Alex Skolnick: korg px5d

Paul Gilbert: korg tm-40

Joe Stump: shredding to the max

Dave Shankle: shredding to the max

Michael Angelo Batio: time to burn

Victor de Andres: war cry for guitar idol!

Ty Oliver: sunset sky

Kelly Simonz: osaka live 2009

John Petrucci: glasgow kiss g3 new york

Devin Townsend:toazted interview

Paul Gilbert: mr big interview

Vinnie Moore: ufo us tour dates

Joe Stump: Virtuostic Vendetta available

Kee Marcello: italian clinic promo

Andy Timmons: 5 of the best from dallas 2009

Pálfi András: hungary for the news

Andres Ludmer: trio live

Enver Izmailov: smoke on the water!

Joop Wolters: london

Johan Randén: fuzz 2009 5 of the best

Magnus Olsson: plus freak kitchen at fuzz 2009