Dimos Stathoulis: play for me II

Dimos has added his own competition to the Greg Howe Play for me II competition. There are only a couple of days left to get yours in.

Anyway here's Dimos song. Dimos says:
This is a theme i made in order to participate to the Greg Howe's competition for July 08. At the end you can see my wife closing the door( not a big fun i guess :) Hope you like it. Wish me luck!!

Vg 99 - Greg Howe Theme for the Play For Me contest

Vg 99 lead sounds

Major mixed scales with my vg 99

Dimos Stathoulis, is based in Ksanthi, Greece. He is almost 29 years old and currently makes a living from playing music and teaching guitar. He is also an Engineering Electrician, but music plays the major roll in his life. He is primarily self taught, so incorporates his own ideas in his playing style.

Influences include Joe Satriani, Steve, Morse, John Petrucci and Greg Howe!