Rick Renstrom,Mistheria: Atma Anur Holmes and Slice - details

Rick Renstrom returns with an all new instrumental group called "Holmes and Slice".
The band includes Rick Renstrom back on guitar after a 5 year hiatus, bassistRich Marks (Black Reign), keyboardist Mistheria (solo, Rob Rock, Bruce Dickinson) and drum legend Atma Anur (MacAlpine, Becker, Howe, Journey).
The new album entitled "The Adventure Begins ..." is well under way in the recording process and will be released summer/fall 2011. It includes 11 songs in the neo-classical style combined with many progressive and blues influences.
Rick adds: "Greetings friends and fans!! It is my pleasure to announce this great new band called Holmes and Slice. It has been quite some time since I have been around, but thanks to the continued support from all of my fans, the time has now come to return to the style I love so much. It is a pleasure to work with these awesome musicians and fans of my previous works will enjoy this very much and I believe many new listeners will be interested as we really hit the music spectrum on all fronts. More news to come soon. Anyone interested can email us at holmesandslice@yahoo.com for more info. Looking forward to you all hearing this very soon!"