Arkadiy Starodoub: hybrid techniques number 1 revisisted

When I posted theis video for Arkaidy Starodoub at his request, little did I know that it would spread so massively when it was downloaded and the added to youtube by hackologue and I guess neither did Arkadiy Starodoub.... I went back to see how well it's doing. It has more ratings than many have visits... these are the statistics.

Favourited: 10,950 times
Ratings: 10,934 ratings 4.5 stars
Views: 2,782,641 views

I still look forward to more video from Arkadiy Starodoub, but he's a busy family man as well as extraordinary guitar talent. Anyway my best wishes got Ark and his family.

Hybrid Technics Number 1, Guitar Fusion


  1. Great guitarrist. I think he has not any cd to sell


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