Chris Poland: new guitar lesson videos is now featuring guitar lesson videos with Chris Poland (MEGADETH, OHM:, OHMPHREY).

At you will find the following lesson videos by Chris Poland:

* "Band Dynamics"
* "Breakthrough Moment/A Minor"
* "Chris' Bending Style"
* "Chris' Bogner Pre-Amp"
* "Chris' Finger Story"
* "Chris' Pedal Board"
* "E Minor B5 Lick"
* "E Phrygian/Random Diminished"
* "G Minor With Passing Tones"
* "Jimmy Page Influenced Bends"
* "Song Writing/Sequencing In A Minor"
* "Srb2000 Infinite Setting"
* "Srb2000 Infinite Setting (Part 2)"
* "The Megadeth Years"
* "Triplet Lick/A Minor (Major6)"
* "Whammy Bar Pitch Bends"