Robert Marcello: Extraction

Stanley Clarke: joins the ampeg fold

Victor Camargo: Guitar Fusion Contest

Lukasz Kulczak, Maciej Garbarek: ProgEnergy rock fusion live

Niels Vejlyt: Infinity Overture new CD

Cesar Huesca: cesarhuescafacethiefouttake - super classy!

Vidar Solli: Random Guitar Outtakes of quality!

Adrian Vandenberg: Vandenberg classic gets a 2010 face lift

News: Win a Dean ML XM guitar with Live4Guitar!!

Puguh Kribo: Guitar Addiction contest.

Jonas Tamas: download free the Jonas Tamas Pre-Christmas Gift Pack!

Kentarou Matsuura: a great tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen

Jan Laurenz: another cool you rock guitar demo

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Daniele Gottardo: Frenzy of Ecstasy on Axe Magazine 159 - Italian

Pete Pachio: Bernie Rico Jr. 30 Seconds Of Fame

Tim Morrison: from clean to melodic chop on new Ibanez RG 320 FA

Tristan Klein: a little blue shredding on eleven rack lead 800

Tony Waka: a little late night shredding

Levi Clay: Guitar Fusion Contest - great solo

Jon Bloomer: Fret-King Super-matic

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News: technology still a threat

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