Jonas Hansson,Edu Falaschi: Victor Banner announces new Stardust Reverie album

Hi, some news for you: Dear friends,

Finally the second all-stars Stardust Reverie album is finished.

"Proclamation of Shadows" is the most ambitious and expensive Heavy Metal project ever made in Spain and it features the talents of Graham Bonnet, Zak Stevens, Jonas Hansson, Zuberoa Aznarez, Edu Falaschi, Bill Hudson, Lynn Meredith and Doogie White among others.

A musical journey from classic literature to comic books with superb guitar solos and a fantastic production by Jonas Hansson.

We are in the progress of finding the right label and can´t wait to let the world hear this extraordinary piece of music.

The album sounds really AWESOME and we are ready and willing to take it to the stages.

All the best from the South of Spain!