Timo Tolkki: Mixing and Mastering Service

Helsinki, Finland
About Timo Tolkki Mixing & Mastering Service
Affordable Mixing and Mastering Service no matter where you are. Just send the files and get them mixed and mastered
Hi! I have produced and mixed music over 20 years. Had many studios and as you have to change along the music industry, built this mixing, overdubbing and mastering suite. It is in Helsinki but you can send your recorded files projects to me from anywhere in the world. I mix and master them and send it back to you.
I am able to make production masters from which CD plants manufacture CD's.
From when I receive the files, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for you to receive the mixed and mastered files back.
If you want a sample of my work, I can send you one song I mixed and mastered with these equipment. For this, please send me an email.
I use equipment that I have collected along my career, some old, some new but all of it has its place in the studio.
Pro Tools 10, Logic in Mac Pro, new Avid interfaces, API, Vintage Audio, Buzz Audio, Universal Audio plugins, Waves Gold Bundle plugins, Cranesong, Neve, Mytek ...bunch of stuff. And my own drumsamples.
If you want the Stratovarius drumsound, I have the same samples that I used in Episode-Elements era. Yes I produced all those albums and countless more. But I like all kinds of music.
Personal information
The rates are very affordable. Just send me email whatever questions you have.
Mixing and mastering a whole album (maximum of 12 songs) costs at this moment 500 euros.
Price of mixing one song is 80 euros, 2 songs 160 euros and so on.
We have to insist on prepayment in all cases, but that protects us both. PayPal and Bank Transaction are available.
timo@symfonia.fi more