News: shredding across the world

A new compilation CD, this time available from guitar9.

From the raw emotion of the live intro by Anders Bosell, to the over-the-top, string-skipping licks of Rob Johnson closing out the CD... Shredding Across The World: Volume 1 smokes! In between we have great songwriters like Tore Moren and Steve Burrows who can shred it up, along with metal band veteran Darin J. Moore. Michael Harris offers up a very creative piece with his brother Brian Harris going crazy on the drums, while Eternal Fantasy's Hitoshi Nakamura really gets the CD going early on track two. Eight-string monster and MySpace legend Marian Gradinarski gives us a Watchtower inspired track, Tom Kopyto treats listeners to a "great chops" lesson, and up-and-coming stars Michael Abdow and Steve Shannon show us that shred is not lost among the youth. There is much, much more... there is something here on this CD for every fan of virtuoso guitar!
available from guitar9

00:49 Anders Bosell "Spirit Of The Ocean"
06:25 Hitoshi Nakamura "Great Voyage"
06:48 Tore Moren "Instrubrutal"
03:32 Tom Kopyto "Black Inside"
04:07 Michael Abdow "Savage Garden"
04:24 Michael Harris "Ideosymphony"
04:09 Eren Komurlu "Col Geces"
03:17 Oliver Eckelt "Ghost Of Our Time"
04:23 Marian Gradinarski "Alone"
05:37 Darin J. Moore "Battlecry/The Reckoning"
06:26 Julian Petrov "Concequentialism"
04:36 Steve Shannon "Burning Desire"
05:46 Carlos A. Ferrari "Duel Betwenn The Sheets"
04:19 Steve Burrows "Carpe Diem"
02:13 Rob Johnson "Atom Burst"