Mohi: Guitar Fusion Contest

Márcio André: Guitar Fusion Contest

Cat Ginjineko: 2010

Mike Orlando,Shane Gibson,Michael Romeo,Gary Hoey,Joe Stump: Sonic Stomp II new CD

Robert Dzurilla: Pillers Of Creation New CD

Ron Thal: i heart guitar interview

Eric Johnson: Hendrix tour set up

Mateus Starling: video lesson available

Charlie Shaughnessy: two views of the same progression

Clay Foster: a little jazz... shred!

Allan Holdsworth: Improvisation Material Real

MoopPlusOne: Chopin Fantasie

Todd Simpson: you want alternate picking? we got it covered!

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Blue Bug competititon - another great solo

Nicolas Waldo: Vorpal Nomad #2