Simon Goldsmith: anti shred!

Yoger Mucci: anti shred competition

Alex Hunter: back with a bang "Traces of Sounds." (Original Instrumental)

Mike Campese: Electric City CD

Panos Georgalis, Bob Katsionis: breaking the waves

Arthur Lima: Blues in ( Am)

Alex Skolnick: worst all time store appearences!

Richie Kotzen: an evening with soul in Nu Yawk

Ihsahn: Vegard Sverre Tveitan Left Hand Path guitar lesson

Nicolas Waldo: Double Vision DVD Contest

Brian Autumn: seven heaven

Kelly Simonz: combat guitar demo

Bamboo: 10 string guitar polyrhythms

News: reminder guitar experience has changed date and venue!

Arvin Raviyan: The Gorilla shred this

Matias Kupiainen: Winter Skies solo live in radio studio

Luke Fortini: ode to YJM

Sergey Golovin: Suhr is another amazing player #2!

Darren BKL: Andy James shredding competition

Edu Ardanuy: burning It Workshop 25/07/2009

Mico Ong: Fuseboxx workshop with Caparison Horus

George Bellas, Alex Masi: two titans of guitar open Guitar Virtuoso month!

Milan Polak: no god solo