Marcus Burns: Kinasis - Bridgwater Arts Centre 26th September - Laurie Monk Series

Band Members
Tom - Motivational vocalisations;

Marcus - 7 string distortional manipulation + chants and rants;

Sellick - 7 string concrete death machine + grunts and screams;

Tristan - Subsonic oscillation / brown noise generation;

Jason - Psychotic percussive time perversion + technological terrorism;
Home Town - Bridgwater

Short Description
Kinasis are an unsigned, technical, extreme-metal band from Somerset/Wiltshire (UK).

Kinasis, a multi faceted, technical, extreme-metal band from the south-west of the UK, re-defining the rule book of what is possible in their passionate, brutal and often haunting compositions.

The band are a collective of talented musical explorers, unbound by any single metal sub-genre, avoiding all trends and perceived scene 'rules'. Often walking the fine line between noise and music, chaos and order; Kinasis mix death metal, thrash and grind-core influences with more contemporary metal to create a unique, uncompromising brand of extreme metal which transcends any current metal subgenre/classification and appeals to a wide range of metal fans. A blend of brutality and melody, technicality and groove; Kinasis songs are almost exclusively in oddtime and contain complex and intricate arrangements. Mosh-pit friendly hooks abound throughout, occasional blast beats add to the sheer brutality of it all. The band's ferociously tight delivery makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Kinasis have been refining their craft, honing their stage skills by gigging sporadically throughout the UK since March 2010. Their debut 3 track demo e.p. was self released the same year. The demo was well received and gained airplay on several internet and regional UK radio stations. The demo scored 11 out of 13 in an online review by

A video for the track 'In Vivo' was released in February 2012.

Over the last two years Kinasis have shared a stage with many bands on the UK underground circuit, including the likes of Sepultura, Malefice, Flayed Disciple, Sworn Amongst, Abadden and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster to name but a few. The band also played several dates in Italy and the UK with upcoming Italian guitar virtuoso Gianluca Ferro and his band S.H.I.N.E