Marco De Francesco, Joe McGurk, Thorbjörn Englund: Lion music announce three new releases

Lion music announce upcoming releases - We have three absolutely fantastic releases from some amazing guitarists to be released soon:

Marco De Francesco - The Wizard (March 20)
Influenced by players such as John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons, Italy's new master of the guitar makes a stunning release with "The Wizard". This is a piece of really amazing music that stands out very well on it's own in an othrwize overcrowded market.

Just like his heroes Marco showcases a great sense of melody and combines tasteful playing with great chops AND most of all: Marco knows how to write a tune as well!

Check out the excellent onterview with Marco at !

Joe McGurk (Opposing Motion) - Elements (April 17)
Joe McGurk of Opposing Motion has completed his first solo album "Elements" mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward, this is a super top notch sounding album with interesting compositions and superb performances.

1) Wind (The Calming Violence)
2) Fire (The Pain and Beauty)
3) Water (The Graceful Stranger)
4) Earth (The Aging Wisdom)
5) Elements (For Guitar and Orchestra)
6) Movement II - Requiem/Lacrymosa
7) Movement III - Grand Finale

Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Ward at the Trakshak

Guitars/Bass: Joe McGurk
Drums: Kevin Deplanche

All music and orchestrations by Joe McGurk except intro to track 2 transcribed and adapted from Mozart's Dies Irae. Front cover art by Caio Caldas

Check out the excellent onterview with Joe at
Thorbjörn Englund (Sabaton/Winterlong) - From the Wilderness (TBA)