News: Hungarian guitar competition nearing a climax

Panel completed its work in times of professional development, so the Top 10 Professional dynamically changed, since the scores are released immediately on the basis of the results page. (A 7-person panel of professional evaluation of at least 5 people, however, necessary to incorporate a competitive assessment of the overall list. Nyomonkövetkető scores in real-time evolution of the peer review page.)

Better and better new nominations were received during the past week. Virághalmy Valentine, who is forty candidates, I immediately jumped to the front an excellent adaptation of Steve Vai.

Mar 57 competing in a tournament.

More than 12 000 rajongótól more than 43 000 votes.

The race stands now:

Audience Top 10
1stZ. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)2757
2ndBagaméri Andrew (Andrew N Bagman)2603
3rdZoltan Szécsi2596
4thStephen Czech (Isty)2446
5thPfeiffer, Akos2232
6thKemence Laszlo (Laci)2211
7thSzabolcs Kölcsey2201
8thHorvath squires (small)2149
9thIllyes Joseph (Joceee)2040
10thJ. Jani I have it (I have it for Joe J.)1890

Yellow Top 10 

1stVirághalmy Balint9.20
2ndZ. Kiss Tartars (Z. Kiss, Zala)8.86
3rdJ. Jani I have it (I have it for Joe J.)8.71
4thMarsh Laszlo (Les)8.71
5thPetró Tom (Petri)8.71
6thStephen Czech (Isty)8:43
7thJermann, G. (Wildbob)8:33
8thDombóvári Gregory (Tyekvica)8:00
9thLovro Krisztián8:00
10thSzabó Gergely (Greg)8:00

The Yellow Top 10 in 3 in a competitive, who közönségszavazatok under way into the finals, so the increased importance of the professional panel, because on this side of 10 will be competing in the finals, who Audience Top 10 was not included. At the moment these are the following: 
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