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Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia: Polyphia - Finale | (Official Music Video)

Polyphia are a 4 piece instrumental rock band recently signed to 'Equal Vision Records'.

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Polyphia signs to Equal Vision Records for the re-release of their remastered debute record "Muse". Pre-order here:

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Polyphia - Finale | (Official Music Video)

Simone Dow: Voyager - The Seasons Of the Age Australian Tour Dates


Australia’s foremost progressive metal act, Voyager Australia are busting out of their home city of Perth for a national tour this May and June to launch their new video of 'Seasons Of Age' taken from their critically acclaimed album, 2014’s V.

V landed in the Top Ten of practically every media outlets Years End list for 2014. A powerful and melodic feast for the senses, it is a bold and dramatic statement that has been described as ‘pure prog goodness at a world-class level.’ by former Triple M Distortion host Higgo.

Joining Voyager throughout the tour, is brooding French alt-heavyweights, KLONE who’s latest album, Here Comes The Sun, will be released in Australia in April via Bird’s Robe Records.

Klone are another French success story having toured with Gojira and Orphaned Land several times, are regulars on Hellfest, France’s biggest metal festival and will be playing Euroblast festival in later in the year.

Watch Klone’s videos for
Give Up The Rest - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os2-T...
Rocket Smoke - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo3QV...

Come and experience the power, the majesty, the might and the virtuosity that is Voyager live!


Thursday, May 21: Adelaide - Jive
Friday, May 22: Canberra - The Basement
Saturday, May 23: Sydney - The Factory Floor
Friday, May 29: Melbourne - The Evelyn
Saturday, May 30: Brisbane - The Brightside
Friday, June 5: Perth - Amplifier
Saturday, June 6: Bunbury - Prince Of Wales

VOYAGER "Seasons of Age" Australian tour feat. KLONE (France)

Burr Johnson: demonstrates the Fishman Triple Play system, a wireless MIDI interface for your guitar

Get the Triple Play system here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detai...

Professional musician Burr Johnson demonstrates the Fishman Triple Play system, a wireless MIDI interface for your guitar. Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for all the details!

Fishman Triple Play Wireless MIDI Guitar System Demo - Sweetwater Sound

Ron Thal: talks about handling difficult band members

Ron gave his thoughts on how to deal with difficult band members at his guitar clinic on March 7th 2015 at the Mash House in Edinburgh

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal on difficult band members

Rick Graham: talks about Rick's "InstaGraham" Licks

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1) Rick's Instagraham Licks - Combining Hybrid & Legato

Marco De Francesco, Joe McGurk, Thorbjörn Englund: Lion music announce three new releases

Lion music announce upcoming releases - We have three absolutely fantastic releases from some amazing guitarists to be released soon:

Marco De Francesco - The Wizard (March 20)
Influenced by players such as John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons, Italy's new master of the guitar makes a stunning release with "The Wizard". This is a piece of really amazing music that stands out very well on it's own in an othrwize overcrowded market.

Just like his heroes Marco showcases a great sense of melody and combines tasteful playing with great chops AND most of all: Marco knows how to write a tune as well!

Check out the excellent onterview with Marco at www.progpulse.com !

Joe McGurk (Opposing Motion) - Elements (April 17)
Joe McGurk of Opposing Motion has completed his first solo album "Elements" mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward, this is a super top notch sounding album with interesting compositions and superb performances.

1) Wind (The Calming Violence)
2) Fire (The Pain and Beauty)
3) Water (The Graceful Stranger)
4) Earth (The Aging Wisdom)
5) Elements (For Guitar and Orchestra)
6) Movement II - Requiem/Lacrymosa
7) Movement III - Grand Finale

Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Ward at the Trakshak

Guitars/Bass: Joe McGurk
Drums: Kevin Deplanche

All music and orchestrations by Joe McGurk except intro to track 2 transcribed and adapted from Mozart's Dies Irae. Front cover art by Caio Caldas

Check out the excellent onterview with Joe at www.progpulse.com
Thorbjörn Englund (Sabaton/Winterlong) - From the Wilderness (TBA)

George Marios: Melodic Phrasing Tips - Guitar Mastery Made Simple

Here´s another sample from George´s upcoming DVDs "Guitar Mastery Made Simple".

George Marios: Melodic Phrasing Tips

Dmitry Proskurin: Fury - shares a ripping track from my upcoming album “Seven emotions”

Hey guys! I’d like to share with you one track from my upcoming album “Seven emotions”. This album is essentially autobiography, true story of 19 years of struggle to stay alive.
Thank you for listening! Please feel free to like and subscribe. More tracks from this and other albums to come soon on Youtube. Enjoy!

Gear used: Ibanez RG , Axe Fx Fractal Ultra

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Vk : https://vk.com/dmitry_proskurin_music

Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+DmitriyProsk...

Dmitry Proskurin: Fury

Tom Hess: 5 Additional Reasons Why 99% Of Guitar Teachers Will Never Make Six Figures Per Year and How You Can

Tom Hess
5 Additional Reasons Why 99% Of Guitar Teachers Will Never Make Six Figures Per Year and How You Can

By Tom Hess

You can very easily earn six figures per year teaching guitar once you understand how. The first step is to forget about the economy, how big your city is, how many other teachers are out there, or anything else like that. Instead, you must learn from the mistakes of others and apply what you learn into your guitar teaching business.
The following are 5 critical reasons why so many guitar teachers do not earn tons of money, and how you can learn from the misunderstandings they have and accomplish total financial freedom as a guitar teacher:

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #1: Teaching Guitar Lessons To Flaky / Problem Guitar Students
Don’t buy into this terrible guitar teaching myth:

“You have no choice. You just have to deal with teaching problem students”

Problem students are students who consistently arrive late (or not at all) for their lessons, don’t pay on time or haggle with you on your rates, don’t practice the things you show them, try to tell YOU how you should be teaching and are usually just a complete pain in the ass to deal with.
In reality, it’s not at all necessary to teach these types of guitar students... and guitar teachers who achieve great success never do. Why? The following are just a few examples of how such problem students will eventually run your guitar teaching business into the ground:
*Problem students who step all over you by coming to lessons late, not showing up, asking to pay late, etc. – they gain control over you and your power to earn tons of money teaching guitar. Additionally, when you spend a lot of your time with these kinds of students, you are actually missing out on time you could be using to work with serious students who actually want to learn.
*Your teaching schedule will dwindle and dwindle until you no longer have any students left. Problem students almost never stay for longer than a month at most, forcing you to constantly scramble just to replace them and break even.
*These problem students never make significant progress. As a result, they quickly leave lessons and tell everyone that you are simply a “bad teacher.”
What to do about this: the best way to eliminate problem students from your teaching schedule is to employ a strict lesson policy. It must be abundantly clear that you are only looking for dedicated and self-motivated guitar students who want to get huge results in their playing. Tell this to all of your students up from and they will work even harder... becoming better guitarists faster. Then enforce your policy in all circumstances with zero exceptions.
This action will keep away the bad students and will attract the truly serious ones like a magnet. Truth is, serious guitar students are constantly on the lookout for a serious and dedicated guitar teacher who isn’t just accepting anyone for lessons, but actively seeks out people who really want to learn.
Few guitar teachers have the guts to implement such a lesson policy with their students. However, for those who do they always have the best, most dedicated, most high-skilled and satisfied students?and always make a lot more money than everyone else.
Learn how to construct a basic, yet very effective lesson policy for your guitar teaching business in this free eBook about earning much more money as a guitar teacher.

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #2: Copying Other Guitar Teachers
Most new guitar teachers don’t know how to effectively teach guitar or grow their businesses (due to not an effective guitar teacher trainer) Their only method for learning about guitar teaching is looking at what other people are doing and copying it. So, if this is your only way of learning, and you are learning from unsuccessful guitar teachers who barely make enough money to get by, what will be the result? That’s correct, you’ll at most get the exact same low results and eventually end up failing just like they do. You become just a copycat guitar teacher who offers the exact same rates, teaching methods, formats and approach as everyone else.
If you really want to make a lot of money teaching guitar, don’t copy the exact same methods as other local teachers. Rather, develop the best guitar teaching approaches and stand out from the other teachers in your area.
Here are a few ways to do this:
*Market yourself specifically as a niche guitar teacher. Choose a guitar style that you excel in and become the number one local guitar teacher for that style. Most guitar students are seeking someone to show them how to play a specific style, NOT general, cookie-cutter lessons.
*Stop marketing your lessons as “cheap” guitar lessons (or offering cheaper prices than the other local teachers) - offer the best results for your students then charge according to these results. Students want to become great guitarists... they care much less about the price compared to this.
*When you become known for giving the best results (vs. being a “cheaper” alternative of other local guitar teachers), both you and your guitar students win.
Work with an effective guitar teacher trainer to learn how to quickly transform your guitar students into killer players. By simply training with an expert to improve your guitar teaching, you will give yourself an excellent credential that other local teachers do not have. This credential will help your guitar students make faster progress, give you the opportunity to charge more and will set you apart from everyone else around.

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #3: Ruining All Chances For Financial Growth By Using The Same Guitar Teaching Formats
You should never be merely seeking to “get more students”. Your goal as a guitar teaching business owner is to continually offer MORE value and get more results for your students (your current and future ones) while making significantly more money in the process.
The very few guitar teachers who make multiple 6-figures per year while teaching only part-time, use creative guitar teaching formats that help them to add massive value for their students. At the same time, they are also able to reduce the amount of hours they teach every week by half. Watch this video about how to build a guitar teaching business to get information on how you can do this yourself.
Now, here is what the top level guitar teachers NEVER do: they do NOT teach only in 1 to 1 formats all the time (this is what most guitar teachers do). Using this format exclusively simply will not get more results for your guitar students.
(How do I know THIS is how it is for top level guitar teachers? Well, I’ve trained nearly all of them.)

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #4: Not Promoting Guitar Lessons During “Slow Seasons”
A lot of guitar teachers know that there are busy and slow seasons for getting new students. Many of these teachers advertise during the busier months of the year, but stop advertising when everything slows down.
Fact is, regardless of what month it is, there are always people seeking a guitar teacher, and the teachers who earn the most money are the ones who market themselves all year long. In order to make great money as a guitar teacher, you also need to INCREASE your promotional efforts throughout these slower months so you can get the students everyone else overlooks (read more about this in this article on how to keep your guitar students during the summer months).

Guitar Teacher Failure Reason #5: Not Being Aware Of Who Your True Competitors Are As You Work Towards Earning More Money Teaching Guitar
When it comes to being the most high-paid and successful guitar teacher in your city, who is the strongest competitor that stands in your way? If you think it’s “the other guitar teachers in my local area” or “online guitar teachers”, you are 100% mistaken. In reality, YOU are your one, true competitor! Without being aware of it, you are holding yourself back in so many ways - by having cheap pricing, a weak teaching model, NO business model, lackluster marketing, poor lesson policies, etc.
Need some proof? Complete this assessment to see how prepared you are to grow a successful guitar teaching business and find out for yourself.
Most guitar teachers never considered themselves to be business owners... They still think they are simply “guitar teachers”, because they are intimidated by the responsibility of building a “business” and committing to working with an effective guitar teacher trainer. This alone is a huge reason why most guitar teachers never make good money. It all comes from your own IRRATIONAL fears and doubts. Stop holding yourself back and invest into your future, so that you finally move beyond the fears that hold you down. After doing this, you'll finally start to see the path to earning a 6-figure income as a guitar teacher while working PART time hours AND getting GREAT results for your students.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar teacher, composer and guitarist. He also trains guitar teachers how to improve their guitar teaching methods. Visit his website, tomhess.net to read more articles about guitar teaching, get free guitar teacher skill assessments and guitar teaching tips.

Seth Rosenbloom: rocking blues entry for JTC Solo Contest 2015

JTC Solo Contest 2015 Seth Rosenbloom Entry
Seth Rosenbloom
Hey guys! Here's my entry to the Jamtrackcentral 2015 Solo Contest. Really fun tracks to play over and picked the blues one. A big thanks to Jamtrackcentral for putting on the competition and to all of the judges for taking the time to watch each entry! Featured in this video is my brand new Suhr Classic Antique!! Hope you guys enjoy.

Manu Livertout,Bruce Bouillet: That's the Way It Is - New Album from rocking French master features former Racer X star!

Manu Livertout,Bruce Bouillet: That's the Way It Is
New album from the french guitarist Manu LIVERTOUT with his band, with a style from Jeff BECK to VAI and a touch of Micheal LEE FIRKINS, his best !

Featuring : Lex KORITNI, Guillaume BIDEAU, Eddy SANTACREU, Bruce BOUILLET, Pierrick VALENCE, Ludo EGRAZ, KERMHEAT, Jeremy BARES and Fred FAGES
Bass : Alex MONPART
Drum : François AIF G

1. Rock anthem
2. We've been through a lot
3. Tatoo snake
4. I am the walrus
5. Blue side
6. Midnight sun
7. Take me back, before it ends
8. Burning water
9. Persuasion
10. Apocalypse
11. Depression laws
12. Pursuit
13. Upside down

Buy online http://www.guitareuromedia.com/manu-livertout-band-thats-the-way-it-is-p-1673?language=en

Emm Rodriguez: rocking entry for JTC Solo Contest 2015

This is my entry to the Jam Track Central Solo Contest 2015. Hope you like it! :)
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JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Emm Rodriguez

Bugra Sisman: Endorsed by Clayton USA

I am really excited to announce that I am now a Clayton USA artist and a part of their family. It is a huge pleasure to be able to join this great company.


Pat Travers: Blasts Into The Stratosphere With A Brand New Studio Album, Retro Rocket

Pat Travers: Blasts Into The Stratosphere With A Brand New Studio Album, Retro Rocket

Los Angeles, CA - Even after three and half decades of smoking hot guitar licks, powerful vocal performances, and just plain kick ass, foot stomping rock & roll, legendary guitar slinger Pat Travers is still firing on all boosters! Fresh off the Rock Legends Cruise in February, Travers takes the helm of another ship with Retro Rocket, a powerful new album of studio recordings to be released by Purple Pyramid Records on March 17. Then, he’ll hit the road again with his superb band playing shows across the U.S. throughout March and April.

As its name suggests, Retro Rocket finds Travers digging deep into the early years of his outstanding career, finding inspiration in the fiery grooves of 1978’s Heat In The Street and, of course, his monumental 1979 live album Go For What You Know. The lead off track, “I Always Run,” kicks things into high gear with a multi-layered, guitar chugging hard rock thumper that shows this veteran rocker isn’t about to slow his pace. And even when things do slow down, like the first half of the gospel-tinged “Who Can You Turn To,” it turns out to be mere build up to a massive climax of shredding solos, monster drum fills, and all out frenzied rock ecstasy. Travers’ voice shines throughout the album, seeming to only get better, more raw, more passionate with age; must be all that cocaine drinkin’ and whiskey snortin’! When you’ve had a career as long and as rich as Travers, to be releasing an album with this much energy and passion is quite a feat indeed, and hard rock fans young and old should not miss this ride of a lifetime!

After releasing a trio of releases hailed as some of the slickest and hottest guitar-rock albums ever - the aforementioned classics of ’78 & ’79 plus the 1980 blockbuster Crash And Burn - Canadian-born Pat Travers would go on to deliver classy melodic rock throughout the ‘80s, followed by a blues period in the ‘90s, and into the new millennium with several unique projects both solo and band efforts. Cited by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett as one of his favorite guitarist, the Travers legend and influence extends beyond the barriers of time, place, or genre. His live shows continue to impress, deftly balancing old favorites with fresh new material. Retro Rocket carries on Travers’ proud tradition of seriously passionate musical prowess mixed with pure, unadulterated fun!

Order the CD version: http://geni.us/39KW
Order the Vinyl version: http://geni.us/1Kwn
Download the album on iTunes: http://geni.us/2yn6

1. I Always Run
2. Searching For A Clue
3. Who Can You Turn To
4. Up Is Down
5. Mystery At The Wrecking Yard
6. You Can’t Get Their From Hare
7. I Am Alive
8. I Wanna Be Free
9. Hellbound Train
10. Looking Up (Live) [CD ONLY]
11. Lead Me Home (Theme from The Walking Dead)

News: GHS Introduce Thin And Thick Core Boomers Guitar Strings

Battle Creek, MI, March 9th, 2015 – GHS add to their ever popular Boomer string range with the addition of the
Thin and Thick Core Boomers for electric guitars.

The Thin Core Boomers have been designed to provide lightening quick action to enable fast speed runs to be combined with accurate arpeggios and musical bends. With these strings a player can dare to push the outer limits of pace and dexterity. The smaller core provides greater flexibility making them softer to use and giving the rapid sounds more clarity. The Thin Core Boomers are in available in Extra Light, Custom Light, Light, Thin-Thick and Medium sets with gauges ranging from 9 to LC52.

In contrast the Thick Core Boomers are for players who want a beefier sound, which focuses on the low end, thick tones. The stiffer tension offered by these strings produces an exceptional sustain, which allows for greater emphasis of sound features. They are suitable fo
r both standard and drop tuning, allowing players to drive their guitars hard. The Thick Core Boomers are available as Extra Light, Custom Light, Light and Medium sets with gauges ranging from 9 to HC56.

Both of these electric guitar string sets come in the new NitroPack with the Anti-Corrosion Guarantee. Whether used straight away, or kept in a gig bag, when opened GHS are so confident their strings will arrive factory fresh that they promise to replace, free of charge, any oxidized or corroded strings found in a new NitroPack.

To find out about the Thin Core Boomers the Thick Core Boomers and all the other GHS products, please go to http://www.ghsstrings.com

Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Record Store Day release & April UK tour



Provogue/ Mascot Label Group is pleased to announce The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s “A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1” EP on limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day on April 18, 2015. 

The EP dovetails Kenny Wayne’s April UK tour which kicks off in Salisbury City Hall on Friday April 10, followed by dates at Holmfirth Picturedrome (April 11), Glasgow o2 ABC (April 12), Aberdeen Lemon Tree (April 13) and London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (April 15).  
Tickets can be booked online at The Gig Cartel or from the 24 hour box office - 0844 478 0898.

Recorded live at the State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey, A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1 features singer Noah Hunt, drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Layton of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, former Firm bassist Tony Franklin and keyboardist Riley Osbourn.   Read the full press announcement: http://bit.ly/1zET0fq

The live recordings were culled from Kenny Wayne’s Goin’ Home 2014 tour and album which saw Kenny Wayne revisit vintage blues classics that first ignited his love of the blues and inspired him to play guitar.

A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1
Track listing

1. “Looking Back” (4:16)
2. “House Is Rockin’” (3:10)
3. “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” (3:48)

4. “Woke Up This Morning”/“You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now” (17:08)

Truth In Shredding: 7 million shredding page views!

Wow... I can't believe it... 10 years of blogging, 48078 posts at an average of 13 per day and now 7,000,000+ page views with an average of 14 views per page.

Most popular post ever?

Brian Carroll: buckethead unmasked, is this for real?

Ron Thal: "Bumblefoot" Edinburgh/ The Mash House 7/3/15

Ron Thal: "Bumblefoot" Edinburgh/ The Mash House 7/3/15

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Edinburgh/ The Mash House 7/3/15