) 16:12
Out Of The Wasteland 24:29
Wonderful Madness 28:01
Ultra Force 33:08
Scoundrel's Lounge 37:56
Lost In a Dream 44:26
My Final Days On a Doomed Planet 48:35

©2014 Nick Johnston Music
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Bryan Beller - Bass
Guthrie Govan - Guest solos on 'Silver Tongued Devil'
NJ - Guitars
All music written by Nick Johnston
Atomic Mind | FULL ALBUM STREAM | Nick Johnston

Mitsuyo: Nekosogi Radical play through from "G.O.D.II" with Skervesen Swan 7

"Nekosogi Radical(ネコソギラジカル)" from our new album "G.O.D.II".
"G.O.D.II" Now on sale!!

You can get the backing track and TAB here:

Skervesen / Swan 7 Straight
Fractal Audio Systems / AXE FXⅡ
RME / FireFace 400

mixed at Dirty Room Studio

Amazon : http://www.amazon.co.jp/G-O-D-II-GUIT...
タワーレコード : http://tower.jp/item/3670434/G-O-D--II
ディスクユニオン : http://diskunion.net/portal/ct/detail...
メロンブックス : http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_...

G.O.D.II: next generation guitar heroes from Asia.

G.O.D.II will also be available on iTunes Store, Amazon MP3 etc.
G.O.D.IIはiTunes Store、Amazon MP3等でも配信予定です。

01 : Sense Of Wonder / Godspeed
02 : ネコソギラジカル / Mitsuyo
03 : Alternative Tactics, Second Urgent Issue / 大和
04 : An Escape / Oka Satoshi (Aquarius)
05 : coastline / ボーグ
06 : Sigurðr / ぎぶそん
07 : Lust for Blood / setsat
08 : Skyphobia / Seku
09 : Free Wing / AZ

For more information, go to

"Nekosogi Radical" from our new album "G.O.D.II" / Skervesen Swan 7

Satoshi Oka: .strandberg* competition and play through from G.O.D.II

Hi. My name is Satoshi Oka. I am 22 years old and was born and raised in Japan. I've been playing guitar since I was 15. I wrote this tune for the contest. It is called Virustdust, and I hope you enjoy it.

Virusdust / Satoshi Oka - Strandberg Competition Entry

"An Escape" from our new album "G.O.D.II".
"G.O.D.II" Now on sale!!
You can get the backing track and TAB here:

Schecter BH-I-24-STD
Kemper Profiling Amplifier

recorded at ViViX Studio

more info go to http://www.vivix.info/god/


Satoshi Oka(Aquarius) - An Escape (from G.O.D.II)

G.O.D.II: next generation guitar heroes from Asia.
"G.O.D.II" introduces the new era of the next generation guitar heroes from asia.

G.O.D. is a group of top-notch guitar players, but they're not just the guitarists but they're the excellent composers too. The 1st album "G.O.D." was released in 2013, and after their debut, 2 new talents joined the group and made an incredibly great guitar instrumental album "G.O.D.II". It contains a variety of guitar music like rock, metal, progressive metal, orchestral, fusion and so on.

01 : Sense Of Wonder / Godspeed
02 : ネコソギラジカル / Mitsuyo
03 : Alternative Tactics, Second Urgent Issue / 大和
04 : An Escape / Oka Satoshi (Aquarius)
05 : coastline / ボーグ
06 : Sigurðr / ぎぶそん
07 : Lust for Blood / setsat
08 : Skyphobia / Seku
09 : Free Wing / AZ

Lasse Lund: .strandberg* competition competition

I’m Lasse Lund from Copenhagen/Denmark, where I live in a not-any-longer-apartment-but-rather-a-mu­sic-studio. I’ve played the guitar for 10 years now and have a technical death metal background, but over the past few years I’ve also experimented with elements from other metal and rock genres in two of my solo projects.

Strandberg competition ‪#‎winastrandbergguitar‬ #strandberg

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades of Blue - Number 1 Billboard Album This Week.

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades of Blue - Number 1 Billboard Album This Week. Watch Now!

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades of Blue

Philip Sayce: Influence - Track By Track and UK tour dates 2014

Philip Sayce - Influence - Track By Track video

Philip Sayce - Fade Into You [Lyric Video]


Thursday 20th November 2014
Tickets: £14.00 plus booking fees
Book online: www.boxofficeaberdeen.com
Venue box office: 01224 619 930
Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB10 1BF

Friday 21st November 2014
Tickets: £14.00 plus booking fees
Book online: http://bit.ly/1wdX1D4
Further Info: 01312 202 514
37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JG

Saturday 22nd November 2014
Tickets: £15.00
Box office: 01332 834 438
Venue box office: 01332 204955
Tickets can also be booked online from these retailers:www.gigantic.com - 0115 807 7900 / www.seetickets.com - 0115 912 9000
www.ticketline.co.uk - 0844 888 9991 / www.ticketweb.co.uk - 0844 477 1000
25, King Street, Derby, DE1 3DZ

Monday 24th November 2014
Tickets: £12adv / Box Office: 0208 761 9078
Book online: www.feenstra.co.uk
The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Lane, Sutton SM1 2EY

Tuesday 25th November 2014
Tickets: £12.00 (subject to booking fee)
Box Office: 0845 6050255
Book Online: www.thetunnelsbristol.co.uk
Arches 31 & 32, Bristol & Exeter Mews, Lower Station
Approach Road, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6QF

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Bad Social - new track from Jam Track Central

Available here:


Vinai T is back with a classic new full length track. This composition was written by and features Samsung Wattanakun (keys) and Note Weerachut (drums), Thailand's most sought after rhythm section....and man, can they play!! Vinai then comes along, axe in hand, and glues the whole track together with a blistering performance, as expected. This track has it all....catchy melodies, bad-ass riffs, and some awesome solos full of great licks.

You can learn every note of this track with trusty JTC tab/notation, as well as jam along with the guys using the included backing track. The video will also help you dissect each and every lick!
Vinai T 'Bad Social' at Jamtrackcentral.com

Vinai T 'Bad Social' at Jamtrackcentral.com

News: 5 Common Crowdfunding Mistakes

About time... I've seen too many failed Crowd funding fundraisers.

Want to crowdfund and not sure how?

In this Indiegogo webinar "5 Common Crowdfunding Mistakes" we explore some of the misconceptions and common mistakes made by first-time crowdfunding campaign owners. We discuss methods for avoiding early mishaps as well as best practices for seeing a successful crowdfunding campaigns through completion.

Check out more information on our site: www.indiegogo.com

Sign up for our next live webinar: http://landing.indiegogo.com/webinars/
[VIDEO] 5 Rookie Crowdfunding Mistakes by Indiegogo

Crowdfunding Marketing 101

How To Not SUCK at Crowdfunding!

Tim Reynolds: TR3 Iridium Live

TR3 "Kashmir" Featuring Tim Reynolds of the Dave Mathews Band.
TR3 rocked the house last night at the Iridium and the new multi cam webcast, it was their CD Release Party for their new album “Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion”
Tim Reynolds: Guitars, vocals Mick Vaughn: Bass, vocals Dan Martier: Drums, vocals
Shot and Mixed by Lance McVickar

TR3 "Kashmir" Featuring Tim Reynolds Iridium Live multicam webcast

TR3 Featuring Tim Reynolds Iridium Live

Tom Hess: The Best Method For Playing Tremolo Picking Guitar Technique With Unbelievable Speed

The Best Method For Playing Tremolo Picking Guitar Technique With Unbelievable Speed
By Tom Hess
Do you strongly desire to play with lightning fast tremolo picking guitar technique? It’s actually a lot easier than you might expect. In reality, tons of guitarists have a hard time playing fast tremolo picking lines because they are under the impression that merely moving their hands faster will lead them actually play faster. However, this conventional wisdom is entirely false and I’ll tell you why...
A huge amount of guitarists already have the ability to play as fast as any virtuoso player. However, they (and you) are held back by the distance that the pick moves through the string whenever they pick a note. Unfortunately, many guitarists NEVER realize this and believe that their picking motions are already effective and their slow playing comes from not being able to move their hand faster (when in reality it’s the total opposite).
To develop insane tremolo picking speed, you must increase the frequency at which your pick comes into contact with the string (don’t confuse this with simply moving your hand faster). When you do this, you strike the string many more times and your tremolo picking speed shoots through the ceiling!
Before you continue reading, check out the video below so you can see how to practice this for yourself:

Like you saw in the video above, you will immediately play with two times the tremolo picking speed by merely splitting your pick attack distance in half. Now that you are familiar with this idea, begin picking faster using the exercise below:
Rule number one of developing your picking speed: you need to always watch your picking hand as you practice picking technique! Whenever you use up all your guitar practice time by watching your fretting hand or not even looking at your hands at all, you will struggle to make any strong gains in your picking speed.
To begin developing faster picking speed, select an open string to use tremolo picking on and go through the following steps:
Step One: Continually pick using sixteenth notes at a slower bpm for around 15 seconds. Angle your pick at about a 40 degree angle while facing it towards the headstock of the guitar. This will keep you from losing dynamics or picking lightly while reducing picking movements. Like this:
Note: You will also generate greater power in your picking attack while using less effort by playing with a thicker pick (1.50 mm or more) instead of a thin one.
Step Two: Next, play at about a 10% faster rate while continuing to pick for an additional 5-10 seconds. Remember to keep watching your picking hand and maintain compact picking motions. This will make sure that no unneeded movement is being used that would keep you from increasing speed.
Step Three: Gradually raise the tempo you are picking at while still paying careful attention to your picking hand motions to reduce the distance between up/down strokes as much as you can. Additionally, pay attention to the following:
-Don’t ignore power and articulation whenever you are cutting down the distance in your pick attack. Keep a good amount of articulation in your attack by putting more of the pick in the string. This way you will be able to produce small picking motions while still maintaining a booming, powerful attack (instead of picking with the very tip of the pick like so many guitarists do - reducing their articulation).
-Your forearm and picking hand shoulder MUST be very relaxed whenever you are picking fast. It will not help you to tense up these muscles... it will only make you tired while increasing the chances of injury. Try to keep these muscles completely relaxed as you notice your speed increasing.
Keep raising your speed until you are tremolo picking at the maximum speed possible. Continue playing at this speed for an additional ten seconds or so.
Step Four: Now take a short break from playing for a minute before repeating the first three steps three more times. To improve your tremolo picking technique even more, switch between playing open strings and playing fretted notes (this will produce different levels of tension in the strings and challenge you to get better). Use this exercise together with an effective guitar practice routine to get HUGE results in your speed picking ability.
IMPORTANT: This concept of shortening the distance in your picking attack can be used in other areas besides just tremolo picking! As demonstrated in the video above, you should also implement this idea into your playing while using multiple string guitar licks and scales. This will combine your tremolo picking with other areas of your lead guitar technique and raise your overall speed.
Using the lick below together with the exercise above. While doing this, focus on your picking hand so that you keep your pick attack as tight as possible (while playing with plenty of power and loudness).
Now that you know how to build tons of tremolo picking speed, know that this is only ONE part of becoming a very fast guitarist. To understand more about the other factors for building fast guitar speed, check out this mini course about how to play guitar faster.
To learn a ton more about how to not only increase your max guitar speed but also become a highly accomplished musician, take the best online rock guitar lessons.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and virtuoso guitar player. He teaches guitar players from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. Visit his website tomhess.net to get free guitar playing resources and to read more guitar playing articles.

Joe Chawki: I don't tap much... but when I do.

Joe Chawki

https://www.youtube.com/watch… I don't tap much... I simply am the type of player who likes to find a way to pick through things However, I do tap from time to time...I've given the same lick twice once with each pickup bc the sound is slightly different!... I really don't do the 8 finger or 7 finger thing, it's more or less just an extension of runs...something like Howe...Perhaps I'll do an arpeggio example next....

Tapping Neck

Tapping Bridge

Joe Chawki https://soundcloud.com/joe-chawki/alchemists-ii-lead Another rare tapping lead I did for Maestro Chris Brooks

Hedras Ramos: Hedras Ramos - Anastasya - Live in Vietnam - great live performance

Get Tabs and Backing Track of ANASTASYA at http://hedrasramos.com/index.php/stor...

Song: Anastasya - composed by Hedras Ramos
Album: Atoms and Space
Reserved Rights © 2011
Recorded live in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

GUITAR: Hedras Ramos
DRUMS: Yvol Enuol
BASS: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Live Recording and Drums premix by: Bảo Nhạc Việt
Mixed by: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Video Recording by: Sơn Nhacviet
Video editing by: Hedras Ramos Sr.

Eric Kim - Cort Guitars and Basses
Judy Lee - Cort Guitars and Basses
Bảo Nhạc Việt - Nhạc Việt

Hedras Ramos - Anastasya (Live in Vietnam)

News: Orange Amplification Sponsor The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2014 In Los Angeles

Orange Amplification Sponsor The Classic Rock Roll of Honour
2014 In Los Angeles

For the fifth consecutive year Orange Amplification is delighted to be the presenting sponsor of the 2014 Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards. The awards will be held at the prestigious Avalon in Hollywood, California on Tuesday 4th November. Now in its tenth year, the event is one of the most highly respected music award ceremonies of the rock and roll calendar, attracting the biggest names in the business.

Grammy Award winner and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Sammy Hagar will host the star-studded ceremony which will honour some of the world’s greatest classic rock bands in one of the most iconic rock cities on the globe. Previous hosts include Alice CooperGene Simmons and Duff McKagan.

The prestigious Living Legend award is also sponsored by Orange Amplification and this year it will be presented to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and icon Gregg Allman. Commenting on the award Gregg said “I am so very honored to be receiving this award from Classic Rock. The magazine is one of my favourites and they are always so generous to me and the Brothers.” Previous winners of theLiving Legend Award include: Jeff BeckAlice CooperJimmy PageLemmy KilmisterOzzy OsbourneIggy Pop and ZZ Top.

Orange have been associated with many rock legends over the years and it is no surprise that The Classic Rock Roll of Honour nominations include many of their ambassadors. Orange nominees for The Best Band Award include Blues PillsDeaf HavanaBlackwolf and Purson. Fighting out for Album of the Year are Rival Sons with their timeless fourth album ‘Great Western Valkyrie’ and Glenn Hughes'new supergroup California Breed with their self-titled album, one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2014. When Glenn Hughes plugged into an Orange AD200 bass amp he said “it was as though it had been designed for me!”

“It is always exciting to be involved with one of the most highly respected music award ceremonies in the world” said Cliff Cooper, founder and CEO of Orange Amplification “and for the awards to be hosted in Los Angeles for the first time with so many ambassadors up for awards again makes it doubly so.”

To find out more about the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour and vote for your favourites go to  http://awards.classicrock.teamrock.com/

To find out more about Orange Amplification, their endorsees and the gear they use, visit

Gianluca Ferro: *New* 20 Metal Fusion Licks on Jam Track Central

20 Metal Fusion Licks

Gianluca Ferro's 8 finger metal fusion tapping arpeggios are truely a sight to behold, and with his new 20 licks package, you can learn all sorts of crazy arpeggios, tapping/8 finger tapping, legato, obscure scales and modes, and more. Each lick really puts you to the test! Here is what Gianluca has to say:

"For this package I wanted a very harmonically basic track which allows the improviser to experiment with all the possible scales and modes without restricting the melodic possibilities within a certain harmonic progression. This way you can build your own harmony through your scale choices and interval spelling. Those lick’s doesn’t belong to a specific idiom or music genre, they have a very exotic, experimental flavour combining synthetic ethnic scales, jazz fusion ideas and shred rock techniques.

As for the way you can approach this material, try to think of it as a collection of different ideas; you can learn the whole lick or just a small section, trying to replicate it in different tonalities. Some of those licks feature weird fingerings and interval combinations. By doing that you can get some very fresh and modern sounding phrases. When you change fingering patterns and practice more and more, you will find that you will learn new “paths” throughout the fingerboard, breaking some obstacles and enriching the various ways of determining a phrase. You might compose or improvise your solos or both, but in all cases the main point is to develop a personal style and, perhaps, a personal language. Take those phrases/exercises as a creative tool by understanding the logic behind them and the scales they are based on. Eventually write some music examples of your own and never forget to have fun!"

It is available to purchase and download right now, whereas Premium Members just hit the +MyTracks button for instant access!

Check out the preview video below of what to expect.


*New* 20 Metal Fusion Licks by Gianluca Ferro

Sherry Lin: 小歐 plays Emotive Ballad - Guthrie Govan

小歐 (Sherry) very nice job on the Guthrie Govan backing track.

Sherry Lin is currently based in Los Angeles, California

Musicians Institute
Guitar Institute of Technology · Los Angeles, California

National Taipei University of Education
Class of 2012 · Taipei, Taiwan

國立臺灣師範大學 National Taiwan Normal University
2013 to 2014 · Visual Arts and Design · Taipei, Taiwan

Sherry Lin on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sherry.lin.5477

Emotive Ballad - Guthrie Govan (cover)

Eric Snyder: Shred guitar- 8 finger tapping lesson

Eric Snyder guitar instruction and Ten Fingers of Doom present a guitar lesson in 8 finger tapping.


Shred guitar- 8 finger tapping lesson

Jeff Sipe,Mike Seal,Taylor Lee: Trio new album Releasing October 21

Jeff Sipe (Drums); Mike Seal (Guitar); Taylor Lee (Bass)

“That the power of the melody comes through matters more than anything to me,” reflects drummer, composer, and bandleader Jeff Sipe. His selfless dedication to the song at hand – to elevating it, enriching it, and propelling it – is why Sipe has long been considered a leading light in a vital, unique musical landscape that expands to encompass elements of jazz, rock, country, and funk. It’s a landscape he helped to create, over a career now spanning more than three decades and including membership in such influential outfits as Colonel Bruce Hampton’s Aquarium Rescue Unit and, along with collaborations with Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg, Phil Lesh, Béla Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Warren Haynes & the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration, Debashish Bhattacharya and many more.

This terrain, as the new self-titled album from his Jeff Sipe Trio proves, is still very fertile ground. For while Jeff Sipe Trio, available October 21, 2014 on Abstract Logix, contains no shortage of instrumental virtuosity, what truly distinguishes it is the band’s deeply held commitment to melody, and the profound emotional dimensions it conveys.

“The song choices that were made for this record all stressed the importance of having strong melodies,” he continues, “in both the compositions and the way we improvised. This material is strong enough to stand on its own – these are songs, first and foremost.”

The accessible, open-hearted compositions that make up Jeff Sipe Trio are largely contributed by Sipe’s partners in the trio, guitarist Mike Seal and bassist Taylor Lee.

“I first heard Mike Seal when he was 20 years old,” Sipe recalls. “I was immediately impressed with his style. This is a guy with a strong connection to the Appalachian gospel sonbook and an advanced ear for harmony. His rhythmic sense is also really highly developed, partially because he plays finger style, without a pick. This gives him a natural polyrhythmic approach.”

Throughout Jeff Sipe Trio, Seal melds seamlessly with bassist Taylor Lee, who beautifully exploits the full range and potential of his instrument, from driving subterranean basslines to singing, upper-register lead passages. Now only 25, Lee has played with Sipe for the past four years. “His love of music is obvious,” Sipe explains, “and his dedication to the bass has produced a truly inspired musician, with an intuitive gift for melody and a really great feel.” And they're among the nicest people you'll meet!

Sipe knew that these two musicians would work well together. “As we started to play as a group,” he recalls, “it became clear we were all on the same page. We all gravitated towards the same kind of original material, and when we wanted to add some cover tunes to the set, we were suggesting some of the same stuff.” The two outside compositions on Jeff Sipe Trio – John Coltrane’s “Naima” and Hank Williams’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – imply the wide breadth of their collective influences.

As the studio debut for this group, Sipe wanted the album to both reflect their captivating live shows and take advantage of the studio’s potential for refinement and expansion. “Everything was cut live as a trio,” he explains. “Then we’d choose the best version of each song and take advantage of the studio by treating the magic moments”.

Often the dynamic, responsive interplay between Sipe, Seal, and Lee would suggest subtle new harmonic or rhythmic embellishments that were then amplified by tasteful overdubs.

All of this material is structured,” Sipe continues, “but within that structure is a lot of improvisation. We were able to take the magic that happens and enrich a bit. For example, on ‘Niama,’ I played a triplet drum lick transitioning out of the guitar solo, ascending from low to high. After listening back to it, I said, ‘Why don’t you guys go with me on that?’ Within just a few seconds, they had an arrangement in mind, and we tracked it. It sounds like it was worked out that way in advance.” The result is a series of concentrated performances that take advantage of the of the trio’s strength in both formal and fluid contexts.

From Seal’s pointillist & funky “Trumpets” to Lee’s delicately dancing “Banna Pudding” to Sipe’s driving “Happy Evil Happy,” Jeff Sipe Trio is a compelling example of the endless possibilities of the improvising trio. “The trio format is still exciting to me,” Sipe explains. “It’s very transparent. There is nobody there to lean on — you have to play. You’ve got to be supportive and expressive at the same time. It’s a challenge to play in a way that fills out the sound without grandstanding. It demands that melody, rhythm, and harmony all be active.”

This trio, in particular, is one that is particularly intriguing to Sipe, and one that he sees a promising future with. “There were tunes that we didn’t put on this record,” he says, “because we’re already looking forward to doing them on the next one. Right now, this trio is my life.”

SKU SKU26081
Track 1 Trumpets
Track 2 Alberta
Track 3 Banana Pudding
Track 4 April
Track 5 Lightning Man
Track 6 Renee
Track 7 Naima
Track 8 Hometown
Track 9 I'm So Lonesome I could Cry
Track 10 Happy Evil

Pascal Corriu: Organik - classy rock fusion - tasteful stratification

Emmanuel Beer on Hammond organ ; Stephane Beuvelet on drums ;Pascal Corriu on guitar and composition .
Recorded by Alain Pype, mixed by Reynald Evrard
Filmed by Olivier Gaches and Sebastien Tuffery
Sound mastering by John Davis at Metropolis .

Organik : and slowly it had begun to run ....

Organik :Fat Time, an heavy tune ,,made loud to be listened louder

Organik : Movin on (Some cool trippy sounds ..)

Drewsif Stalin, Nikki Simmons: Drewsif Stalin' s Musical Endeavors - Wrecking Ball - Euroblast 2014


Which camera did you use? *Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7

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Drewsif Stalin' s Musical Endeavors - Wrecking Ball [Euroblast 2014]

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders - The Woven Web - Live Euroblast Festival 2014

Animals As Leaders live at Euroblast 2014
Sorry for the bad quality (editor - sounded OK to me :) )

Animals As Leaders - The Woven Web - Live Euroblast Festival 2014

A bit closer to the front for this one.

Animals as leaders / Tempting Time @Euroblast Cologne Germany 2014

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas at EuroBlast 2014

Nice playing from Richie Allan as the Heavy Metal Ninjas take EuroBlast 2014 by storm.

Heavy Metal Ninjas at EuroBlast 2014

Vicente Amigo: upcoming Europe tour dates 2014

Upcoming dates:
On 10 October: Uppsala, Sweden
On 17 October: Almonte, huelva
On 21 October: theater, the zarzuela, Madrid
On 24 October: Palau of music, Barcelona
On 3 December: prinzregenten theater, Munich
On 6 December: Auditorium Manuel failure, Granada

Upcoming dates:
October 10 Th: Uppsala, Sweden
October 17 th: Almonte huelva
October 21 St: zarzuela theater, Madrid
October 24 Th: Palau of music, Barcelona
December 3rd: prinzregenten theater, Munich
December 6th, MANUEL failure Auditorium, Granada

Vicente Amigo: Bolero del Amigo