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Marcus Burns: Kinasis - Bridgwater Arts Centre 26th September - Laurie Monk Series

Band Members
Tom - Motivational vocalisations;

Marcus - 7 string distortional manipulation + chants and rants;

Sellick - 7 string concrete death machine + grunts and screams;

Tristan - Subsonic oscillation / brown noise generation;

Jason - Psychotic percussive time perversion + technological terrorism;
Home Town - Bridgwater

Short Description
Kinasis are an unsigned, technical, extreme-metal band from Somerset/Wiltshire (UK).

Kinasis, a multi faceted, technical, extreme-metal band from the south-west of the UK, re-defining the rule book of what is possible in their passionate, brutal and often haunting compositions.

The band are a collective of talented musical explorers, unbound by any single metal sub-genre, avoiding all trends and perceived scene 'rules'. Often walking the fine line between noise and music, chaos and order; Kinasis mix death metal, thrash and grind-core influences with more contemporary metal to create a unique, uncompromising brand of extreme metal which transcends any current metal subgenre/classification and appeals to a wide range of metal fans. A blend of brutality and melody, technicality and groove; Kinasis songs are almost exclusively in oddtime and contain complex and intricate arrangements. Mosh-pit friendly hooks abound throughout, occasional blast beats add to the sheer brutality of it all. The band's ferociously tight delivery makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Kinasis have been refining their craft, honing their stage skills by gigging sporadically throughout the UK since March 2010. Their debut 3 track demo e.p. was self released the same year. The demo was well received and gained airplay on several internet and regional UK radio stations. The demo scored 11 out of 13 in an online review by

A video for the track 'In Vivo' was released in February 2012.

Over the last two years Kinasis have shared a stage with many bands on the UK underground circuit, including the likes of Sepultura, Malefice, Flayed Disciple, Sworn Amongst, Abadden and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster to name but a few. The band also played several dates in Italy and the UK with upcoming Italian guitar virtuoso Gianluca Ferro and his band S.H.I.N.E


Yiannis Papadopoulos: Rock Guitar Shredding

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Rock Guitar Shredding

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╪Rock Guitar Shredding • Yiannis Papadopoulos╪

Steve Terreberry: Top 10 EASIEST Guitar Solos!

Today, we take a step back from HARD solos, and we look at some of the EASIEST guitar solos ever written!

Guitar solo tonez by Carmen Sorge!

Byron Fry: Star Spangled Banner - 9-11

This was a poignant performance for me, as it was 9/11 and our military personnel overseas were on my mind and in my heart.
I had already done the big, rock-'n'-roll version of Star Spangled Banner earlier in the show, then got a request to do it I improvised this different, gentler treatment.
Thanks to Hotel California (the band I'm playing with here) for the footage.


Joe Satriani: Roma Anterpen - 2015

Joe Satriani: Roma Anterpen - 2015


Chris Gordon: Requiem For A Master Part One - break down of some tasty shredding

Here is part one of Requiem for a Master, in this lesson we look at the form of the intro.

Requiem For A Master Part One

Bireli Lagrene: Django's Tiger - DC Music School

Biréli Lagrène performs Django's Tiger for DC Music School. Please note, this video is not related to "In The Style Of Biréli Lagrène. These are strictly performance videos for our youtube channel.

Rhythm Guitar: Denis Chang
Bass: Paul Van Dyk

Biréli Lagrène is a French guitarist and bassist. He came to prominence in the 1980s for his Django Reinhardt-influenced style on the guitar, as well as for being a jazz fusion virtuoso on the electric guitar. He often performs within the swing, jazz fusion and post-bop mediums.

Check out the following links for news and updates:
Bireli Lagrene - Django's Tiger

Damjan Pejcinoski: Caravan - Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Gypsy jazz tabs,lessons and more at I am using a gypsy jazz guitar made by Risto Ivanovski Macedonian luthier.

Caravan - Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Claudio Pietronik: Thomas Bergersen - Final Frontier

I don't own the right to this song.

Here we are! A lot of you asked me to record a full version of Thomas Bergensen's Final Frontier with guitars so here it is!
I only composed guitar parts over the original track, trying not to modify its own identity, much like I would have done if I were collaborating with Mr. Bergensen in the composition in the first place.
I really hope you'll like it!

Many thanks to
Andrea Bana Anastasi: Guitar mix
Kevin Cantoni: Video shooting and editing

And of course to the Great Thomas Bergersen for his awesome Music!


Thomas Bergersen - Final Frontier (Guitar version by Claudio Pietronik)

Tony MacAlpine: performs "Exhibitionist Blvd" live on EMGtv - Get well soon

Get well soon Tony!! 

EMGtv releases another live track from Tony MacAlpine's Concrete Gardens session. Watch as Tony and his band featuring fellow EMG artist Nili Brosh, perform "Exhibitionist Blvd." Tony and Nili are both using the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H humbucker pickups for seven string guitar. Subscribe to EMGtv to get weekly updates on future releases from Tony and other EMG artists.

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Produced by:

Band Members:
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar/Keyboard
Nili Brosh - Guitar
Pete Griffin - Bass
Aquiles Priester - Drums
Tony MacAlpine performs "Exhibitionist Blvd" live on EMGtv

Aron Ortega: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015 -

UPDATE: Voting is now open. Click here to vote for my entry:

Keeping it at about a minute long (entry requirement). It's harder than it seems! I read about this contest about a day ago, and the deadline for submissions is today!!! Thankfully, I have been working on this piece of music, so at least I had a backdrop to solo over!

Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015 - Aron Ortega

Bartek Beben: Free Guitar Picks for 100K views Giveaway

Thanks to all involved in making my Guitar Rig 5 video cross 100k views! Got another amp review coming. Keep watching :)

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Free Guitar Picks for 100K views Giveaway

Two Notes Torpedo Live Review

Paul Gilbert, Walter Trout, George Lynch, Steve Lukather: Blues, Rock & Metal Guitar Slingers Salute Legend Jeff Beck

Blues, Rock & Metal Guitar Slingers Salute Legend Jeff Beck On A Newly Reissued Collection

Los Angeles, CA - Some of the world’s finest guitarists offer a master class in the arduous art and subtle science of playing Jeff Beck songs on Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle, a collection of extraordinary cover versions of Beck’s best-known songs, played with all the fevered intensity and dynamic skill these virtuosos could muster. The album will be reissued with all new artwork by Deadline Music this October 2. Founding member of platinum selling UK hard rockers Def Leppard, Phil Collen, offers a stunning and emotional interpretation of the gorgeous ballad “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers,” while blues man Walter Trout burns the house down with his rendition of “Blues Deluxe.” Former Ozzy axeman Jake E. Lee takes listeners on a face-melting ride through the blazing stunner “Rice Pudding” and main Crüe man Mick Mars provides the brilliant album closer. Each performer brings their own unique guitar playing personalities to these compositions pulled from a wide range of Beck’s career, showcasing both Beck’s under-heralded accessibility as well as his inimitable stylistic panache. Guitar players of all stripes and skill levels will find plenty here to hone their chops on, while Beck fans the world over will not want to miss this thoroughly satisfying listening experience! Track List 1. New Ways / Train Train - Warren DeMartini 2. Led Boots - Vivian Campbell 3. Heart Full Of Soul - Paul Gilbert 4. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers - Phil Collen 5. Blues Deluxe - Walter Trout 6. Headed For Backstage Pass - Bruce Bouillet 7. People Get Ready - George Lynch 8. Rice Pudding - Jake E. Lee 9. Shapes Of Things - Stevie Salas 10. Behind The Veil - Steve Lukather 11. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago - Mick Mars Buy the CD: Buy the digital album:

Tom Hess: Five Traits Successful Musicians Have In Common & How They Will Help Your Music Career

Five Traits Successful Musicians Have In Common & How They Will Help Your Music Career

By Tom Hess
Ever wondered about what musicians do to make it in the music industry? While not all musicians achieve the same end goals, all of them have taken the very same key steps to massively grow their music careers.

Here are these key fundamental steps (based on specific principles):

Successful Musician Principle #1: Begin At The End
The vast majority of musicians design their music career strategy starting from where they are currently then add action steps towards reaching their final goals. This is exactly what pro musicians do NOT do.
Pro musicians begin at the end. They start by seeing themselves being already successful and then identify the last step they did before reaching their goal. Then, they look for the step before THAT step, then the one before that and so on until they arrive at their current situation.

Successful Musician Principle #2: Invest Time Into Building Your Music Career (Not Only Your Musical Skills)
Many musicians make the mistake of investing all their available time into developing musical skills, while ignoring other skills needed for growing a music career. Here is the reason why they do this:
1. They have the wrong assumption that having a solid set of musical skills increases their chances of making it in the music business. To some degree this is true, but musical skills alone won’t build an entire music career.

2. The vast majority of musicians do not know what music companies are truly looking for in them.
Every musician who has ever made it in the music business had a clear understanding of how important it was to develop both the musical and non-musical aspects of their career. They practiced to improve their musical skills, but also invested a considerable amount of time into developing the elements needed for creating a successful overall music career.
If you are an intermediate or advanced musician already, you must be investing at least fifty percent of your practice time into learning how to build a long-lasting career in the music industry. Find the best music career coach and mentor to avoid wasting time on the wrong things that will not help you quickly become a professional musician.

Successful Musician Secret #3: Develop A Positive Mindset
Mindset is the key trait that differentiates pro musicians from amateurs. Pro musicians understand very well that the music industry is an entrepreneurial industry that works by exchanging value between musicians and music companies. Developing a great set of relationship skills is one of the best things to do for building a successful career in this industry. Wondering how to develop these skills?
Here is what the pros do:
  • They understand how to utilize a win-win mindset so they can help companies, bands and other musicians in significant ways. This skill is the ability to help others (musicians, music companies, etc.) while achieving your own goals in the process.

  • They understand how to manage and reduce the risk others take on while working with them.
You will see tons of progress in your music career as soon as you learn how to use a win-win mindset in every action you take. To learn more about how to develop this mindset, read the following great article on how to become a massively successful musician.

Successful Musician Principle #4: Overcome All Fears And Excuses
Pro musicians focus on what they desire and take daily measurable actions to achieve their goals.
Average musicians focus on what they do NOT desire. They concentrate on what they don’t want to happen. Instead of focusing on succeeding, they focus on not failing. Some examples of this are: complaining about not knowing where to find the best connections in the music business, hoping to get discovered by some music company through pure luck, etc. All these excuses and fears will hold you back from succeeding in the music industry.

These two types of mindsets are extremely different. Having a positive mindset motivates you to take daily steps towards achieving your desired goals… while having a negative mindset only freezes you in your tracks with the fear of failure.
Study this article on conquering music industry fears that can kill your chances of making it as a pro musician.

Successful Musician Secret #5: Understand What Music Companies Need And Look For In You
Most of the time, musicians don not know nor think about what record companies want from them. Usually they only think about making it, how to do it, what they need... and all about them, them and more of them. This selfish mindset may be the death of your music career if you’re not careful.
Musicians who have reached success learned what music companies are looking for. Then they focused on developing the required skills for becoming the best possible person for record companies to work with. In the end, they are able to join the best music labels, sell a lot of albums overseas and make a huge amount of money with their music. As soon as YOU start implementing these same approaches, achieving success in the music industry will be much easier.

How About You?
You just discovered five key elements that all successful musicians share in common. Now it is time to find out how close you are to making it in the music industry. Find out now by taking this great music career assessment.
After you’ve taken the assessment, I will get back to you with comments on how to improve your current strategies so you can become a successful pro musician much faster.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a recording artist, online guitar teacher and a music career mentor. Visit his musician development website to become a better musician, get free music industry advice, music career tips and professional music industry advice.

Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto: Stick Men European tour dates

​ is on the tour in Europe as of today, September 29, for 3.5 weeks.

Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto have just finished the first leg of King Crimson shows and as soon as the Stick Men tour is over, King Crimson is on tour again. A very busy season for Tony and Pat.

Sept. 29 - Verona (Italy) - Il Giardino
Sept. 30 - Verona (Italy) - Il Giardino
Oct. 1 - Sofia (Bulgaria) - HDK Hall 11 (Lumiere Cinema)
Oct. 2 - Delemont (Switzerland) - Centre Culturelle Regional
Oct. 3 - Sala (Switzerland) - Rockland
Oct. 5 - Oslo (Norway) - Buckley's
Oct. 6 - Malmo (Sweden) - Moriska Pavijongen
Oct. 7 - Göteborg (Sweden) - Nefertiti
Oct. 9 - Bergen (Norway) - Sardinen USF
Oct. 10 - Opole (Poland) - Dom Expo
Oct. 11 - Wroclaw (Poland) - Zaklete Rewiry
Oct. 12 - Prague (Czech Republik) - Lucerna Bar
Oct. 13 - Reichenbach (Germany) - Bergkeller
Oct. 15 - Bonn (Germany) - Harmonie
Oct. 16 - Zoetermeer (Netherlands) - Cultuurpodium Boerderij
Oct. 17 - Münster (Germany) - Hot Jazz Club
Oct. 18 - Hertogenbosh (Netherlands) - W2
Oct. 20 - Verviers (Belgium) - Spirit of 66
Oct. 21 - Karlsruhe (Germany) - Substage
Oct. 22 - Reutlingen (Germany) - Kulturzentrum FranzK

MoonJune Music is currently booking USA/Canada dates for STICK MEN in April and May 2016. The tour will start on April 14, and it will end by June 4. We plan anotehr run of the dates in different parts of the USA with Mexico in the beginning of 2017.
Confirmed dates (venues to be announced soon):
April 14, Thu - Dunellen, NJ (USA)
April 15, Fri - New York, NY (USA)
April 16, Sat - New York, NY (USA)
April 21, Thu - Northampton, MA (USA)
April 22, Fri - Natick, MA (USA)
April 23, Sat - Schenectady, NY (USA)
April 27, Wed - Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
April 28, Thu - Québec City, Québec (Canada)
For all booking inquiries, contact
Leonardo Pavkovic (MoonJune Music)​ via E-MAIL

"MIDORI - Live In Tokyo 2015" (First and Second Show)

Live at Billboard, Tokyo, 10 April 2015, Show 1 and 2
(HD digital download only: WAV, FLAC, MP3-320)

In April of this year, Stick Men put on four historic concerts in Japan, with special guest, legendary King Crimson violinist David Cross. The live recording of the 2 Tokyo shows, titled Midori, will be released as a double CD in Japan only, but you can pre-order the digital download of both shows now, from the iapetus store.

Tony Levin: Stick and Voice
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, Soundscaping and Keyboard
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic and Electronic Drums and Percussion
plus special guest
​David Cross: Violin and Keyboard

​F.O.H and Recording Engineer: Robert Frazza.
Mixed by Benni Schäfer and Markus Reuter in Berlin, Germany.
Mastered by Fabio Trentini.
Produced by Markus Reuter for Unsung Productions
(p) + (c) Stick Men 2015

Live at Billboard, Tokyo, Japan
April 10, 2015, Show 1
Live at Billboard, Tokyo, Japan
April 10, 2015, Show 1

Alex Machacek: FAT: Living the Dream - announced

Abstract Logix just announced FAT: Living the Dream by Alex Machacek, Raphael Preuschl, Herbert Pirker, Coming soon!