Jason Spell: Just The Tip #2 – Gaining Speed With Clarity.

Just The Tip #2 – Gaining Speed With Clarity.

I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to all my readers for a great reception to my first edition of Just The Tip!

*heh heh heh*

Now, here’s how to gain speed with clarity on guitar, or any musical instrument!

Nearly every budding musician looks at high-velocity players with awe, thinking “Wow! How do they do that? I wish I could play like that!”

(I’d feel remiss if I didn’t stress straight away that speed for speed’s sake shouldn’t really be the end goal; learning “how to play fast” is merely a single tool in the toolbox of a great musician. But I digress.)

Many young players jump in feet first and tend to try to rush into the quick licks on their own, scanning the internet and absorbing tabs of their favorite virtuosos, but sounding sloppy when attempting the lines. Even after loads of repetition, these lines can feel like a novice trying to jump rope and whacking their shins leap after leap.

So lots of these completely autodidactic players get stuck in a rut and don’t know how to proceed.

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