Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pete Cottrell: Siggi Braun Fafnyr 8 String Guitar - Metal Frying Tonight!

Today I'm rocking the new Siggi Braun Fafnyr 8 String and it's meeean!
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Siggi Braun:

Full Specs:
Scale: 648 - 680 mm (Fanned)
Construction: Bolt-on (5-point)
Body: Corina
Top: Popplar Burl (Flat Top)
Neck: Hardmaple / Kambala (striped)
Fretboard: Pao Ferro
Frets: 12/12 mixed, Radius; 16"
Hardware: Sperzel Trimlock Tuner
Bridge: FF-8 Fixed Bride (by Siggi Braun)
Pickup: Bare Knuckle Aftermath
Electronics: Volume, Cross-Jack
Colour: "Fire" (Dragon-Skinfinish)
Available Options: 7-string version, Neck-Pickup, 4 more Colours

Big thabks to Siggi for letting me demo the guitar!

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Siggi Braun Fafnyr 8 String Guitar - Metal | Pete Cottrell

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush - One Little Victory - Live In Rio

Rush “In Rio” was filmed at Brazil’s world famous football stadium, the MaracanĂ£, in Rio de Janeiro on 23rd November 2002, the last night of the Vapor Trails tour. Order it now on Blu Ray http://smarturl.it/RushInRioBR and DVD http://smarturl.it/RushInRioDVD

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Rush - One Little Victory (In Rio)

Lyle Watt: Slowdown - live play through - tasteful and understated

People have been asking for this one for a good while, so here it is - a live band version of "Slowdown", from my first EP. Adam Reilly on bass, Lewis Orr on drums. Video by David Horne, Audio by OZ Audio.

Slowdown | Lyle Watt

Mark Kroos: Plays Purple Haze & Voodoo Child at the Same Time - need two brains for this one!

Mark Kroos plays "Purple Haze" & "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix at the same time with no looping or overdubbing. Find Mark at

Mark Kroos Plays Purple Haze & Voodoo Child at the Same Time

Jason Sadites: slippery lick from his single "Fuzzy Math"

This week Jason plays another slippery lick from his single "Fuzzy Math" which features Marco Minnemann on drums ad Martin Motnik on bass. You can purchase a copy of the single here:


Please be sure to check out the websites:

http://www.ampsandaxescast.com to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

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Amps & Axes Quick Lick #23 with Jason Sadites

Nick Andrew: Fishman Triple Play - amazing demo of the sounds you can get on a guitar!

Here is a wee demo of the Fishman Triple Play. I've just used the stock sounds that are in the basic versions of Sampletank, Reaktor and Kontakt.
I listened to a sound and tried to match it with a suitable tune or style without tweaking anything.
I'm using a Line 6 FBV foot controller to sustain some of the sounds.
I will do a proper review of the Triple play another time as I use it in conjunction with mainstage and the setup is quite complicated.

Fishman Triple Play Demo Nick Andrew

Massimiliano Cona: Song for Carol - acoustic "piano" tapping guitar

Song for Carol by Peppino D'agostino, arranged for one guitar by Massimiliano Cona.

Song for Carol " Massimiliano Cona"

Hans Van Even: Scary Hans' Blitz Lick - 8 finger tapping - with tab!

This is one of my favorite two hand tapping licks and is a great tool to add energy in solos. It's a very challenging lick but once you hammered it down very fun to use. I first play the lick in a musical context and then in slower tempos.

Here's the TAB and notes + fingers of both hands on how to play it.


Gear used is the Siggi Braun stardust signature + Engl Retro Tube 50 watt head and a Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL+ for the stereo cabinet processing and FX and then into the computer.

Hans' Blitz Lick (8 finger tapping)

Vincenzo Avallone: Valhalla Room - Ambient Djent Space Metal Clean Guitar


check my studio here:

here is me testing Valhalla Room with my basic clean tone.

Valhalla Room is an extremely powerful reverb vst and it covers from small rooms to immense space gorgeous reverb tones..all you hear in this video was recorded using just valhalla room and in some spots using Echoboy for a little bit of delay.

In the last tests i've mixed my main space ambient tone with a voice library tracked in real time using Jam Origin MidiGuitar.

here ive used:
Ernie Ball MusicMan jp6
Lextac and lecab 2.0 in stereo as my main clean tone
Valhalla Room for reverb and space ambient tones
Echoboy for delay put infront of the amp
Jam Origin Midi Guitar for Real time midi tracking used to drive the main vocal tones in the last examples
Kontakt 5+ voices of elfs shavannai

all mixed by me at deep water recordings in salerno italy.
Valhalla Room Demo - Ambient Djent Space Metal Clean Guitar

Mikahel Raiden: MTV presents: Metal Series #3 "Phoenix" - 10 strings GNG

This is the third track for the Metal Series i'm recording these days... it's an old tune named Phoenix that I composed entirely when I was 19, and recorded with the band The Art of Making Enemies at the EarthGround Studios! :)

The "piano" carosel intro was inspired to me by my greatest inspiration and ambition, Hiromi Uehara!

The "acoustic" part in the middle was recorded at the time, and since it sounded so good, i cut the recording of Shen, my 10 strings Powered by GNG, even thou i played a bit of the part anyway... it's hard to stop my fingers, ye know! ;)

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MTV presents: Metal Series #3 "Phoenix" - by Mikahel Raiden (original)

Antonello Giliberto,Dino Fiorenza, John Macaluso: First Day Lights At The Monastery - promo track from new album

Antonello Giliberto present 'First Day Lights At The Monastery', the new video featuring the track taken from the album "Journey Through My Memory".
Available Monday, June 22 on MINOTAURO RECORDS (http://www.minotaurorecords.com/)
Melodic, heavy, powerful, technical, neoclassical metal at its best.

Antonello Giliberto - Guitars and keyboards
Dino Fiorenza - Bass
John Macaluso - Drums

Get in touch with ANTONELLO GILIBERTO:
Website: http://antonellogiliberto.jimdo.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/antonello.gil...

ANTONELLO GILIBERTO - First Day Lights At The Monastery (Official / New / Studio Album / 2015)

Davide Pagano: Practicing a new song... short but sweet impressive progressive fusion

A nice and quite challenging unison between guitar and synth. Sometime it's a mess to play something written for a piano...
If you want the tab of this send me a PM (and subscribe!).
If you like it, make sure to check my solo album too...


Practicing a new song...

Buy the album (Highly Recommended)

Davide Pagano: The broken bottle

The album is called "The broken bottle" and contains 9 instrumental songs, ranging from jazz/fusion to progressive/rock. It will be available on the major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc...) in the next days, BUT you can already buy it on CD Baby:


Uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files will be also available for purchasing on Nimbit in a couple of days:


More news will follow on:

Track list:

- The bottomless pit
- Watching the moon
- Nepal Winter Breeze
- The broken bottle
- 24 hours in Paris
- Encrypted message
- Equilibrium
- Welcome to my dreams
- Black rain

Tony MacAlpine: Thank you for all your help

Thank you from Tony MacAlpine
Tony MacAlpine
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who who have supported us via GoFundMe after all our instruments were stolen in Austin, TX.