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Lee Mckinney: Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere - coming October 23rd

Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere - coming October 23rd


Mixed by: Buster Odeholm at Fatal Studios (Sweden)
Vocals Mixed by: Allan Hessler
Born of Osiris - RESILIENCE

Tony Smotherman: World Rock Guitar Lessons -

Tony Smotherman: World Rock Guitar Lessons

World Rock Guitar Lessons - Tony Smotherman

Rowan J Parker: Songs From Somewhere - the new CD

Rowan J Parker

Can you buy my new CD from Amazon? Why yes you can! Just got my first orders!

Greetings fellow guitar travellers! Here is an eclectic collection of 12 songs to expand your mind and soul. Featuring very diverse styles including Jazz, Latin, Funk and Progressive Rock this collection will confound your expectations and open your ears

Nicole Papastavrou: Kratos - new signature handmade by Luiteria Rox

Nicole Papastavrou

Meet this new bad boy // "Kratos" my new signature handmade by Luiteria Rox // video and specs coming soon Photo by Strati Hovartos — with Jim Dunlop,Marco Augusto Rosignoli and Strati Hovartos.

The current members of MeridieM were the instrumental backbone of the now defunct alt-prog rock group Eye Ra Haze. Building a strong musical bond and camaraderie though songwriting, guitarist Nicole Papastavrou, pianist Karine Catenacci, drummer Kevin Corcoran and bassist Chris Marrone formed MeridieM. The quartet were organically able to move forward in the creative process, further exploring the depth and voice of each instrument, while collectively expanding their musical horizons. This freedom gave MeridieM the free-range power to further explore the reach of their personal abilities and produce a musical outcome that is distinctly progressive, while simultaneously melodic and undeniably heavy.

MeridieM's debut EP Odysseia nods to jazz composition, foregoing traditional structures while tying each segment back beautifully to plush piano arrangements coupled with crushing riffs. The EP boasts a mix that highlights each nuance of this instrumental intertwining and aims to bring listeners along for the musical voyage. Live piano is ferociously coupled with standout bass, succinct distorted guitars and a perfectly aligned rhythm section. Percussive experimentation is paramount in this release, with a fierce focus on craftily weaving varied rhythms into deep grooves.MeridieM launch you into an audio journey of gorgeously juxtaposed sounds that are spread through a variety of mediums. The first single off of the EP, "Supernova," takes listeners on a musical trail of growth and exploration. Sonically it is a natural progression for the musical unit both brutally commanding and lush, with an exploratory nod to that idyllic "space in-between."

In writing the Odysseia EP, the band took time to remotely cultivate their contributions though the convenience of technology. Spread across several different areas, they took advantage of their ability to interpret each layer independently via Dropbox and ProTools. This unique collaborative effort spawned a sound that is indigenous to the group and individually flattering to their personal growth. Every song on the EP represents a deep mix of emotions, offering listeners a front-seat view of their journey. In 2015 MeridieM are poised to further expand and evolve musically - sit back, open your mind and enjoy the process." -Zeena Koda

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Dhalif Ali: Modern Jam - smoothest of smooth jams

Heres a little easy listening improvisational jam


Dhalif Ali - Modern Jam

Joe Bonamassa: with guest Brian Setzer Minneapolis 2015

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Joe Bonamassa's entire show from the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Brian Setzer as special guest on 3 songs
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar & Vocals, Brian Setzer - Guitar, Carmine Rojas - Bass, Reese Wynans - Keys, Tal Bergman - Drums, Daniel Sadownick - Percussion, Paulie Cerra - Saxophone, Lee Thornburg - Trumpet, Nick Lane - Trombone Set List
Hey Baby
Oh Beautiful
Never Give All Your Heart
Hidden Charms
Living On The Moon
Trouble Town
Double Trouble
I Gave Up Everything For You 'Cept The Blues
Look Over Yonders Wall
Further On Up The Road w/Setzer
Blues Deluxe w/Setzer
Don't Burn Down That Bridge w/Setzer
Love Ain't A Love Song
Sloe Gin
Ballad of John Henry
All Aboard

Joe Bonamassa (Full Show) w/guest Brian Setzer - 4/24/15 Minneapolis

Vinnie Moore: I'll let you guess one of the names of the tracks from the new album - order yours!

I'll let you guess one of the names of the tracks...

New Items Available
Hello everyone. I added some new posters and a guitar to my page. Please check it out if you get a chance.
PS. After my comment about the beard yesterday, my friend Tris came up with a brilliant photo. Check it out…..I love it. Makes me look 20 years younger

Paul Masvidal, Sean Malone: Cynic - so long and thanks for all the fish... Cynic call it a day

It is with a heavy heart that I post today's CYNIC news. CYNIC is no longer an active band. Due to artistic and personal differences, the second chapter in the ‘BOOK OF CYNIC’ has come to an end.

I will say the last shows we played in JAPAN have left me with a positive charge, even though they were the last live performances with Paul, Sean Malone & I on the same stage. My longstanding creative partnership with Paul, which started when we were very young kids in south Florida, has simply endured so much friction that there is no way, from my perspective, that CYNIC can be salvaged, repaired or kept afloat by any means.

I profusely apologize to the fans who were not only expecting us in China & Taiwan (that was not our fault), but to the fans who were planning to see us in Europe next month. These things happen, unfortunately, to bands. There can be differing levels of conflicts and/or differences in opinions, musical directions, or perspectives. Sometimes these things are insurmountable, and no amount of time or effort can resolve them. This is the case with CYNIC.

This page will stay up, and of course there are our respective personal pages and websites that will continue to let everyone know what we’re doing individually.

I wish all of you love & peace.


Paul Masvidal

Dear fans and friends, this is all news to me. I just landed from Japan and my inbox was exploding. Sean didn't confer with myself or Malone about Cynic's official breakup or the tour being cancelled. I'm honestly somewhat relieved it's finally over since it's been quite challenging over the years but I'm also trying to figure out how to possibly salvage this tour (with a new drummer) since the damage he's causing by pulling out at this last minute is inconceivable for me at the moment. Please share this message with friends or fans as Sean has taken me off our FB page so I can't access it at the moment. Love to you all. I apologize for the drama...but sometimes life gets messy.

Jason Spell: Just The Tip #2 – Gaining Speed With Clarity.

Just The Tip #2 – Gaining Speed With Clarity.

I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to all my readers for a great reception to my first edition of Just The Tip!

*heh heh heh*

Now, here’s how to gain speed with clarity on guitar, or any musical instrument!

Nearly every budding musician looks at high-velocity players with awe, thinking “Wow! How do they do that? I wish I could play like that!”

(I’d feel remiss if I didn’t stress straight away that speed for speed’s sake shouldn’t really be the end goal; learning “how to play fast” is merely a single tool in the toolbox of a great musician. But I digress.)

Many young players jump in feet first and tend to try to rush into the quick licks on their own, scanning the internet and absorbing tabs of their favorite virtuosos, but sounding sloppy when attempting the lines. Even after loads of repetition, these lines can feel like a novice trying to jump rope and whacking their shins leap after leap.

So lots of these completely autodidactic players get stuck in a rut and don’t know how to proceed.

Full Article:

Allen Hinds, Isao Fujita, Daisuke Kunita: Modern World Symphony - Yabuki Zhuo


[musicians] (in alphabetical order)

Allen Hinds (Guitar), Ikuo (Bass), ISAO (Guitar), Ishido TaniHitoshi ( Trombone), Ichihara Akira (Trumpet), Ito YuHajime (Cello), Yuichi Uesugi (Sax), Hiromitsu Obuchi (Voice, Palma & Cajon), Jiro Okada (Bass), Ogasawara Takumi (Drums), Yuko Kajitani (Viola), Katano Atsushi (Bass), Gong Kin (Perc), Kunita Daisuke (Guitar), Kumamaru Hisanori (Drums ), Gregg Lee (Bass), Yasushi Gotanda (Trumpet), Komoguchi parents (Guitar), Sasaki Hidenao (Guitar), Yoshiaki Sato ( Accordion), Suganuma Kozo (Drums),諏訪光wind (Gut Gt), Mitsuru Sudo (Bass), Sekitahiroshi (Bass), Soeda SeiAyumi (Sax), Ken Takahashi (Sax), Kazuhiro Takeda (Sax), Tanaka Eiji (Drums), Tamaki Masaaki (Per), NA OTO (Violin), Nagai Satoshimi (Bass), Nakano Yusuke (Trumpet), Hatae Ken (Drums), Hirakawa Zo-shi (Drums), Honma Masato (Sax), maiko (Vio lin), Eiji Maruki (Trumpet), Mizuki Mizutani (Violin), Miyazaki RyuMutsu (Sax ), Miyazato Yota (Sax), Murai KenJiro (Bass), Hiroki Murakami (Drums), Morioka Katsushi (Bass), Yamada Bill (Bass), Seiichi Yoshimi (Bass), Hideyuki YONEKAWA (Gui tar)

Instrumental Album "Modern World Symphony" by Taku Yabuki

Niko Tsonev: Lifesigns - Live DVD snippet from this high quality release

DVD News
Our first look at the DVD comes with a full version of a new track.

Different weighs in with just over eight and a half minutes of music. It's a varied track and features everyone in it's performance so it's a great way of showing you just what Lifesigns can do live.

The DVD will feature 90 minutes of music and there will also be two audio CD's to accompany it. The packaging is as featured below.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

News: BC Rich Guitars Launches NJ Retro Series

BC Rich Guitars Launches NJ Retro Series

After many requests, BC Rich Guitars releases the NJ Retro Series. These electric guitars are a throwback to the classic 1980s NJ models built in Nagoya, Japan. This series includes the Warlock, Mockingbird, and Bich models. The NJ Retro series is available now through dealers and distributors worldwide.

The NJ Retro’s feature a maple neck-through-body with mahogany wings in either a Ferrari Red or Cherry Sunburst pearl finish. The 24 5/8” scale neck features a glossed modern “C” shape, 12” radius rosewood fretboard, jumbo frets, and BCR diamond white pearl inlays. The neck also features a 43mm graphite nut, a dual action truss rod, and their traditional 3-per-side headstock with the old school trinity logo and die-cast tuning keys.

Electronically, each guitar is fitted with the BCR1983 - Classic Reissue humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge positions. A Classic Quad bridge is standard. Controls include a separate bridge and neck volumes, a master tone, and a three-way toggle.

MSRP: $599 USD

To learn more about B.C. Rich and the new NJ Retro Series, please visit

John 5: teams up with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein for Mad Monster Tour 2015

John 5 and Doyle Team Up for Mad Monster Tour

Rob Zombie and former Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 announces the Mad Monster Tour featuring his band John 5 and the Creatures. Select dates will also feature former Misfits member Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and his band, Doyle. John 5 and the Creatures kick off the tour with a special show in Ramona, Ca on November 4th. Tickets are available now on

The Mad Monster Tour will be in support of John 5’s upcoming greatest hits album. The album will include a live DVD featuring footage of John in concert. John will also be releasing three brand new singles beginning in October.

John has had an illustrious career collaborating with chart topping artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Martin, and Rod Stewart. John has performed on critically acclaimed world tours with Marilyn Manson and currently Rob Zombie. Later, John ventured into the world of film score composing for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem. In 2004 he embarked on a successful solo career and has since released eight studio albums.

Tour Dates:
  • Nov 04 – Ramona, CA @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Nov 05 – Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go**
  • Nov 06 – Las Vegas, NV @ Count’s Vamp’d**
  • Nov 07 – Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theater**
  • Nov 08 – Ventura, CA @ Discovery**
  • Nov 10 – San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge**
  • Nov 12 – Orangevale, CA @ Boardwalk**
  • Nov 13 – Fresno, CA @ TBD
  • Nov 18 – San Antonio, TX @ Sam’s Burger Joint
  • Nov 19 – Dallas, TX @ Trees
  • Nov 20 – Tyler, TX @ Click’s
  • Nov 21 – Houston, TX @ Scout Bar

**Dates with Doyle

To learn more about John 5, please visit