Thursday, 29 December 2016

Keith Merrow, Wes Hauch: Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation new album out Jan 2017

Keith Merrow: Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation new album out Jan 2017

Published on 17 Dec 2016
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Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation (Out January 6th, 2017)

Chris Gordon: Stream Of Consciousness Improvisation - night time shred noodle

Chris Gordon: Stream Of Consciousness Improvisation - night time noodle

Stream Of Consciousness Improvisation

Michael Thompson: Xotic California Classic XSC-1, RC Booster V2 and Vintage USA Pickups

Michael Thompson: Xotic California Classic XSC-1, RC Booster V2 and Vintage USA Pickups

Michael Thompson Xotic California Classic XSC-1 Demo

Michael Thompson Xotic Effetcs RC Booster V2 Demo

Michael Thompson Raw Vintage USA Pickups Demo

James Norbert Ivanyi: Fusion Melodies

Working on some relaxed melodies to a slow fusion backing.

James Norbert Ivanyi - Fusion Melodies

Steve Vai: DiMarzio Dark Matter 2™ pickups and Steve Vai ClipLock™ guitar straps.

Steve Vai: talks about developing the Dark Matter 2™ pickups and Steve Vai ClipLock™ guitar straps.

Steve Vai Describes Developing Dark Matter 2 Pickups with DiMarzio

Jose Macario: Parazit New Album 2017

Kello Gonzalez - Bass;
Christian Gomez - Drums;
Jose Macario - Guitar

Hedvika Švendová, Dominika Švendova: Four Hands Guitar - Strandberg 8 strings guitar - super talented players

Hedvika and Dominika Švendova began learning the guitar and the flute at the age of 4 with her mother Hana Švendová. Later they studied at the Elementary Art School in Choceň with Petra Poláčková/ guitar and Gabriela Ježková/ flute and the Elementary Art School in Ústí nad Orlicí with Jiří Tomášek/ guitar and Josef Kněžek/ flute. After that they has been studying with Petr Saidl/ guitar and Jaromír Hönig and Sylvie Mechová/ flute at the conservatory in Pardubice. Apart of receiving many prizes at guitar competitions, they are also a holders of some special awards: for example the title „Young Talent“ awarded by the hetman of the district of Pardubice, an award given by the Czech Television Competition „Zlatý Oříšek“ and the title „Young Guitarist of the Year“. In their child years they played also violin and piano. They have given concerts at some of the important guitar festivals : Mikulov, Křivoklát, Forum Gitarre Wien (A), Lanckorona (PL), Tychy (Poland), Žory (Poland), Rust (A), Chengdu (China), Ligita (Lichtenstein), Bratislava (SK), Balaton (HU) Venezuela and others. Now they are playing on the guitars made by Petr Matoušek (CZ).
They both are holders of many prizes from competitions:
Guitar: Forum Gitarre Wien (A), Žory (PL), Rust (A),International Competition Guitartalent in Brno (CZ), International Biennal Guitar Competition in Kutná Hora (CZ), Prague Junior Note (CZ), PRAGuitara Clássica (CZ), Zruč nad Sázavou (CZ), International Guitar Competition in Dolný Kubín (Slovakia), National Music School Guitar Competition in Nové Strašecí (both absolute winner), Anna Amalia-Gitarrenwettbewerb Weimar (DE)
Flute: International Woodwind Competition in Wroclav (PL) , Competition of Bohuslav Martinů in Polička (CZ), The competition of Czech Conservatories, National Music School Competition
They have played as a solist and also in the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice and School Orchestra of Conservatory Pardubice.
As a duo they won: Guitarreando, Hradec Králové (CZ) 2007 and 2008 L. Luthier Contest International Classical Guitar Competition in Bratislava (SK) 2015
Finalists at the Uppsala Young Competition (Sweden) 2016

Four Hands Guitar - Jerry´s Breakdown by Jerry Reed/ Strandberg 8strings guitar

Bryan Beller: stolen gear alert!!! Please share and get the culprit!

THEFT ALERT: I'm sorry to report that most of my basses were stolen from my storage unit while I was on tour in South America these past six weeks. I'm hoping you can help me possibly recover them by sharing this post, in which I'll list every bit of info I have on the missing items. They include FIVE (edited-BB) Mike Lull basses:

* Mike Lull Modern 5-string, Red (yes, THAT one, my #1 for 17 years), flame maple top, s/n 266
* Mike Lull Modern 5-string, Brown, fretless, flame maple top, s/n 448
* Mike Lull T-Bass 4-string (the Dethklok bass), black w/white pick guard and black "gear" sticker, no serial number (blank indent in headstock)
* Mike Lull jazz bass 4-string, passive, black w/white pick guard, s/n 513
* (edit - BB) Mike Lull prototype 5-string, translucent black finish, s/n TBA (will get soon)

and these other special items:

* Taylor AB-4 acoustic/electric bass, sunburst, s/n 20010214201

and very sadly:

* Fender P-Bass, sunburst w/white pickguard, s/n unknown - it once belonged to my dear friend Wes Wehmiller

I also am missing an SWR Mo' Bass head, s/n ending in 0002 (the second ever made), and a couple of other items

* Voodoo Labs Amp Selector
* SansAmp PSA-1 Programmable Preamp
* ART Tube Pac Mic Preamp

I am including some pictures of me playing the instruments above. I don't have any pics of me playing that black 4-string Mike Lull jazz bass, but everything else has been around.

The items were located at

Public Storage
18650 Vía Princessa
Canyon Country, CA 91387 USA

(It's a long and winding story as to why there were there, involving international shipping snafus and forest fires and crazy touring schedules.)

They were stolen sometime between November 9 and December 27. I have done a quick search on eBay, Craig's List, and, but I don't see anything. Obviously some of these instruments are very recognizable, but I'm just one person. The power of social media far exceeds anything I could do on my own. If you could be so kind as to share this post with anyone you think could help locate one of these instruments (even if you don't live in the United States; it's possible that these are already headed overseas), I would be most grateful. If you don't feel comfortable making public comments, you can always message me. I will also gladly accept anonymous tips if that feels appropriate.

This is my second time around this particular rodeo. My first was in 1994, when someone stole my 1986 pre-Gibson Tobias out of my North Hollywood apartment. That was my #1 bass at the time. So I get that these are just things, and no one got hurt, and life goes on. That said, if anyone out there can somehow help me locate these items - especially the Red Mike Lull 5-string and the Fender P-Bass - I would be very very thankful.

Be good to each other out there, ok?


Chelsea Constable: gets TC Electronic - artist profile page

Chelsea Constable

Special thanks to TC Electronic for my artist profile page (check out link below) and the wonderful gear they produce! I am truly honored to be endorsed by such a great company!! Please check back for more of my product demos and reviews!

"From child prodigy to YouTube sensation, Chelsea Constable knows her way around the fretboard better than most seasoned guitarists.Chelsea Constable was born to master the guitar. She first felt the itch to pick up the instrument, when she was but 10-years old and wanted to learn the traditional “Greensleeves” for a church Christmas play. She was quickly considered a prodigy.
From then on she developed a passionate interest in instrumental guitar music and soon discovered advanced players like Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, and Andy Timmons, soaking up their dexterous and accomplished techniques to form her own unique expression." More

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - "Sultans of Swing" By Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - Intro "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson

Oskar Villarreal: O.V. - Cycles - playthrough from upcoming instrumental album - one to add to the shopping list

A song from my upcoming instrumental album, hope you guys enjoy it!

O.V. - Cycles - playthrough

Keegan Donovan, Marco Puglisi: Spiritbomb - Genkidama - awesome like a modern RacerX

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Keegan Donovan & Marco Puglisi - Spiritbomb (Genkidama)

Meanwhile back in 2014

Keegan Donovan, Richie Allan & Marco Puglisi - Infinite

I Wayan Balawan: more incendiary craziness with his live band

I Wayan Balawan: more incendiary craziness with his live band

Soundcheck 28 dec 2016

Lari Basílio: s o o n - 2 0 1 7 - more super impressive touch and tone - the real deal.

Lari Basílio: s o o n - 2 0 1 7 - more divine tones from the hands and heart.
2 0 1 7

s o o n - 2 0 1 7

Alberto Barsi: excellent tribute to Jason Becker - Altitudes

Hi guys, here's a video of me playing one of my favorite songs by one of my heroes, Mr Jason Becker!

Jason Becker | Altitudes cover by Alberto Barsi | HD

Rick Graham: Gone to the dogs?

Published on 29 Nov 2016
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Dog is not impressed

Panos Arvanitis: rock licks improvisation

Panos A Arvanitis rock licks improvisation

Panos A Arvanitis rock licks improvisation

Rune Berre, Leonardo Guzman, Richard Hallebeek: There will never be another you.

There will never be another you.

Featuring Rune Berre, Leonardo Guzman, Richard Hallebeek: There will never be another you

"There will never be another you".