Jonas Tamas: download free the Jonas Tamas Pre-Christmas Gift Pack!

Surprise! For 7 days, you can download free the
Jonas Tamas Pre-Christmas Gift Pack!

If you are a guitar player, a guitar fan, a guitar geek, a guitar enthusiast, or you just love guitars, then you will love this too.

The package contains four songs from my 2009 debut album Sharp Guitars From a Flat Planet, plus a previously unreleased bonus track, two backing tracks for improvising, a greeting card, a banner, and the TAB of the main theme of Golden Sun.

This is my way of saying thank you for all the support and kind words in 2010 - it means a lot to me.

The download link is here:
When you download the package, then I'd like to ask you to share my website on your wall, on your friends' wall, and send this link to all your guitar playing friends too. And of course, feel free to share the package itself. Remember, if you share my link with a lot of people, then it means that I can have more opportunities for to creating music, recording and touring.