Davide Pagano: Practicing a new song... short but sweet impressive progressive fusion

A nice and quite challenging unison between guitar and synth. Sometime it's a mess to play something written for a piano...
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Practicing a new song...

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Davide Pagano: The broken bottle

The album is called "The broken bottle" and contains 9 instrumental songs, ranging from jazz/fusion to progressive/rock. It will be available on the major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc...) in the next days, BUT you can already buy it on CD Baby:


Uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files will be also available for purchasing on Nimbit in a couple of days:


More news will follow on:

Track list:

- The bottomless pit
- Watching the moon
- Nepal Winter Breeze
- The broken bottle
- 24 hours in Paris
- Encrypted message
- Equilibrium
- Welcome to my dreams
- Black rain