Mark Claytor: announces his solo debut

Mark Claytor

Mark Claytor has rock and roll pumping from his heart into his guitar. His music is a clear
example of what great rock music is all about because he doesn't need a vocalist to
make his compositions sound great.
"Spider Bit" is a perfect example of why I said Mark doesn't need a vocalist to sound
good. Many instrumentalists will bore you to tears, but on this track Mark's guitar strings
are thrashing all over the place, gaining the one man band a certain level of respect from
me because he kept my attention throughout the entire track.
In addition to Spider Bit, Mark offers up more great rock instrumentals, including:
Memories Gone, Ice Flow, Pearlescent Dots, F5. Each of these tracks are oozing with
great rock guitars and overall production.
Overall, Mark's compilation of rock and roll instrumentals is some of the best guitar driven
music I've heard in recent months and explains his #1 ranking on Reverbnation for his
locale. You should check this guy out, I'm sure you'll agree if you're a rock fan.
Debut CD available now! Only $5 C'mon it rocks! While you're purchasing that one listen to these excerpts from my upcoming Cd. Pick up the debut here. 

Track One by Mark Claytor with added Bass by Mike Geren.wmv