Saturday, 18 June 2016

John 5: NAMM JAM Jack Lue Series

John 5: NAMM JAM Jack Lue Series
Full Series:

John 5 - NAMM Jam - The Grove of Anaheim 1/22/16 #1

John 5 - NAMM Jam - The Grove of Anaheim 1/22/16 #2

John 5 - NAMM Jam - The Grove of Anaheim 1/22/16 #3

John5 at NAMM Jam, Friday Jan. 22, 2016

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Jack Lue: Lucky Strikes Live Soundcheck 2016-06-01 Jack Lue Series

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Jack Lue: Lucky Strikes Live Soundcheck 2016-06-01 Jack Lue Series
Full Series

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, Iron maidens) and friends at Lucky Strikes Hollywood

Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast (Cover) @ Soundcheck Live / Lucky Strike Live

Alice Cooper - Poison (Cover) feat. Strauss, Elizabeth, Sobel, Ferlazzo, O'Brien, Cox, Stringfield

Soundcheck Live "The Number Of The Beast" 06-01-16 @rana_rdesigns

Alexandra Zerner: Etude #1 in Dm

An etude, that I wrote as a part of my guitar teaching course.

Alexandra Zerner - Etude #1 in Dm

Adam Ironside: 4 years in the making - the new album The SkyPainter is available

1 – Prelude
2 – Telling Time
3 – The SkyPainter
4 – Accidents: The Unforgivable Thing
5 – Without A Trace
6 – Extinction Level Event
7 – DragonSky
8 – Epilogue

Released 2016 Order:

Extinction Level Event - Official Video

Cinematic Progressive Metal: The Making of The SkyPainter

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Reverse Engineering new album teaser and promo - really looking forward to this album!

Fountainhead with Ray Riendeau
Reverse Engineering

On a side-note: the album will have a side A and side B (old school, baby!), all the music in this clip is from side A. So there´s more! :)

If you like what you´re hearing, share/tag/comment away to make more people aware that this is happening! Thanks you. <3

Album Teaser for the upcoming second Fountainhead album "Reverse Engineering", feat. Yatziv Caspi, Derek Roddy, Ray Riendeau, Linus Klausenitzer, Jacob Schmidt, René Flächsenhaar, Matthias Preisinger, Doug Gorkoff, Gabriel Riccio, Daniel Sander, Michél Kroll, Dominique Lacasa & more.

Reverse Engineering Album Teaser

Fountainhead "999" full new track preview

Feodor Dosumov, Vahagn Stepanyan: Revolution featuring Wojtek Pilichowski and Feodor Dosumov

Written, Arranged & Produced by Vahagn Stepanyan
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Vahagn Stepanyan's debut album 'Moonlight' out now!

Keyboards: Vahagn Stepanyan (Armenia)
Guitars: Feodor Dosumov (Russia)
Bass: Wojtek Pilichowski (Poland)
Drums: Cleverson Silva (Brazil)

Mixed by Alen Konakoğlu at The Kulube Istanbul, Turkey
Mastered by Evren Göknar at Capitol Studios Hollywood, CA

Gevorg Ayvazyan
Erdal Kaş

Vahagn Stepanyan - Revolution (feat. Wojtek Pilichowski & Feodor Dosumov)

Jim Machairas: Michel Camilo's - On fire'

Chorus 0:19 guitar solo 1:00 bridge 2:39 drum solo 3:08
full throttle!! 3:45 Final chorus 4:09This is an electric, guitar enhanced version of a great latin-jazz tune,written by Michel Camilo.Rearranged for a jazz-rock quartet.
Guitars,vst arrangement by Jim Machairas.
for more visit

Michel Camilo's "On fire'' cover by Jim Machairas

Thorsten Praest: GUT's - fusion version "Beat it" guitar solo!

GUT jam on Michael Jackson's "Beat it" in Nitra on 05-04-2013 during their concert at "A cafe"!

GUT's Thorsten Praest plays "Beat it" guitar solo!

Joe Bonamassa: Seymour Duncan "Skinner Burst" Custom Shop Pickups

Additional info -

Seymour Duncan - Joe Bonamassa "Skinner Burst" Custom Shop Pickups.

Damjan Pejcinoski: Sweet Georgia Brown - Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Online lessons at

Sweet Georgia Brown - Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Rob Chapman: Chapman ML-1 CAP10 America - Overview & Demo

Chapman ML-1 CAP10 America - Overview & Demo

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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Chapman ML-1 CAP10 America - Overview & Demo

Ignazio Di Salvo: DV MARK Triple Six head

Hello guyz!
I'm proudly endorsing DV Mark and here's the demo for the Triple Six Head.
I hope you enjoy!
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My debut album is out!
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You can also find it in all the digital stores, including Emusic, GooglePlay, Spotify and many others.

Ignazio Di Salvo - DV MARK Triple Six head DEMO

Mamoru Morishita: Impressions, Countdown and Actual Proof - Guitar player and Boxer

Impressions (John Coltrane) by Mamoru Morishita (June 14th 2016)

Countdown (John Coltrane) by Mamoru Morishita (April 15th 2016)

Actual Proof (Herbie Hancock) by Mamoru Morishita (Aug 31th 2015)

Andy McKee: Drifting, Art of Motion and Common Ground - live perfromance from Italy

http: // ...

The third excerpt live in Italy by Andy McKee is one of the most famous songs, probably the most famous, of his discography, "Drifting", taken from ' album Art of Motion 2006 and went straight into the ears and hearts of many fans around the world, and become one of the most studied songs from the acoustic fingerstyle guitar lovers for its extraordinary rhythmic components obtained with a real instrument percussiongroup . Please note that Andy is going to come back in Italy alongside the equally legendary Tommy Emmanuel, for on tour that will see them share the same stage, to the delight of many fans of good music and the acoustic guitar played at the highest levels and Mastria taste. We thank David Leoni Academy of Music Factory, the brilliant Milanese director Jacopo Ardemagni, and all the Boneless Film team, which was really crucial for the realization of this special with his experience in film, and our Stefano Noviello " Morgan Shooting "for valuable shots dedicated to Mr. in touch with

Drifting - Andy McKee Live Performance

Art of Motion - Andy McKee Live Performance

Common Ground - Andy McKee Live Performance