Chris Geden,Guthrie Govan: Monkeyfest 2011 live4guitar review - inc Alex Hutchings, Andy James, Jess Lewis, Rob Chappers

Jess Lewis and Guthrie Govan
Chris Geden:
Monkey Fest - “The Monkey Lord” or Rob “Chappers” as he's also known, managed to pull it off this year with some help from his manager, Dan Davies, and several generous endorsers such as Marshall Amplifiers, Blackstar Amps and Andertons Music. The festival, which is the first of its kind, was held at the Bisley Pavilion, near Guildford in England, and features: a camp site, a hall (where the stage was set) and several shooting ranges that provided us with an early wakeup call each morning. Over 250 people attended - some coming from as far as Denmark and Canada to gorge themselves on the endless supply of tasty notes coming from the jam-packed stage. Several artists shared their musical knowledge with the audience, not something that you come across often at festivals, but this festival was about learning and interacting, and not just about watching and idolising. There are too many talented musicians for us to mention them all but we'll do our best. more
Emir Hot, Laurie Monk,Chris Geden and Dan Monk Monkeyfest 2011
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