Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bartek Beben: Godin Redline HB demo review (4K)

short demo of my main axe at the moment Godin Redline HB

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Godin Redline HB demo review (4K)

Rowan J Parker: announces details of new album

Rowan J Parker

Who's been a busy boy then? My new album is done and dusted and available very shortly on my website It's certainly my best work to date and I'm very happy with it.

Matt Stevens,Steve Cleaton: Magnet the new EP by The Fierce And The Dead


Cult North London instrumentalists The Fierce And The Dead release their first new material in two years this August via Bad Elephant Music. The critically acclaimed band’s new EP, titled “Magnet” features 6 songs including 3 new tracks, a re-recording of the song Flint from the band’s first album and 2 songs recorded live in rehearsal (one of these is a bonus on the CD). The EP is released on the 14th of August, the week before TFATD play the Arctangent festival alongside acts including Dillinger Escape Plan, 65daysofstatic and Deerhoof.

“I think this EP represents a different sound for us, it’s important to keep moving forward. It more joyous and intense with bigger riffs and more of an electronic feel.” says Dead guitarist Matt Stevens. Bassist & Producer Kevin Feazey continues “We’re doing what we want to do. Full circle. Back to sounding like the bands we grew up with, from Nuclear Assault to Boards of Canada. Every record we've put out has had it's own character and story, with different sounds and a different reality for each”.

The band are currently in the process of recording their third studio album for release next year and are playing a few select live dates and festivals. Drummer Stuart Marshall describes the new material as "Fucking terrifying”.
1. Magnet In Your Face 01:41
2. Palm Trees
3. Flint
4. Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit)
5. Let's Start A Cult (rehearsal recording)

"All culture must have arisen from cult"
-- Alan Moore
releases 14 August 2015

Guitars/Loops - Matt Stevens
Guitars/Effects - Steve Cleaton
Bass/Keys/Electronics - Kevin Feazey
Drums - Stuart Marshall

All songs written by Stevens/Feazey/Marshall/Cleaton

Produced by TFATD
Recorded and mixed by K. Feazey
Tracks 1,2, 3 & 4 recorded at Farheath Studios & Ant Farm Studios
Track 5 recorded at The New Empowering Church

Thanks to everyone who has helped start the cult.

Jonas Hansson,Edu Falaschi: Victor Banner announces new Stardust Reverie album

Hi, some news for you: Dear friends,

Finally the second all-stars Stardust Reverie album is finished.

"Proclamation of Shadows" is the most ambitious and expensive Heavy Metal project ever made in Spain and it features the talents of Graham Bonnet, Zak Stevens, Jonas Hansson, Zuberoa Aznarez, Edu Falaschi, Bill Hudson, Lynn Meredith and Doogie White among others.

A musical journey from classic literature to comic books with superb guitar solos and a fantastic production by Jonas Hansson.

We are in the progress of finding the right label and can´t wait to let the world hear this extraordinary piece of music.

The album sounds really AWESOME and we are ready and willing to take it to the stages.

All the best from the South of Spain!

Hitoshi: End Of My Pain - Undead Corporation

2nd Album"Flash Back"
tr.10 "End Of My Pain"

UNDEAD CORPORATION - "End Of My Pain" Guitar Playthrough

Pebber Brown: great insight into Classical vs Rock/Blues Technique

PB Blog on Classical vs Rock/Blues technique. A discussion on the pros and cons of two different left hand techniques for electric guitar. To subscribe to online lessons, please visit:

Classical vs Rock/Blues Technique

Jason Sadites: blazing D Major Pentatonic legato lick

This week Jason shows you a blazing D Major Pentatonic legato lick to get you moving faster with the ever so popular Pentatonic scale. Enjoy!

Amps & Axes Quick Lick #27 with Jason Sadites

Sean Connolly: You Stepped Out of A Dream - 17 year old jazz

Sean Connolly: You Stepped Out of A Dream - amazing that the guy is just 17 years old.

Sean Connolly "You Stepped Out of A Dream

Jeremy Krull: Friedman BE-100 - monster tones

Jeremy Krull
So here's the full video from back in January when I was across the street at Tone Merchants & Rack Systems LTD demoing the Friedman Amplification BE-100. Brent Simmons filmed it and edited all the least hacky parts together and did a great job making me appear a lot more skilled than I actually am. Ibanez Guitars / Ibanez Japan RG520QSOL with a DiMarzioX2N and Norton in it. Picks by Pickboy and strings by GHS Strings of course. As you may have noticed I'm getting a bit more warmed up to the idea of video content. Check out my records and like my page (

Friedman BE-100
The Friedman BE100 is a hand-wired, 100-watt, EL34 powered, multi-channel British-style amp. By merely adjusting the gain and master volume controls, the BE100 can produce a variety of tones, seamlessly transitioning from blues to classic rock or hard rock to metal. To say it is British-styled is just the start of describing this inspiring tone machine.

Learn More :
Friedman BE-100 - with Jeremy Krull

Leah Woodward: joins .strandberg* family

Leah Woodward
So this is the beginning of my working relationship with Strandberg Guitarworks.... Very proud to announce now that I'll be alongside an already incredible artist line-up of guitarists such as Sarah Jane Longfield, Plini Roessler-Holgate, Misha Mansoor, Devin Townsend,Yvette Young & many others endorsing these beyond stunning guitars. I can't wait to get some ALIASEStracks played on these, there will be videos of this coming at you VERY VERY soon. Couldn't be more excited if I tried.

Tom Quayle, Dave Brons, Martin MIller, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour - 15/7/15

The Guitar Hour - 15/7/15
Tom Quayle
Tom and Dan are joined by special guests Dave Brons and Martin MIller for a chat about Dave's debut album and Martin & Tom's upcoming Duo record. -- Watch live at

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie Malmsteen Neoclassic patterns

Panos Arvanitis Neoclassic patterns.I hope you like it.Watch it on HD.Comment,like,share,subscribe.Like my Facebook Page:

Panos Arvanitis Yngwie Malmsteen Neoclassic patterns

Mateus Starling: dynamic expression on the instrument

Most virtual music school in Brazil. Teachers with training and international career. Get started now:

And dynamic expression on the instrument

Anthony Garrison, Cody Jarvis: Entities - Novalis Instrumental

- Anthony Garrison - Guitar
- Cody Jarvis - Guitar
- Ian Robertson - Vocals

1. Oni 05:15
2. Esuna ft. Nick Arthur 03:40
3. Synthetic Divinity 03:30
4. Azure 03:17
5. Genetic Drift 04:01
6. Paramnesia 03:53
7. Mother Gaia 02:00
8. Crestfallen 03:59
9. Spirits ft. Tomas Raclavsky 03:41
10. Chrysalis ft. Matt Youkhana 04:27
11. Adversity 03:26
12. Return To Reform 03:52

released 15 January 2015
Artwork created by Daniel Wagner at D-Dub Designs
Mixing and Mastering done by Robert Swanson of Mayhemeness Studio
Tracking and editing done by Phil Waters
released 15 January 2015