Marty Friedman: new CD release date... but no title!

Michael Angelo Batio: hardharderheavy interview

Chris Poland: live at The House Of Guitars

Russ Parrish: steel panther Kerrang! Download Podcast

Nico Schliemann@ guitar lesson, Kotzen style

Garrett Peters: Tribute to Matias Kupiainen - Deep Unknown

Scott McGill: on new CD with Percy Jones and Ritchie DeCarlo

Mike Campese: Electric City (CD)

Sam Bell: black cat eclipse!

Bub Zulu: Aeolian atmosphere

Chris Johnstone: Aussie Minx

Derek Frigo: remembered in 1993

Dhalif: Ben Flanders jam!

Gerson Antezana: Bolivian Caprice

David Valdes: Chron X live

Mark Knopfler: pure solo competition

Carlos Lichman: Genocide (CD)

Matthew Mills: The Neoclassical Journey (CD)

News: the illegal downloading debate continues apace.

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: masterclass/workshop a few places left

Chris Broderick: keyboard-style arpeggios as fretboard-tapping

Reb Beach: Betcha Can't Play This

Greg Harrison: Heavy Metal Hybrid Picking

Dudley Ross: I'm back!