Allan Holdsworth: Happy 65th Birthday to the master!

A very Happy 65th birthday to "Lord Allan Of Holdsworth"... possibly the greatest guitar player on the planet... I know Allan would no doubt disagree... but there I said it!

What better way to celebrate than with guitar friends Kiko Loureiro, Richard Hallebeek.

Allan Holdsworth is the influential electric guitarist who has played a vital role within the music products industry as both an endorser and instrument designer. Allan has recorded 12 well-received albums, toured and performed with the likes of Tony Williams and Jean-Luc Ponty and composed a string of songs. In addition, Allan has worked with a number of industry companies on product designs. In 1984, he helped design his first signature model for Ibanez. He later worked with Ned Steinberger, Grover Jackson and more recently with Mark Kiesel at Carvin Corporation where Allan co-designed several guitars including the HF2 Fatboy and his popular Carvin signature model.