Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bunpeycon San: Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker Guitar Cover

I'll I play Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn in steve vai model in jem77 of ibanez 
PC: Amplitubexgear → ua-25EX (LINEOUT) → Canon Kissx4
* line recorded live test in connection ** previously uploaded was editing the middle of a backing track Tsukai beneath x_x that data could not be completed disappear

Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker Guitar Cover

Andy James: DVmark - Live at M.A.I

Andy James Live at M.A.I - DVmark demo
Poney Club

Jack Bruce: Bass player Dead at 71 RIP

JACK BRUCE, the bass player and lead singer with the rock group Cream, died yesterday of liver disease, aged 71. Bruce was the vocalist and writer for the band Cream writing many of their greatest hits, including I Feel Free, Sunshine of Your Love and White Room. Bruce finally off to that white with black curtains...NEWS

Read the about his career

RIP ...

Cream - White Room (Royal Albert Hall 2005) (17 of 22)

Divaldi Addina: Play Perpetual Burn Live at Mall Margo City-Depok

This Video was taken on Sunday 19 / 2014.
Live at Suzuki event- Shoping Mall Margo City - Depok.

Divaldi Addina -Play Perpetual Burn Live at Mall Margo City-Depok (HD)

Guthrie Govan: 20 Essential Guthrie Licks

20 Essential Guthrie Licks

There is no doubt that Guthrie Govan is the king of improvisation and is one of the biggest influences on guitar players around the world today. So to really help understand just how his brain works as he weaves around the fretboard we picked out 20 of his best licks from his mountain of JTC content and drafted in Guitar Breakdown expert David Clayton to thoroughly analyse them. And there is A LOT to analyse.....with the DELUXE package you get a massive 2 hours of video content where David breaks down the theory, technique and various concepts that Guthrie uses to create his signature licks.

If you really want to understand how Guthrie works then this is an essential lesson package for you to study. By the end you will be able to start implementing many of Guthrie's ideas and concepts into your own playing to help you become a beter player.

The package is available in two options:

Standard - 40 videos including the original Guthrie lick, plus a slow play-through by David Clayton, complete tab/notation, audio and track notes.

DELUXE - Includes everything in standard plus 2 hours of video lesson content by David Clayton, to help guide you through the techniques, theory and delivery of each lick!

Rick Graham: String Skipping Arpeggios

It's Arpeggi O' Clock - Time for some String Skipping Arpeggios
Rick Graham
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Danny Bryant: De Bosuil - Netherlands

Live Video Recording of the concert of Danny Briant at De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands) by Special Events Productions.

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Uli Jon Roth: live at De Bosuil - multi camera angle

Live Video Recording of the concert of Uli Jon Roth at De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands) by Special Events Productions.

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Torje Amundsen: The Amundsen lick - monster weeping in birdseye view

Camera down the line of the neck to check out monster weeping in birdseye view by Torje Amundsen

Torje Amundsen: The Amundsen lick

Chris Gordon: 2 more strings = 8 string expansiveness

Real Estate Lick
Chris Gordon
Working on some new ideas

Andy LaRocque, Mike Wead: King Diamond - The Pageant in St. Louis, 2014

King Diamond is a Danish heavy metal band formed in 1985 by vocalist King Diamond, guitarists Andy LaRocque and Michael Denner, bassist Timi Hansen and drummer Mikkey Dee. Diamond, Denner and Hansen had recently departed the group Mercyful Fate, and decided to form a new band under the King Diamond moniker, as it was already known from the Mercyful Fate days.[1][2] In 1985, King Diamond released their debut album Fatal Portrait. Since then the band have released a total of twelve studio albums (most of them concept albums), two live albums, two extended plays, five compilations and five singles.

Since the band's inception, there have been over fifteen musicians in and out of King Diamond, with the only two mainstays being vocalist King Diamond and guitarist Andy LaRocque.[3] In 1987 the band released their second studio release Abigail (their first concept album). Throughout the 1980s, King Diamond released a total of four studio albums. In the early 90's, the band was put on hold when King Diamond reunited with his former outfit Mercyful Fate.[3][4] After reforming King Diamond in 1994, Diamond would balance recording and touring with both Mercyful Fate and his eponymous band throughout the 90's. Since the early 2000s, King Diamond have kept recording and touring and since 2001 the band has been composed of vocalist King Diamond, guitarist Andy LaRocque, guitarist Mike Wead, bassist Hal Patino and drummer Matt Thompson.

King Diamond @ The Pageant in St. Louis, Mo 10/22/2014
by MusickFreak
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55 minutes

Joe Bonamassa: Bloodline - The Storm

Joe Bonamassa - Bloodline - The Storm
Teenage Joe Bonamassa does some impressive shredding on the song "The Storm" circa 1995 as a member of the short-lived band Bloodline, along with drummer Erin Davis (son of Miles Davis), rhythm guitarist Waylon Krieger (son of Robby Krieger), bassist and lead vocalist Berry Oakley, Jr. (son of Berry Oakley), and veteran keyboard player Lou Segreti.
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